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Could what happened in Washington last week happen here?

Jan 11 2021 — Michael Coren — If anything characterizes last week’s grotesque attempt to storm the Capitol building in Washington, it’s an almost surreal degree of paradox: Alleged patriots roaring their hatred of their country’s essence were joined by ostensible supporters of the police attacking cops — in one case, killing one — while supposed Christians, followers of the Prince of […]

The lockdown is not an attack on religious freedom in Ontario

Jan 4 2021 — Michael Coren — It’s not the first time it’s happened, and I fear it won’t be the last. But the punishment of six members of Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo for breaching Ontario’s lockdown restrictions is causing quite the reaction. Regional police monitored a church gathering on December 27, saw a congregation that was larger than the 10 […]

Sloan Alone? Over to you, Mr. Toole

Dec 3 2020 — Michael Coren — Derek Sloan, the Conservative MP for Hastings—Lennox and Addington, is quite the star among the hard line conservative right. Earlier this year he questioned the national loyalties of Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, and now he has sponsored a parliamentary e-petition that questions the safety of the much-anticipated coronavirus vaccine. The petition […]

Conservatives spill lots of ink on the lack of free speech

Nov 16 2020 — Michael Coren — People on the political right have lost all of their freedom of speech. We know this because they write and broadcast about it so often in major newspapers and magazines, countless talk radio stations, television networks owned by billionaires, and books published by multinational conglomerates. And in case we’d forgotten, which is somewhat unlikely, Conservative […]

Christians cannot in good conscience vote for Trump

Nov 2 2020 — Michael Coren — The old adage about never mixing religion and politics is about as inane as it is ubiquitous. In North America, it’s applied mainly to Christianity, but Christianity is political, and has to be, because it was founded by a man who roared against injustice, and spoke of a better, more equal, and more communal world. […]

Amy Coney Barrett and the challenge of separating church and state

Oct 12 2020 — Michael Coren — Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Notre Dame University law professor Amy Coney Barrett have just begun and it’s going to be a challenging time for the woman chosen by Donald Trump to replace the iconic Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The 48-year-old mother of seven has divided American politics, media and public opinion between those who see […]

Why Leslyn Lewis should face tough questions about her social conservatism

Sep 16 2020 — Michael Coren — This week, the lawyer and former federal Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis announced that she intended to run for Parliament. While not yet an official candidate, she toured the riding of Haldimand–Norfolk with MP Diane Finley, who has held the seat for 16 years but has no intention of running in the next election. The […]

Silence from O’Toole on Findlay’s (now-deleted) tweet

Sep 4 2020 — Michael Coren — Charles Adler is one of the highest-profile talk radio personalities in Canada. He’s hosted prime-time shows in all of the country’s major markets as well as in the United States. He’s also known as a conservative, albeit from the libertarian wing of the movement. Adler has been changing, however. He has been moving to the […]

We must insist on straight answers from Derek Sloan

Aug 11 2020 — Michael Coren — Derek Sloan won’t win this month’s Conservative Party leadership, but the MP for Hastings—Lennox and Addington will be influential in deciding who does become the new leader of the opposition. The darling of social conservatives and the Christian right, he’s positioned himself as an almost Trump-like figure and was rightly criticized when he questioned the […]