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Canadians want Justin Trudeau to get tougher on China. Will he?

May 14 2020 — Matthew Fisher — An old maxim in Canadian politics is that foreign policy never matters to voters or politicians. This harsh truth was underlined last fall when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boycotted a leaders’ debate on foreign policy at the University of Toronto’s Munk School and the other party leaders fell in line with him with barely a […]

Canada-led NATO training mission in Iraq in deep jeopardy

Jan 6 2020 — Matthew Fisher — The expulsion of the Canadian-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military training mission from Iraq may be one of the first and most consequential aftershocks from U.S. President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to kill Qassem Soleimani. NATO announced on Saturday that the mission, led by Canadian military and tasked with training Iraqi forces, was “temporarily […]

The 2020s have already begun with a military bang

Jan 3 2020 — Matthew Fisher — The new decade begins with U.S. President Donald Trump trying to get out of his latest mess in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The president has, for once, gone well past his usual huffing and puffing. Early Friday morning, he made good on his threat to launch pre-emptive strikes against Iran for threatening Americans at their […]

How Putin, Xi and Trump shook up the world this past decade

Dec 29 2019 — Matthew Fisher — Ten years ago this weekend, my colleague and friend Michelle Lang was killed in a homemade landmine strike on a Canadian light armoured vehicle that had just started a patrol a few kilometres south of Kandahar City. Lang was a keen student of the world, but there have been many changes in the global order […]

What’s in store for Chrystia Freeland?

Oct 27 2019 — Matthew Fisher — It is hard to conceive of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not reappointing Chrystia Freeland as his foreign minister. Freeland is regarded as a capable minister in a government with few of them. Nevertheless, Ottawa being Ottawa, there have been rumours that Trudeau may be considering giving Freeland a bigger portfolio.

Canadian Forces studying options for potential Syrian operation

Feb 27 2017 — Matthew Fisher — The Canadian military has begun to study options for an operation in Syria, for the Liberal government to consider as U.S. president Donald Trump hints he may expand the 16-year-old war on terrorism by sending more troops to that country after the offensive to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIL concludes. Officers familiar […]