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Trudeau’s Goldilocks moment, but for pistols instead of porridge

May 31 2022 — Matt Gurney — In my 15 years or so of writing about firearms policy, here’s been a constant problem: gun policy is complicated, the broader public doesn’t know much about it, and it’s hard (impossible?) to make any coherent arguments without laying out the context, both of the specific proposals and the broader background. Working through what was […]

A perfect kind of crisis for our particular prime minister

Mar 15 2022 — Matt Gurney — The war in Ukraine is, obviously, a Ukrainian story first and foremost. But the scale of the war’s global impact is undeniably massive (see my recent column on how it blew up a generation of German public policy in a week). Here in Canada, it’s having one interesting impact — it’s a shot in the […]

Huh, who’d have guessed. It turns out we needed more Cold War thinking

Feb 25 2022 — Matt Gurney — “Governor Romney,” then-U.S. president Barack Obama said in 2012, during a presidential election debate, “I’m glad you recognize al-Qaida is a threat, because a few months ago when you were asked what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said Russia, not al-Qaida. You said Russia. And the 1980s are now calling to ask […]

All these truckers, and no one at the wheel

Feb 10 2022 — Matt Gurney — At time of writing — and, gosh, things have been moving fast today — Ottawa remains the site of a major protest, in several locations. The Ambassador Bridge, linking Windsor and Detroit, has been blockaded. Two other U.S-Canada border crossings have also been shut. The federal public-safety minister has said that the RCMP is sending […]

Dispatch from the Ottawa Front: Hot dogs, horns and hard men

Feb 7 2022 — Matt Gurney — This crowd is mostly friendly. But anyone telling you there’s no dark edge here is either blind, or lying to you. Years ago, I knew a guy who owned a few sports bars in suburban Toronto. One of his places was my much-beloved local. They were friendly bars with friendly staff, local community hubs, and […]

Will Ontarians stick with Doug Ford?

Jan 6 2022 — Matt Gurney — Kathleen Wynne, former premier of Ontario, is a thoughtful, intelligent and decent person. But she has one hell of a political weakness, a blindspot, as it were. It might not have cost her the last election, but it made the defeat more crushing and painful than it had to be. And this blindspot hasn’t gone […]

Trudeau’s diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics the absolute least he could do

Dec 8 2021 — Matt Gurney — In another shining example of Canadian political courage and global leadership, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday that Canada would diplomatically boycott the upcoming 2022 Olympic Winter Games in China. Our athletes will still go and compete, but the usual delegation of political officials that attend the global event will be absent. In making […]

Your expectations are a problem

Dec 3 2021 — Matt Gurney — Your expectations are a problem, my friends. Let’s get a few caveats out of the way: I don’t mean you, personally and exclusively (though someone will undoubtedly take this as a direct insult). This is very much a comment on Canada and the Western world broadly. And I also don’t mean expectations in the sense […]

Supply management is milking Canadians dry

Nov 30 2021 — Matt Gurney — We have to be careful to avoid the temptation to blame all our problems on COVID-19. God knows COVID-19 hasn’t helped, but a lot of the challenges we face today and will face tomorrow pre-date the pandemic. One example is food insecurity. Even before the pandemic, millions of Canadians, including a depressing number of children, […]

Trudeau can no longer put off the military misconduct mess

Oct 24 2021 — Matt Gurney — After last month’s election, things got slow in Ottawa. Not just the kind of slowing down we’d seen since the campaign began, as the federal government went into caretaker mode and staff switched from their government jobs to their partisan campaign jobs. What happened after the election was different: people, in every party, from the […]