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How 2021 could be a pivotal year in the climate change fight

Jan 12 2021 — Shawn McCarthy — The world marked the fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking Paris climate agreement in December with a sobering reminder. Despite a drop in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains a substantial gap between the commitment to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and […]

What Trudeau needs to do to win the West

Oct 28 2019 — Shawn McCarthy — In the polarized swamp of Canada’s energy and climate debate, finding common ground is neither easy nor particularly satisfying for the partisans on either side of the political battle. With the Liberal party being shut out in Alberta and Saskatchewan in last week’s election, combined with the deep sense of anger and alienation felt by […]

McKenna backs off pledge to freeze carbon tax at $50 a tonne

Aug 25 2019 — Shawn McCarthy — Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has backed off a pledge to freeze the carbon tax at $50 a tonne after 2022, saying a re-elected Liberal government would review the levy with provinces before deciding how to proceed. In June, Ms. McKenna said the Liberals planned not to increase the tax once it hit $50, which equates […]

Nearly two-thirds of Canadians oppose provincial governments spending taxpayers’ dollars to battle federal carbon tax, poll says

May 13 2019 — Shawn McCarthy — Nearly two-thirds of Canadians oppose provincial governments spending taxpayers’ dollars to battle the federal carbon tax, says a new poll released Monday as the Ontario government launched a new television ad slamming the levy. About 64 per cent of respondents said it is unacceptable for provinces to opt out of the federal effort to combat […]

Notley demands changes to Ottawa’s environmental assessment legislation

Sep 25 2018 — Shawn McCarthy — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is demanding major changes to federal environmental assessment legislation, arguing the current bill before the Senate extends Ottawa’s reach into provincial jurisdiction and undermines energy industry competitiveness. In a speech to the energy pipeline industry in Calgary Tuesday, Ms. Notley said her government is pushing the federal Liberals to rapidly re-start […]

California, Quebec close carbon market to Ontario

Jun 17 2018 — Shawn McCarthy — California and Quebec have closed the joint carbon market to Ontario, preventing companies from dumping some $2.8-billion in emissions allowances after premier-designate Doug Ford announced an end to the provincial cap-and-trade system. While Mr. Ford’s decision could provoke lawsuits from companies that purchased allowance, the province is also set to join Saskatchewan’s legal fight over […]

Ottawa prepares to relax carbon-pricing measures to aid industry competitiveness

Jan 15 2018 — Shawn McCarthy — The Liberal government is set to introduce carbon-tax legislation that will give breaks to industrial emitters as Ottawa seeks to limit the economic impact of an ambitious environmental agenda to be enacted this year. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Monday released a draft legislative proposal outlining key elements of the […]

Liberals talk tough over imposing carbon taxes across all provinces

Dec 20 2017 — Shawn McCarthy — The Liberal government will impose a carbon tax on Jan. 1, 2019, in any province that does not have a pricing plan that meets Ottawa’s standards, federal ministers vowed on Wednesday. In a letter to their provincial counterparts, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Ottawa will be releasing a draft carbon-tax […]

Ottawa proposes new rules for resource companies

Jun 30 2017 — Shawn McCarthy — The Liberal government is proposing new rules that would require resource companies to consult with Ottawa and Indigenous communities on major projects well before the firms finalize their plans and apply for regulatory approval. The companies would also be expected to provide greater opportunities for partnership with Indigenous peoples, and seek their consent for developments […]

Liberals release carbon-tax plan, brace for legal battle with Saskatchewan

May 18 2017 — Shawn McCarthy — Preparing for a promised legal battle with Saskatchewan, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she’s confident Ottawa has the authority to impose a carbon price across the country, even when that levy would apply to provincially owned utilities. The minister on Thursday released a technical paper on Ottawa’s proposed carbon tax, which will apply in […]

Two-thirds of Canadians approve of Ottawa’s climate regulations: poll

Mar 4 2017 — Shawn McCarthy — Nearly two-thirds of Canadians want the Liberal government to proceed with climate regulations, including carbon pricing, regardless of a new direction on the environment from U.S. President Donald Trump, a new Nanos Research poll says. Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna met this week with the European climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete, and the […]

Majority of Canadians support Trudeau’s climate plan: Nanos poll

Dec 23 2016 — Shawn McCarthy — A solid majority of Canadians support the key planks in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s energy and climate plan: approving a controversial oil pipeline and imposing a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a poll from Nanos Research Group says. However, there are stark regional differences that underscore the difficult challenge for the Liberal government […]