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Uncertain contenders kicking the tires to replace Scheer

Jan 9 2020 — Mark Bonokoski — Out of all the potential contenders who might enter the race to replace Andrew Scheer as Conservative leader, the one the Trudeau Liberals truly can’t stand is the pesky Pierre Poilievre, who looks more like a kid still in college than a veteran MP. Somewhere in his attic, he must have his own a Dorian […]

When Scheer-bashing becomes boring, it’s time to aim elsewhere

Dec 8 2019 — Mark Bonokoski — Perhaps it’s best to await former Harper cabinet minister John Baird’s internal review of what went wrong in the Conservatives’ election campaign to fully leak out before the stoning of Andrew Scheer continues. Baird is a feisty character, tough, straight-talking and now making mega-dollars in the corporate world, sitting on various management boards and giving […]

Scheer shuns Conservative Party’s first openly-gay MP

Dec 2 2019 — Mark Bonokoski — Perhaps it would be best to await former Harper cabinet minister John Baird’s external review of what went wrong in the Conservatives’ election campaign before the stoning of Andrew Scheer continues in earnest. But, jay-z-uz, is he ever going to stop his self-harming? Will a lightbulb ever go off in his head?

‘Bland’ Peter MacKay throws ‘zingers,’ then retreats

Nov 14 2019 — Mark Bonokoski — When former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay first strung the “stinking albatross” around the unsuspecting neck of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, it didn’t quite sound like Peter MacKay. MacKay has never been known to write humdingers, and especially not someone who’d compose the two back-to-back jabs that so unexpectedly jarred those who still believe Scheer’s […]

Scheer’s great climate plan unveil to get mid-week spotlight

Jun 15 2019 — Mark Bonokoski — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna must have invented a magical social media gizmo that allows her to be on Twitter, Facebook and an assortment of similar soap boxes seemingly every minute of every day. Downtime seems to be missing from her agenda. McKenna embarrasses even the go-go of the Energizer Bunny as she goes about the […]

Billionaires know best in Trudeau’s world

Oct 1 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who backtracked on electoral reform and parliamentary transparency, has finally got his back up over shutting down loopholes on small business owners. Despite the fury local MPs have received this summer, and harsh words from business owners decrying being labelled as “cheats,” the Liberals are steadfast in refusing to alter their […]

Mad Max Bernier, back from The Wasteland

Apr 2 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — Conservative leadership contender Maxime Bernier — reportedly neck-in-neck in popularity with Shark Tanker Kevin O’Leary — is a different kind of political animal. He is perhaps best described as a cat, with many of those mythical nine lives having already been tested. Once a veritable unknown from the Quebec riding of Beauce, all that came […]

The shattering glass house of Rona Ambrose, hypocriticizer

Feb 12 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — Not to get too religious, but someone of biblical proportions once said that only a person without sin should cast the first stone. That being the case, Rona Ambrose should never have figuratively picked one up, let alone hurl it at our PM when she was herself hiding out under the warmth of the Caribbean […]

The unintended consequences surrounding Sen. Don Meredith

Jan 29 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — The Senate, known as the chamber of sober second thought as well as other less than kind descriptors, is also as slow as a snail when dealing with matters of probity. Senate ethics officer Lyse Ricard, for example, has been investigating Toronto-area Senator Don Meredith since February of 2015 when high staff turnover in his […]

In 2017, let Trudeau’s honeymoon finally be over

Jan 1 2017 — Mark Bonokoski — If there is a wish among many ordinary Canadians, hard-pressed to make ends meet, it’s surely that 2017 finally brings to an end Justin Trudeau’s political honeymoon. A wasted 2016 now lies one day behind us. Taxpayers, the life blood of the Trudeau government’s free-spending recklessness, will know soon enough if the Liberals finally focus […]

To Trudeau, the Peking Duck should have smelled fishy

Nov 24 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck but is cooked up by Beijing’s state-run regime, it’s a Peking Duck that smells fishy. Yet the Trudeau Liberals ate it up. While Canadians will never know exactly what was on the menu when Justin Trudeau sat down in Toronto to privately dine in May […]

Is the left really Donald Trumping Kellie Leitch?

Nov 16 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — On the first weekend after Donald Trump’s unexpected election, there was an attempted break-and-enter at the home of a federal Conservative leadership candidate perceived as the most right-wing. Surely it was merely coincidence. Or was it? It is Kellie Leitch, after all, who has been accused by progressives, and others contending for the party’s leadership, […]

The dying constituency of Brad Trost, Tory relic

Oct 9 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — If undeclared Conservative leadership candidate Brad Trost wants a glimpse of his constituency of social conservatives, all he has to do is peruse the obituary pages to see that it is dwindling. The blue-rinse set is not exactly a growing demographic, as death notices will attest. And nor is the Bible Belt gaining any girth […]