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Is Sean Hannity an idiot? It’s not too soon to say

Oct 4 2017 — Vinay Menon — Sean Hannity is to journalism as a gun is to yoga. As the leading merchant of bile on Fox News — and that’s saying something — Hannity exists in a lucrative state of boiling rage. With the visage of a butter statue and the insights of a Gap mannequin, Hannity slips into high dudgeon each […]

Justin Trudeau’s socks appeal is starting to wear thin: Menon

Jun 28 2017 — Vinay Menon — Canada, we have a problem on our hands. And that problem is on Justin Trudeau’s feet. The endless obsession with the man’s socks — his socks — has tiptoed past the point of annoying and is now getting dangerously close to someone-hold-a-pillow-over-my-head. There was a time when you couldn’t get on the Internet without seeing […]

Scouting report on Strombo, new face of Hockey Night in Canada

Mar 15 2014 — Vinay Menon — Contrary to the fear of many hockey fans, George Stroumboulopoulos will not destroy Hockey Night in Canada when he takes over as host next season. The reason is simple: it is indestructible. But like a sheet of bulletproof glass that’s become grimy, HNIC is in need of a good scrubbing. So this week, when Rogers unveiled changes to the […]