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Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce’s sad state of affairs

Jan 22 2020 — Michael Coren — It was largely inevitable that there would be a conflict between Doug Ford’s Ontario government and the province’s teachers. It happened under former Tory Premier Mike Harris, and it’s happened with various right-wing administrations in other provinces. Put simply, teachers are not popular with conservatives, and their unions have been used as scapegoats by conservative […]

Arguing the abortion debate on Twitter

Jan 6 2020 — Michael Coren — Twitter can be a wonderful and fascinating venue, but also a dark and unpleasant one. It empowers the good as well as the malicious, giving voice to those who want to make the world a better place, and those who thrive on other people’s pain. Last week I became the target of a very active […]

A very Scheer 2019, a very different 2020

Dec 24 2019 — Michael Coren — The political year that was and the political year to come. The great, splashing irony of it all is that someone who is, with all due respect, unimpressive and clearly out-of-his-depth should have been so prominent before, during, and after the election. Andrew Scheer received more media than one would have considered possible, and the […]

Christianity Today’s call for Trump’s removal offers a moment of potential reflection for today’s Christians

Dec 20 2019 — Michael Coren — Well, this is quite the Christmas surprise. Christianity Today – perhaps the most influential publication in the evangelical world and described by The Washington Post as “evangelicalism’s flagship magazine” – has called for U.S. President Donald Trump to be removed from office. In a staggeringly forthright editorial signed by editor-in-chief Mark Galli, the extended article […]

Johnson handed clear mandate to ‘fulfill Brexit’ in U.K. election

Dec 13 2019 — Michael Coren — No matter what alleged experts might claim, nobody anticipated the results of the UK election. As late as Thursday afternoon there were predictions that the Labour Party could form a government with the support of the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats. Or perhaps there would be another hung parliament. Instead, Labour suffered its […]

The Britain I knew is lost

Dec 6 2019 — Michael Coren — I left Britain when I was 28-years-old, and return every year for extended visits. A number of my friends from university are senior MPs and journalists, while others do all sorts of jobs outside of public life. What unites them at the moment, however, is a deep sense of gloom and pessimism that I have […]

Why Andrew Scheer would be a dangerous prime minister

Oct 1 2019 — Michael Coren — As a 60-year-old white man I didn’t feel enormously qualified to comment about Justin Trudeau’s brown and blackface travesties when the story first broke — though this didn’t seem to prevent countless others from becoming overnight experts — but I will say now that whatever their intention and however long ago, the actions themselves were […]

The reality of religion and politics

Sep 11 2019 — Michael Coren — They say it’s impolite to discuss religion or politics, so to write about both together must be positively criminal. It would certainly seem that way judging by the reaction of right-wing columnists and social media warriors recently after I wrote about Andrew Scheer’s conservative Roman Catholicism causing us to doubt his position on abortion and […]

The question to ask about Andrew Scheer and abortion

Aug 28 2019 — Michael Coren — His religion says abortion is homicide and a ‘grave sin’. Can we believe Scheer when he says that, given the power to stop it, he simply won’t do so? It used to be said that politics was the art of the possible. Today, certainly in Canada, it seems to be the art of the implausible. […]

What Andrew Scheer believes about same-sex marriage

Aug 23 2019 — Michael Coren — Andrew Scheer is in a very tough spot right now. His opponents have dug up—surely not especially difficult—a clip of him as a young MP speaking out in 2005 against the redefinition of marriage so as to include same-sex couples, and it’s trending on social media and forcing the Tories onto the defensive. That he […]

What the hell happened to Charles Adler?

Aug 15 2019 — Michael Coren — Charles Adler and Michael Coren. Could be a travelling stage act, but alas nothing like so interesting. Adler is a highly successful talk-radio host, an Emmy and RTDNA lifetime achievement award-winner, who now has a national show on the Corus network. I’m less grand. I write columns and the occasional book, and appear on television […]

A lot at stake in the federal election

Jul 31 2019 — Michael Coren — In a perfect world we should see an election as an outward symbol of something almost sacred, the culmination of generations of struggle for electoral equality and the representation of popular will. That, of course, is not how it all seems. An election is called, and the usual pundits, consultants, and advisers are wheeled out, […]

Does Andrew Scheer have a religion problem?

Jul 15 2019 — Michael Coren — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is in a very difficult position. A genuinely decent man, considered by many to be far too timid for the cut and thrust of party politics, he’s a devout and orthodox Roman Catholic leading a party that is divided on socially conservative issues, hoping to govern a country that is largely […]