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‘I Predict All-Nighters’: Elizabeth May at COP25

Dec 9 2019 — Elizabeth May — The governments of the world have met every single year since 1995 to add precision and ambition to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) — all the while failing miserably. The United Nations Climate Change Conference of the signatories to the UNFCCC — also known as the Conference of the Parties (hence […]

A Green Balance of Power in BC

May 14 2017 — Elizabeth May — At a moment in politics when it seems positive firsts are few and far between, the news that the BC Green Party — the BC cousin of the federal Greens — will be forming its first-ever caucus in North America and in my home province was a rare blast of blessed good news. The results […]

Our veterans deserve a better deal from Ottawa

Aug 16 2015 — Elizabeth May — On Friday I was honoured to be in Nanaimo, British Columbia, with one of our Canadian veterans I have had the honour to know. We remember his story. Capt. Trevor Greene served in Afghanistan. In an effort to display respect for the village elders, Capt. Greene removed his helmet. He was brutally assaulted by a […]

By denying my right to speak, our Parliament is weakened

Mar 26 2015 — Elizabeth May — When I was first elected, the consensus among parliamentary observers was that I would never be heard from again. One MP, so it was said, cannot do anything in Parliament. Fortunately, I did not accept the accepted wisdom. I firmly believe in the essential role of Parliament as the living, breathing expression of our democracy. […]

Elizabeth May: The only party with principles

Aug 2 2014 — Elizabeth May — In the National Post editorial board’s catalogue of the alleged failings of the Green Party of Canada, (‘The Greens’ foreign policy problem,’ July 31), the most absurd claim is that the party espouses moral relativism. We are the only party left in Canada that has principles and sticks to them.

Farley Mowat was one of a kind

May 10 2014 — Elizabeth May — When writing about the recently deceased, it is typical to share memories. In this case it is entirely redundant to put the typical “remembering” next to the name Farley Mowat. Farley was and is unforgettable. I have known and worked with Farley since the 1970s, becoming close by the late 1980s. Farley and his brilliant […]