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‘An emergency for the Canadian economy’: Rail disruption hurting industries, groups say

Feb 13 2020 — Mark Gollom — The disruption in rail service caused by anti-pipeline protesters is having a significant impact on some Canadian industries, costing millions and damaging Canada’s reputation as a supplier of goods, industry leaders say. “Every day that it goes on, the damage compounds,” said Perrin Beatty, CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “It is damaging our […]

5 things to know about Jason’s Kenney’s fight over equalization

Oct 27 2019 — Mark Gollom — Alberta premier is threatening a referendum on equalization payments. The federal government’s financial arrangement of equalization payments is “perverse and nonsensical.” No, those aren’t the musings of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who has been making headlines recently by threatening to hold a referendum over the issue.

Liberals, Tories, NDP target seat which Jagmeet Singh held provincially

Oct 9 2019 — Mark Gollom — Rajesh Randeria stands outside his two-storey house in his upper middle-class neighbourhood of Brampton Ont., as two election campaign soldiers for the local Conservative candidate drive up to invade his front lawn. “This is the army of Ramona Singh,” he says, laughing. This so-called attack by the two men, who also happen to be friends […]

Liberals still looking to fill candidacy vacancies before Monday deadline

Sep 26 2019 — Mark Gollom — With the official deadline for federal candidate nominees just days away, the Liberal party still hasn’t filled out its roster to include a nominee in all 338 ridings across Canada. The filing deadline for candidates is 2 p.m. local time on Monday. “That’s why we encourage candidates not to wait until the last minute because […]

Trudeau, Scheer offer duelling green retrofit plans and criticism of each other

Sep 25 2019 — Mark Gollom — Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer appealed today to one of their favourite voter demographics — homeowners — by offering them duelling plans meant to help out their pocketbooks with green retrofits. These announcements were more micro in scale in terms of their overall green plans, but did give the federal leaders a springboard to trash […]

Is Andrew Scheer ducking the Ontario premier?

Sep 18 2019 — Mark Gollom — Where’s Doug Ford? That was one of the more persistent questions hurled at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer during his mini-tour through Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area in the early days of the federal election campaign. Ontario’s Progressive Conservative premier was absent from all of Scheer’s appearances, including his Ontario kickoff in Vaughan-Woodbridge and Etobicoke, […]

Trudeau vs. Dion: How the PM and ethics commissioner differ on the SNC-Lavalin affair

Aug 15 2019 — Mark Gollom — The federal ethics commissioner released a damning report Wednesday about the SNC-Lavalin affair, finding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was guilty of violating Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act. According to Mario Dion, the prime minister had “directly and through his senior officials used various means to exert influence” over then justice minister and attorney general Jody […]

Bombardier job cuts raise questions on impact of Buy America Act

Jul 12 2019 — Mark Gollom — While Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the federal Liberal government were busy this week blaming each other for the financial woes of Bombardier, the company itself pointed its finger at another culprit. In a news release confirming it would be terminating 550 employees from its Thunder Bay, Ont., plant, the aerospace company claimed one of […]

AG David Lametti could be SNC-Lavalin’s last hope to avoid prosecution

Mar 10 2019 — Mark Gollom — If the corruption and fraud case against SNC-Lavalin proceeds to trial, then David Lametti may be the only person in Canada who can save the Montreal-based engineering firm from criminal prosecution. As attorney general, Lametti has the power to decide whether the company should be able to access a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA), which would […]

Wilson-Raybould vs. Butts: Two versions of the SNC-Lavalin affair

Mar 7 2019 — Mark Gollom — It was hardly surprising that Gerald Butts, the former principal secretary for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, would offer a narrative about the SNC-Lavalin affair that conflicted with the one delivered last week by Jody Wilson-Raybould.​ Wilson-Raybould had testified before the Commons justice committee that when she was attorney general she had been pressured inappropriately by […]

Gerald Butts faces the heat over SNC-Lavalin scandal: Will he help or hurt the PM?

Mar 6 2019 — Mark Gollom — When Gerald Butts announced his resignation as Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary, his reasoning suggested he feared allegations springing from the then-burgeoning SNC-Lavalin controversy might be a distraction for the prime minister. “My reputation is my responsibility and that is for me to defend,” he wrote in a statement. “It is in the best interests of […]