National Newswatch

Meet the woman who crafts Justin Trudeau’s image

Feb 12 2018 — Meagan Campbell — As communications director in Justin Trudeau’s PMO, Kate Purchase’s job is to make the boss look good. It’s getting tougher. At the presidential palace in Mexico City on Oct. 12, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had just delivered a speech, and Kate Purchase, his communications director, for a moment, was dancing. She bopped her fists […]

Why Shepell is not happy with Morneau

Dec 18 2017 — Meagan Campbell — Warren Shepell sold his company in 2005, but his name lives on as part of Morneau Shepell—and he wants it to stop. In 2008, the company led by Bill Morneau bought a firm called Shepell.fgi. The namesake was a psychologist from Fisher Branch, Man., who pioneered the concept of employee assistance programs in Canada. But […]

Ottawa bloodsport: Calling for Bill Morneau to resign

Nov 30 2017 — Meagan Campbell — Minister of Finance, beware the case of the rancid tuna. In 1985, the opposition party started calling for the resignation of cabinet minister John Fraser, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, who approved the sale of more than a million cans of spoiled tuna to protect east coast jobs. The fish was unfit for human consumption, […]

How Trump and Trudeau heated up the White House

Oct 12 2017 — Meagan Campbell — There was talk of nuclear arms, tearing up NAFTA and a refugee crisis. The meeting between the PM and President was not a win-win. The Oval Office steamed. In fact, according to a handheld thermometer/hygrometer, as the U.S. president roosted on the edge of his armchair, pressing the pads of his fingers together in the […]

Hyper parliamentarians are back in the House of Commons

Sep 19 2017 — Meagan Campbell — Majority, schplajority; the Opposition made its side heard. Andrew Scheer warned new tax rules will force farmers to sell their land and rent it back from foreign owners, to tend their fields as mere tenants, clarified when Scheer’s colleague cried, “serfs!” Parliament made a rambunctious return on Monday, when members chirped and guffawed their way […]