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Finally, the truth behind the WE scandal. It doesn’t look good for the Liberals

Aug 20 2020 — Matt Gurney — Up until now, the Liberals’ main defence regarding the WE controversy has been that any misdeeds, and they acknowledge there were some, were fundamentally innocent. Careless and embarrassing, sure, but not malicious. Both the prime minister and the now-former finance minister have acknowledged wrongdoing. They both agreed they should have recused themselves from the cabinet […]

Doug Ford must call inquiry into long-term care — now

May 26 2020 — Matt Gurney — Premier Doug Ford must call a public inquiry into the state of Ontario’s long-term care (LTC) homes. That wasn’t true even a week ago, when Ford announced an independent commission, but not a public inquiry (a defensible position, I argued in a column at the time). But the details in Tuesday’s report into the horrific […]

The Liberals’ useless ‘assault weapons’ ban

May 1 2020 — Matt Gurney — The crackdown on legal firearms ownership, which was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 1, is another shining moment in the long history of dysfunctional Canadian gun control proposals. It will accomplish nothing in particular, but will come at considerable public expense. It will not improve public safety, nor will it will please […]

The Conservatives need a new leader. Now

Apr 28 2020 — Matt Gurney — This time, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer didn’t miss an empty net. He put the puck in. Sadly, the period was already over, and it had been for a week. That hockey analogy is riffing off one made by Peter MacKay, not long after last year’s election. The Conservatives were gifted just about every imaginable gift […]

Strict COVID-19 travel restrictions could prove the tipping point for many Canadians

Apr 20 2020 — Matt Gurney — It has been disquieting to reread my favourite novel, Stephen King’s The Stand. The mammoth book, 1,100 pages long in the extended edition, describes a devastating pandemic, a highly contagious and almost universally lethal “superflu,” that collapses civilization in a matter of weeks. COVID-19 isn’t the superflu. But King still got a lot right. One […]

One pollster’s advice for Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer

Jul 5 2019 — Matt Gurney — Over the past several months, one overarching theme has run through virtually every story involving Ontario politics: the plummeting popularity of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative party he leads. The decline was evident months ago; in recent weeks, it’s become catastrophic. Ford’s big cabinet shuffle was an obvious attempt to regroup and do […]