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Covid Crisis an Opportunity for Industry and Governments to Reimagine Air Travel

Nov 12 2020 — Massimo Bergamini — With Canada’s commercial aviation industry bleeding red ink and with parts of the sector on the verge of collapse, Transport Minister Marc Garneau this weekend announced that discussions with industry representatives on an assistance package would soon begin. The announcement was welcomed by airlines, airports, and their employees who had for months been calling on […]

Text of the opening remarks of Massimo Bergamini before the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities

Apr 30 2019 — Massimo Bergamini — Text of the opening remarks of Massimo Bergamini President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) before the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities today, as it studies the Security Screening Services Commercialization Act which would transfer airport security screening functions to a new not for profit entity. These […]

Canadian air travel needs no course correction

Jul 9 2018 — Massimo Bergamini — Last month, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) kicked off its cross-country listening tour on air-passenger rights. Along the way, some media outlets framed the consultations with blaring headlines such as this one from the Radio-Canada Winnipeg affiliate “Le cauchemar aérien des Canadiens aura-t-il une fine?” – will Canadians’ airline nightmare ever end?

A Critical Year For Canada’s Aviation Ecosystem

Apr 24 2018 — Massimo Bergamini — This will be a critical year for Canadian aviation.  Not since the transportation reforms of the mid-1980s and 90s has so much attention been focused on Canada’s commercial aviation system. There are a number of reasons. One is the 2016 Canada Transportation Act Review, also known as the Emerson report, which creates the political and […]

Bill C-49 rates an Incomplete

Sep 16 2017 — Massimo Bergamini — September is when kids go back to the classroom. It’s also when parliament resumes sitting after the summer recess, typically the third week in September. This year is no different. But some MPs were back at work early getting their respective committees to consider pressing matters. That was the case with the Standing Committee on […]

Time to ground airport privatization

Jun 24 2017 — Massimo Bergamini — With the House of Commons rising for the summer, government MPs making the rounds of the barbecue circuit back home will be able to test some of their government’s more creative ideas with their constituents. One idea they should run up the Canada Day flagpole is the government’s plan to sell off the country’s airports. […]