National Newswatch

Chamber of Commerce embraces climate alarmism and attacks businesses in Ontario

Dec 2 2021 — Matthew Lau — If anybody is looking for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to defend business interests from deleterious governmental climate policies, they should know that the Chamber is wandering the climate wilderness, as if Israelites in the desert, looking for government “incentives” to fall like manna from heaven. The Chamber recently launched its “Climate Action Series,” which […]

Initiatives to equalize everyone will only result in disorder

Nov 10 2021 — Matthew Lau — Last month in Ottawa, the Coalition for a Better Future—which consists of more than 100 business and industry associations, think-tanks and community organizations—held a summit to discuss how to make Canada more equal, environmentally-friendly and prosperous over the next few decades. The coalition’s decided ideological orientation, evidenced by its summit and public statements, is of […]

Trudeau government should scuttle stimulus spending plans

Mar 6 2021 — Matthew Lau — This spring, the Trudeau government will table its first budget since 2019. It’s expected to be an expensive one. In its last fiscal update in November, the government projected $620 billion in net debt accumulation over four years, driven by high levels of spending. On top of this new $620 billion in debt was another […]

Fossil fuels help us and the environment

Jun 6 2019 — Matthew Lau — The term “clean energy” is generally used to refer to energy from certain sources, like wind, solar and hydro. But what about fossil fuels? Does the use of fossil fuels make the environment cleaner or dirtier? The answer depends on who you ask. If you ask federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna (who recently posted and […]

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