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Biden backers make final plea for delivery of mail ballots

Nov 2 2020 — Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press — PHILADELPHIA — Down to the wire with the threat of court battles looming, supporters of former Vice-President Joe Biden scrambled Monday to rally swing-state voters to drop off ballots, visit precincts in person and ensure their votes are counted. As months of President Donald Trump undercutting the legitimacy of mail-in votes gave way to promises […]

World virus cases near 15M; Trump says things will get worse

Jul 22 2020 — Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press — PHILADELPHIA — The global tally of people infected with the coronavirus neared 15 million Wednesday, while in the worst-hit pandemic hot spot of the United States, President Donald Trump warned the pandemic would “get worse before it gets better.” With COVID-19 set to pass another shocking milestone, Trump delivered his first virus briefing after a […]

Trump’s speaking style still flummoxes linguists

Apr 26 2017 — Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press — NEW YORK — Campaign promises may have been reshaped and some self-imposed deadlines reset. But among the things kept intact in the opening months of the new administration is the unmistakably distinct style of President Donald Trump's speech. Trump's trademark talk is full of rambling, aside-filled bursts of simple but definitive words, laden with self-congratulatory […]

StoryCorps urges conversations on election this Thanksgiving

Nov 21 2016 — Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press — NEW YORK — That electoral elephant in the room threatening political tension this Thanksgiving? StoryCorps believes it could be a unifying main course. The oral history project's "Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016" is urging Americans, particularly teens, to use the holiday weekend to record a conversation with a grandparent or another elder on their feelings about […]

Honesty, RIP: Facts take a beating across US

Nov 5 2016 — Matt Sedensky, The Associated Press — NEW YORK — Is this when it ends for that ancient ideal, the truth? Is this where it has come to die, victim of campaigns and conspiracies, politicians and internet trolls and the masses who swallow their rhetoric? Rest in peace, honesty? "The value of facts in a democracy has taken a beating," said David […]