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Facebook bans do not equate to restrictions on free speech

Apr 9 2019 — Michael Coren — This week the ultra-right-wing Canadian commentator Faith Goldy was banned from Facebook and Instagram, after earlier being prevented from crowdfunding on Patreon, from the online payment system PayPal, and even from Airbnb. The ban extends to pages and groups affiliated with her, and Facebook also banned, among others, the Canadian Nationalist Front, Aryan Strikeforce, Wolves […]

The real tragedy of the SNC-Lavalin affair

Apr 4 2019 — Michael Coren — OK, here’s a little secret from “one of them,” someone who writes for many of Canada’s major publications and appears regularly on television and radio. The political and media class are obsessed with SNC-Lavalin and its various sub-stories to a ridiculous degree. They take extraordinary joy in adopting sides on the issue and attributing hero […]

SNC-Lavalin matters, a lot, but let’s look at some other news

Mar 11 2019 — Michael Coren — Canadian issues I wish would receive anything like the same media attention as SNC-Lavalin: The terror of homelessness faced by so many, the impending disaster of climate change and the apathy of most of our politicians, the plight of Indigenous people, the lack of access to health care, the reality of unemployment and near poverty […]

A new low has infected the body politic in Canada

Jan 21 2019 — Michael Coren — Last week on Twitter a conservative activist and former school trustee wrote, “I’ve suspected @michaelcoren is a kiddie diddler for some time. Just a suspicion, mind you, I’m not saying he is. But I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we end up reading about him in some sordid, wicked setting …” It’s not […]

2019 certain to be unpredictable in complex Middle East

Jan 3 2019 — Michael Coren — Just like any other year in the Middle East, 2019 will be characterized by its lack of predictability, which makes estimating what will happen inherently difficult. Looking back on the history of the region: the best minds in Israel failed to prepare for the 1973 Arab-Israeli War; not one intelligence service thought the shah of […]

Jason Kenney hasn’t properly compensated for past actions

Dec 13 2018 — Michael Coren — Last week, a two-decade old recording of Jason Kenney, Alberta’s United Conservative Party leader and one of the most prominent figures in Canadian conservatism, came to light. It contained some deeply disturbing comments. The tape reveals Kenney boasting of his helping to organize a petition demanding a referendum to repeal an ordinance that gave hospital […]

Ford’s closeness with controversial evangelical pastor is problematic

Dec 5 2018 — Michael Coren — Sometimes mailing lists can be worryingly out-of-date and inaccurate. This weekend, I received an emailed letter from Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, addressed to “Pastor Michael.” (No, I haven’t suddenly been elevated to clerical status.) “I want to extend a personal invitation to you and your pastoral staff to come to the platform […]

Repeal of Bill 148 a callous attack on our poorest

Oct 26 2018 — Michael Coren — To quote the late, great Oscar Wilde, himself the victim of callousness, there are people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. I wonder if Ontario Premier Doug Ford has read any Oscar Wilde? No, on second thoughts I don’t. Earlier this week, most of the MPPs in the Tory caucus […]

Actual change won’t come to the Catholic Church unless or until a courageous pope arrives first

Oct 19 2018 — Michael Coren — Pope Francis has the most extraordinary ability to say the wrong things, often at the most sensitive times. Last Friday, he accepted the resignation of the archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl — a controversial figure accused of doing too little to prevent, and perhaps even deliberately covering, up hideous sexual abuse cases. Beyond simply […]