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Canada misses out on nearly $50 billion in tax each year

Feb 14 2017 — Marco Chown Oved — The federal government forgoes as much as $47.8 billion in uncollected taxes every year, according to a new report that Ottawa has yet to release. These billions represent only a fraction of all taxes that go unpaid because they don’t include taxes owed to the provinces and municipalities — all of which are in need […]

CRA has double standard for tax cheats

Jun 26 2016 — Marco Chown Oved — The Canada Revenue Agency claims at least nine people have been convicted of offshore tax evasion over the last two years, receiving $4 million in fines and 84 months of jail time, but it is keeping the names of these tax cheats secret. Yet there are dozens of people — carpenters, hairdressers, farmers, plumbers, foresters, […]

Panama Papers: SNC-Lavalin paid secret commissions to offshore companies for contracts in Algeria

May 18 2016 — Marco Chown Oved — Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin signed $21.7 millions in contracts with an anonymously owned company in the British Virgin Islands to obtain business in Algeria, a joint investigation by the Star and CBC/Radio-Canada has learned. The Panama Papers archive contains six contracts, signed between 2000 and 2002, offering an unnamed agent payments ranging from $800,000 to […]

Canadians put $40 billion in tax havens last year

Apr 27 2016 — Marco Chown Oved — Canadian corporations and individuals quadrupled the amount of money they transferred into tax havens last year, pouring almost $40 billion into the tropical islands and European duchies that shield funds from Canadian taxes, newly released statistics show. It was one of the biggest years ever for “investment” in tax havens — more than four times […]

Disabled man told subsidized housing is for Muslims only

Aug 27 2015 — Marco Chown Oved — A young wheelchair user has been taken off the waiting list for a publicly subsidized apartment because he is not a member of the Muslim community that established the building — a practice that, while legal, raises concerns that accommodations for cultural and religious groups could be limiting access to affordable housing. According to a […]

Judge rejects Toronto’s attempt to ban Uber

Jul 4 2015 — Marco Chown Oved — The city has lost its bid to ban Uber from operating in Toronto. In a decision handed down late Friday, Superior Court Judge Sean Dunphy rejected its request for an injunction, ruling that the California-based company does not need a licence to operate under current bylaws. The act of ordering a ride with the Uber […]

Jian Ghomeshi’s other case: the union grievance

Nov 28 2014 — Marco Chown Oved — Now that Jian Ghomeshi is out on $100,000 bail, his path through the criminal justice system is well understood: pretrial and maybe trial, possibly a plea and, if not, a verdict. No matter what happens in court, Ghomeshi will still have an opportunity to make the case that he was wrongfully dismissed by the CBC […]

Ed Broadbent reflects on the child-poverty pledge of 1989

Nov 19 2014 — Marco Chown Oved — It was the twilight of his storied political career and Ed Broadbent wanted to send Canada on a historic mission: to eradicate child poverty by 2000. After days of backroom negotiations in November 1989, he rose in the House of Commons to deliver his last speech as leader of the NDP. It began eloquently by […]