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Cracking the Code on Regulatory Cohesion

May 16 2023 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — North Americans may not have heard of the Canada/U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council. But whether you’re a C-suite executive, a shareholder, a small business owner or just doing some shopping, the RCC is working to tackle the red tape and regulatory burdens that often vex consumers and businesses alike, not to mention the regulators themselves. Differing […]

How to save Nexus from its imminent demise

Nov 1 2022 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — Let’s be real here for a moment. The NEXUS trusted traveller program overwhelmingly benefits Canadians. Close to 80 per cent of the 1.7 million members are Canadians or Canadian residents. And what a sweet little card that NEXUS card is. It gets you into an expedited queue for customs and security, whether you’re travelling to […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Bill Clinton’s famed Tremblant speech on federalism

Oct 8 2022 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — It was on this date in 1999 that President Bill Clinton delivered one of the most important addresses ever made by a US President on Canadian soil. With tensions between the federal government, led by Prime Minister Jean Chretien, and the Quebec government of separatist leader Lucien Bouchard at their highest, Clinton, speaking to a […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: President Obama Says ‘The World Needs More Canada’

Jun 29 2021 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — Today, I am honoured to present yet another friend of political history as a Guest Contributor for Art’s History. Maryscott Greenwood is an American specialist in Canada/U.S. relations and is CEO of the Canadian-American Business Council.  She writes today about President Obama’s address to Parliament in 2016. __________ The Message, the Messenger and the Moment […]

Searching for Meaning in the Chaos

Jan 9 2021 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — The events of the past week in Washington DC have spurred many to become philosophical –  to search for meaning in the chaos that unfolded real time on our screens. Regardless of what you may have debated in undergrad humanities class, there actually are objective realities. Not everything is a construct. Not everything is someone’s […]

NAFTA and Canada’s strategic patience

Jan 18 2018 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — A chess game is unfolding in the world’s most prosperous trade relationship, one that appears for the time being to be stopping US President Donald Trump from pulling the trigger on NAFTA. Some of the moves this week include a meeting between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Canadian counterpart in Vancouver to […]

The sisterhood that could save NAFTA

Oct 16 2017 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — Conventional wisdom emerging from the fourth round of the current NAFTA negotiations is that the trade agreement is nearly dead, awaiting the digestion of a poison pill to end it completely. Pundits fear a unilateral U.S. withdrawal, or a frustrated partner deciding to flip the table to end the talks. From my vantage point, I […]

Border efficiency – the forgotten side of NAFTA

Jul 31 2017 — Maryscott (Scotty) Greenwood — After years of functioning in relative obscurity, the North American Free Trade Agreement is now making news, as the August start date for its renegotiation approaches. Border management is a side of the NAFTA coin that perhaps does not get sufficient attention. The border is where many Canadian and American business travellers get close and […]

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