National Newswatch

Harper’s gone, hip-hip hooray … but now what?

Sep 4 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — Among the more important news stories of recent days, such as Kylie Jenner denying breast implants and Donald Trump denying being a racist, Stephen Harper quietly resigned as an MP and bid adieu. Those who say good riddance to the man who was Canada’s 22nd prime minister for a decade, and first leader of the […]

Sen. Mike Duffy and his middle finger salute

Aug 14 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — In a world where celebrity makes one a target, the prime motivator often being jealously, former television news star Mike Duffy had a bull’s eye on his back the size of a Mack truck bearing down the highway with a Stompin’ Tom load of P.E.I. potatoes. The national media, all aware of Duffy’s vaulting ambition […]

Time for Canada to expect the unexpected

Aug 12 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — The thwarting of a jihadist-inspired terrorism plot in the small Ontario town Strathroy is a red-flag alert for Canadians to drop their naivete and start expecting the unexpected. This is the future. The ability of ISIS to use the borderless reach of social media to lure and contaminate the minds of the young and the […]

Where’s the bark from Canada’s unmuzzled scientists?

Aug 7 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — Here we are, whiling away the dog days of summer, and waiting anxiously for Canada’s once-muzzled federal scientists to realize their gags have been removed. Surely they must have noticed this by now. After all, it was just two weeks after last year’s Liberal victory over the censoring Harperites that newly-minted Minister of Innovation, Science […]

Imagine if Stephen Harper had stuffed the Senate

Jun 19 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — If that “bad man” Stephen Harper had stuffed the Senate with partisan bagmen when he had the right and the opportunity, the Liberals’ assisted-dying legislation would today be already off life support. But, instead of having its plug pulled, Bill C-14 is still breathing, even if a victim of political ping pong. Judging from the […]

Trudeau screwing down message and intentions

Jun 4 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — When the late Jim Flaherty was the Harper government’s finance minister, and ticked off at the prime minister for occasionally muting his message, he used to curse “the kids in short pants” in the Prime Minister’s Office for being control freaks. It’s an old line. Former interim Liberal leader Bob Rae, seen lately at the […]

Thanks, Mike, the cheque’s in the mail!

May 29 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — If there were any justice in the entitled world of the Senate, retired Liberal Senator Mac Harb, and Tory Senator Pamela Wallin, would be cutting cheques to Mike Duffy to put towards his legal fees. They owe him more than just a cheap bottle of plonk for being short-strawed and therefore the first and only […]

Sophie could learn from the Greatest Generation

May 19 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — When my mother was approaching her final days, the fact she was a war veteran allowed her to be moved straightaway into a long-term care facility. It was an unexpected entitlement that, if not for her local MP asking the question, would not have crossed our minds. It took our family days to come up […]

It’s OK now, Stockwell Day, all’s forgiven

May 15 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — Maybe Justin Trudeau is starting to get it, although it could be a case of premature evaluation. There was a certain wisdom, for sure, in staying away from Alberta when wildfires were their fiercest, gobbling up parts of Fort McMurray and forcing the city’s evacuation. “I think we are all aware that a prime minister […]

Justin Trudeau now a Kardashian-like spinoff

Apr 28 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — To get to the prime minister’s office in the Langevin Block, you enter the front door off Wellington Street, pass through security, climb the stairs to the second floor, and walk to the west end of the building. It’s the last office. The edifice itself was named after Hector-Louis Langevin, one of the Fathers of […]

These are the ‘good old days’ for Trudeau Liberals

Apr 20 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — If the Trudeau Liberals think the “good old days” lie ahead, they should slay their soothsayer. This is it. This is as good as it’s going to get. It is now six months and two days since Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister, shocking even those who voted for him when he came up with […]

The sucker call of ‘free’ Liberal party membership

Apr 10 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — A little “free” advice for the Millennial Generation, the obvious target in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent announcement to end his party’s members-only club of card-carrying dues payers: Don’t be suckered in. The Liberals, like all political parties, do not really want the hoi polloi of any age sticking their noses too deeply into policy, […]

Mulcair should survive, but not for long

Apr 6 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — Despite the fact Thomas Mulcair blew the election campaign, and was unable to make inroads with a very populist and compelling back story, the NDP will not be unloading him this weekend as their leader. They should, just not yet. There is still time before the next federal election to turn the page on Mulcair […]

Senate Stink Redux still fails the sniff test

Mar 31 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — Throughout the federal election, particularly when the Ol’ Duff was taking a grilling in Courtroom 33, an enraptured media, its union’s anti-Harper stance well documented, took every opportunity to reference the added stink emanating from the Senate. Canadians needed to be reminded that 30 greedy senators stood accused by Auditor General Michael Ferguson of inappropriate […]

Small town waits for the Godot of Syrian refugees

Mar 20 2016 — Mark Bonokoski — When the body of three-year-old Alan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach last September, the picture of him lying face down in the sand galvanized international attention on the Syrian refugee crisis like nothing else. If the Syrian refugee situation needed a marketing tool, and Liberal politicians needed a gut-twisting compassion component for their […]