National Newswatch

‘They’re really riled up here’: Conservatives circling Goodale’s lone Liberal seat in Saskatchewan

Oct 14 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Conservatives from across the Prairies are working to try to unseat longtime Liberal MP Ralph Goodale in Regina-Wascana, Sask., where a local columnist says anger towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the carbon tax has reached a boiling point. “It’s a pretty hostile campaign,” said Murray Mandryk, a columnist for The Regina Leader Post who […]

Liberal, Conservative heavy-hitters brought in to fight to win NDP’s Hamilton ridings

Sep 30 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has her sights set on the NDP’s two ridings in downtown Hamilton, and two Conservative front-benchers have already visited the city to help launch Tory campaigns in Hamilton Mountain and Hamilton Centre. While the party leaders have criss-crossed the country on national tours, including stops in Hamilton, some other well-known MPs […]

Digital ads the story of election 2019 budgets, say campaign vets

Sep 16 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — A shift towards even more digital advertising is the most likely change to the way the parties will spend their money during this fall’s election campaign, say veterans of previous campaigns with the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP. “I suspect digital is going to become more and more the battleground. That’s where more campaigns should be […]

Don Meredith report delayed by ‘lack of prompt responses’ from Senators to ethics officer, says Senate Ethics Committee

Jul 29 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Senate ethics officer’s investigation into the conduct of former Senator Don Meredith was delayed for reasons beyond his control, including due to other Senators who didn’t respond to his requests for information, says a new report from the Senate Ethics Committee. “The SEO was delayed in part by the lack of prompt responses to […]

Big changes could be coming to Senate after fall election, say Senators

Jul 29 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The outcome of the fall election could spur big changes to the Red Chamber, Senators say, with talk that floor-crossing, forming new groups, and battles over who would form the opposition—or whether there will even be one—could all be in play. The Liberals and Conservatives are running neck-and-neck in public opinion polls, leaving a realistic […]

NDP hits pause on ads, Grits and Tories suspend TV campaigns as pre-election spending cap, summer doldrums kick in

Jul 22 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The NDP says it has temporarily stopped running political ads on Facebook and elsewhere fewer than 100 days before the federal election, leading one conservative-tied digital strategist to suggest the party is in deep trouble, and a former NDP national director to predict the party is saving its ammunition for closer to the election.

Trudeau’s legislative record unlikely to motivate voters in the fall, with a few exceptions: pollsters

Jun 26 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Four years of lawmaking has left the Liberal government with a lengthy list of accomplishments and black marks, but only a few legal changes made or abandoned by the Trudeau government will likely play a significant role at the ballot box this October, say political observers. “There’s an old saying in politics: ‘Friends come and […]