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Liberals name ‘totally independent’ corporate watchdog, but aren’t ready—yet—to give promised powers to compel testimony

Apr 9 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Trade Minister Jim Carr unveiled the government’s choice on Monday to fill the corporate-ethics watchdog job announced more than a year ago, but the details of how independent and powerful the new Corporate Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise were left up in the air, drawing fierce criticism from a human-rights advocacy network closely following the file. […]

Senators strike deal to schedule final vote on 10 bills, controversial environmental assessment, tanker ban bills left out

Apr 5 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Senate leaders agreed April 4 on firm dates for the final vote on 10 government bills currently in the Upper Chamber, including several key government bills, but not the two that have drawn the staunchest opposition from the Conservatives, C-69 and C-48. The deal sets dates for the progression through one, two, or three stages—depending […]

Sen. Harder moves to put deadlines on 11 bills in Senate at once

Apr 3 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The government’s representative in the Senate is proposing to put deadlines for Senators to finish their debate, study, and voting on 11 bills now in the Senate, a move that opposition Conservatives say violates committee independence and amounts to a massive time-allocation motion. Senator Peter Harder (Ottawa, Ont.) gave notice of a motion to impose […]

Rural Liberal chair says he’s putting his faith in Blair as gun ban decision looms

Mar 25 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — The chair of the Liberal rural caucus says he trusts Border and Organized Crime Minister Bill Blair to take the “right approach” as he prepares to announce whether the government will ban handguns and assault-style weapons following a lengthy consultation. Liberal MP Francis Drouin (Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Ont.), who now chairs the Liberal rural caucus, said a […]

Lametti, opposition parties pledge to uphold Wilson-Raybould’s new rules for defending Indigenous lawsuits

Mar 25 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Attorney General David Lametti and the opposition justice critics say they will stand behind former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s instructions to government lawyers, telling them to give fair treatment to First Nations suing the government over treaty rights, after departing PCO clerk Michael Wernick warned Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s instructions could be “gutted” by a new government […]

Chagger warns of more time allocation, but Conservatives say House cooperation conditional on Liberal ‘transparency’ over SNC-Lavalin

Mar 18 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — As MPs return from a two-week break on Monday, Government House Leader Bardish Chagger says the Liberals will try to pass 21 active government bills in Parliament before the end of June when the Commons adjourns and the next election campaign begins, but the Conservatives plan to put up a feisty legislative fight. Conservative House […]

‘Our party took a $20-million hit,’ Conservatives to claw back money from candidates post-election

Aug 13 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — The Conservative Party will begin clawing back money from its electoral district associations after the next election, to make up for money lost when the former Conservative government eliminated the per-vote subsidy. The Conservative Party will ask the EDAs to hand over half of the money they receive when Elections Canada reimburses candidates for 60 […]

‘We’re in the middle of shifting our system to deal with a lot more irregular migrants,’ says Trudeau

Jul 2 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — Canada is changing its asylum system in response to the thousands of would-be refugees pouring across the Quebec-New York border, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen (York South-Weston, Ont.) says the feds’ efforts to deter economic migrants from using the asylum system are now starting to pay off. […]

Republicans pressure Trump to drop tariffs after Trudeau retaliation, but it might not matter, say U.S. trade watchers

Jun 11 2018 — Peter Mazereeuw — Republican lawmakers are pushing back against U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., likely making the case that the move could pave the road to his impeachment, say a former trade adviser to U.S. politicians and a Canadian lobbyist tracking the trade battle. “The only hope there is the Republican leadership […]