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Why separation is not a solution, or even a credible bluff

Oct 8 2020 — Max Fawcett — If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That appears to be the logic behind Moment of Truth: How to Think About Alberta’s Future, a new book from Jack Mintz, Ted Morton and Tom Flanagan that trades in some decidedly old ideas. Indeed, many of them were contained in Stephen Harper’s so-called “Firewall Letter,” […]

Defeating Jason Kenney will require a progressive merger

Jan 22 2020 — Max Fawcett — Jason Kenney, it turns out, is not invincible. After two years of bending the political universe to his will, that universe started to fight back in 2019. His much ballyhooed “war room” keeps finding new and exciting ways to shoot itself in the foot, small business confidence is faltering, and the cuts to health and […]

Alberta’s oil and gas ‘war room’ isn’t doing Alberta’s oil and gas industry any favours

Jan 4 2020 — Max Fawcett — Alberta’s United Conservative Party government may be cutting funding for education in the province, but its new war room – sorry, “Canadian Energy Centre” – provided a whole host of teachable moments during its disastrous first week in December. First, chief executive Tom Olsen turned an interview into a PR disaster by telling the reporter […]