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Pierre Poilievre’s war on the media has only just begun

Sep 13 2022 — Max Fawcett — You don’t have to squint too hard to see the parallels between former U.S. president Donald Trump and newly crowned Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre. Both are economic populists with a gift for weaponizing working-class grievances and an unusual ability to connect with their audiences through social media. But that comparison does a […]

Justin Trudeau has been weirdly silent about Laith Marouf

Aug 31 2022 — Max Fawcett — If there’s a defining aspect to Justin Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister, it’s his fondness for big promises and soaring rhetoric. But as supporters of electoral reform can attest, those words haven’t always been backed up by deeds. Now, the Laith Marouf scandal is providing yet another reminder — perhaps the most important one yet […]

Pierre Poilievre’s dangerous dance with a Diagolon extremist

Aug 23 2022 — Max Fawcett — If you aren’t already familiar with something called the “Diagolon” movement, well, you will be. That’s because Pierre Poilievre, the prohibitive favourite in the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race, was photographed at a recent event with its founder, Jeremy MacKenzie. A far-right activist and former member of the Canadian military who was arrested earlier […]

Pierre Poilievre’s horseshoe strategy

Aug 8 2022 — Max Fawcett — In the three Conservative leadership races and nearly seven years that have transpired since Stephen Harper took his drubbing in the 2015 election, the prevailing formula for those trying to replace him has been the same: campaign on the right to win the leadership, then pivot to the centre in time for the general election. […]

Stop punishing Trudeau for having a private life

Aug 3 2022 — Max Fawcett — Another day, another attempt to manufacture outrage by Canada’s conservative media ecosystem. This time, it’s over the prime minister’s two-week summer vacation, one that has outlets like True North tweeting: “Amid concerns about a looming recession in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hitting the beaches of Costa Rica for a two-week vacation — and […]

Baffled by the carbon tax rebate? It’s not your fault

Jul 26 2022 — Max Fawcett — Last week, millions of Canadians received their carbon tax rebates — some as big as $550 — in the form of a direct deposit from the federal government. But the number of people who understood where the money came from and why it was being given to them is surely much smaller, given the confused […]

Canada’s oil industry fiddles while Europe burns

Jul 21 2022 — Max Fawcett — Canada’s oil industry has never shown much of a talent for reading the room, but it took its political tone-deafness to new depths this week. With parts of Europe literally ablaze and the United Kingdom having faced the hottest temperatures it’s ever seen, our oil industry’s leaders decided it would be a good time to […]

Joe Rogan’s dangerous Canadian communist fantasy

Jul 19 2022 — Max Fawcett — Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. That’s certainly how many Canadians responded to a clip in which American podcaster Joe Rogan described their country as “communist,” one that had the hashtag #CommunistCanada trending over the weekend. “Today in Communist Canada, we were permitted to travel in a government-allocated vehicle to a government-approved beach,” one […]

Convoy organizer Tamara Lich will not win a Nobel Prize

Jul 14 2022 — Max Fawcett — Nelson Mandela. Mahatma Gandhi. Vaclav Havel. And … Tamara Lich? In the wake of her recent arrest for violating the terms of her bail, one of the key architects of the occupation of downtown Ottawa earlier this year is being described by her supporters as a “political prisoner,” with the loopier corners of the internet […]

The CPC is now the Convoy Party of Canada

Jul 7 2022 — Max Fawcett — Ottawa residents were understandably concerned about a Canada Day repeat of the anti-vaccine protests that gridlocked their city’s downtown at the start of this year. But while our nation’s capital managed to survive the festivities mostly unscathed, the so-called convoy’s creeping takeover of this country’s official Opposition continues apace. Leadership race front-runner Pierre Poilievre made […]