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Environmental Assessment Bill C-69 enters final stretch in Senate; Red Chamber divided on Tanker Ban Bill amendments

Jun 17 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — With nearly 100 amendments from the Senate—on top of about 100 from the House—the government’s environmental assessment reform legislation is entering its final stretch in the Senate, with debate on the government’s message on the amendments rejected and accepted expected to begin as early as this evening. The Senate had returned 188 amendments to the […]

ISG Senators to propose amending Bill C-48 to allow tanker access to Nisga’a Nation: Sen. Paula Simons

Jun 12 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — A group of Independent Senators is getting ready to propose two amendments to the government’s controversial ban on oil tankers docking on the B.C. coast to allow pipeline and tanker access to the Nisga’a First Nation, says Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons. The Nisga’a Nation is made up of four communities in northern B.C. located […]

Senate to decide on fate of tanker ban, Liberals leaving U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade bill until last minute

Jun 3 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Several high-profile government bills are entering the final stretch of scrutiny by Senators this week, with a decision on whether or not to kill the controversial tanker ban bill, C-48, on the docket, and third reading debate on the government’s sweeping environmental impact assessment bill, C-69, expected to begin early this week. The government has […]

Conservatives say they’re ‘confident’ Mark Norman will expose more Liberal wrongdoing

May 20 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Conservatives are banking on Vice-Admiral Mark Norman to further embarrass the Liberal government over its role in his abandoned criminal prosecution, and hope to meet with the former second-in-command of the Canadian Armed Forces “at the appropriate time,” says Conservative MP Erin O’Toole. “When he decides to speak, I’m quite confident that there will […]

Scheer takes a page from Trudeau’s playbook with policy rollout

May 13 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is using the same strategy employed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prior to the last election, say pollsters and politicos, by rolling out policy speeches on key topics well in advance of the election campaign. Mr. Scheer (Regina-Qu’Appelle, Sask.) kicked off a series of planned speeches on policy with an […]

Canada must ‘walk the talk,’ give corporate ethics watchdog power to compel evidence: UN expert

Apr 29 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Liberal government’s new watchdog for corporate ethics is “disappointing” and “not in line” with what it has promised, says the chair of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights. The new office of the ombudsperson for responsible enterprise, as it is currently organized, essentially duplicates Canada’s OECD National Contact Point, which is […]

Liberals name ‘totally independent’ corporate watchdog, but aren’t ready—yet—to give promised powers to compel testimony

Apr 9 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Trade Minister Jim Carr unveiled the government’s choice on Monday to fill the corporate-ethics watchdog job announced more than a year ago, but the details of how independent and powerful the new Corporate Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise were left up in the air, drawing fierce criticism from a human-rights advocacy network closely following the file. […]

Senators strike deal to schedule final vote on 10 bills, controversial environmental assessment, tanker ban bills left out

Apr 5 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Senate leaders agreed April 4 on firm dates for the final vote on 10 government bills currently in the Upper Chamber, including several key government bills, but not the two that have drawn the staunchest opposition from the Conservatives, C-69 and C-48. The deal sets dates for the progression through one, two, or three stages—depending […]

Sen. Harder moves to put deadlines on 11 bills in Senate at once

Apr 3 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The government’s representative in the Senate is proposing to put deadlines for Senators to finish their debate, study, and voting on 11 bills now in the Senate, a move that opposition Conservatives say violates committee independence and amounts to a massive time-allocation motion. Senator Peter Harder (Ottawa, Ont.) gave notice of a motion to impose […]