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‘Compared to What?’ Judging the Tory Contenders on Climate Policy

Jun 28 2022 — Elizabeth May — Before approaching any relative weighing of the climate plans of leading candidates for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, one should consider the most fundamental question: “Compared to what?” To anyone paying attention to the latest reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the only sensible answer is “Compared to what is required.” […]

Letter from Glasgow: Crunch Time

Nov 11 2021 — Elizabeth May — Green Party parliamentarians gather at every COP for a “Green Family Breakfast.” It is always on the Wednesday of the second week. The schedule is well-chosen. It is the unofficial launch of crunch time. For the next three days (or maybe four), negotiations become tenser, more complex, inching toward consensus. Skilled negotiators look for where […]

Guilbeault’s Deep-End Dive Into his Own Pool at COP26

Oct 27 2021 — Elizabeth May — Five days ahead of the opening of COP26 in Glasgow, Canada has a new minister for Environment and Climate Change. We’ve had this sort of last-minute, drop-a-new-minister-into-a-COP before. In 2015, Catherine McKenna was sworn in on November 4th with COP21 opening in Paris on November 30th. Following the 2019 election, Jonathan Wilkinson was sworn in […]

The IPCC Report and Our Code Red Summer

Aug 11 2021 — Elizabeth May — As a longtime environmental activist, then as leader of Canada’s Green Party, my interest in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessment reports over more than three decades has been more than academic. But this year, like so many British Columbians, western Canadians and other human beings worldwide whose interest in climate […]

Climate Apocalypse Now: Venus, Anyone?

Aug 10 2020 — Elizabeth May — Being in self-isolation, working on zoom and trying to move mountains faster to address COVID, life these days sometimes feels surreal. The climate disaster news headlines keep coming. The alarm bells are ringing ever more loudly: We are in a climate emergency. The most recent sign of the climate apocalypse: the Milne Ice Shelf in […]

Yes, oil is dead. Just read the writing on the wall.

May 12 2020 — Elizabeth May — It has been an interesting week. On the morning of May 6, I held a press conference in West Block before the weekly in-person session of Parliament opened. I spoke about how virtual Parliament is working, and Green recommendations to make it work better. When we got to questions, the first one was CBC’s Julie […]

The Reports of Oil’s Death Are Not Greatly Exaggerated

May 7 2020 — Elizabeth May — When I pronounced during a news conference in Ottawa on Wednesday that “Oil is dead,” I expected neither surprise nor outrage. I thought I was just pointing out the glaringly obvious. Of course, our dependency on fossil fuels has not ended; it hasn’t yet become an economic casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. But fossil fuels […]

All Hands on Deck for Nature vs. Technology

Apr 10 2020 — Elizabeth May — We live in a new place — the world of COVID-19. No one — whether in Wuhan or Madrid, Manhattan or Ottawa — lives anywhere else. Like a patient subjected to a medically induced coma, so that we might survive, almost all our normal systems are shut down. Planes do not take off to resorts […]

‘I Predict All-Nighters’: Elizabeth May at COP25

Dec 9 2019 — Elizabeth May — The governments of the world have met every single year since 1995 to add precision and ambition to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) — all the while failing miserably. The United Nations Climate Change Conference of the signatories to the UNFCCC — also known as the Conference of the Parties (hence […]

A Green Balance of Power in BC

May 14 2017 — Elizabeth May — At a moment in politics when it seems positive firsts are few and far between, the news that the BC Green Party — the BC cousin of the federal Greens — will be forming its first-ever caucus in North America and in my home province was a rare blast of blessed good news. The results […]