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One pollster’s advice for Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer

Jul 5 2019 — Matt Gurney — Over the past several months, one overarching theme has run through virtually every story involving Ontario politics: the plummeting popularity of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative party he leads. The decline was evident months ago; in recent weeks, it’s become catastrophic. Ford’s big cabinet shuffle was an obvious attempt to regroup and do […]

Doug Ford needs to start making decisions he can stick to

May 30 2019 — Matt Gurney — After weeks of intense pressure, Doug Ford and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives have backed off a controversial policy proposal. This time, it was about changes to how Ontario contributes to services jointly funded with municipalities. These were not, per se, cuts to the programs themselves, because the municipalities could have made good the shortfall (not […]

PM scores a direct hit on the core of Brand Trudeau

Mar 28 2019 — Matt Gurney — The prime minister who we saw Wednesday night is about as far from the Justin Trudeau who campaigned for the top job in 2015 as can be imagined. It doesn’t matter if you’re a true believer or one who thinks the prime minister’s entire public persona is a carefully created political act. In either case, […]

The world is watching, Justin Trudeau

Mar 11 2019 — Matt Gurney — There was a brief window this weekend—maybe a few hours, a day, tops—when I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Liberals were going to be able to put the SNC-Lavalin affair behind them. Nothing really new had developed in a few days—a long time in this unfolding controversy. The Prime Minister had made his statement […]

Patrick Brown’s accidental gift to Doug Ford

Nov 15 2018 — Matt Gurney — He didn’t mean to, but Patrick Brown just did Ontario Premier Doug Ford a big favour. If nothing else, he’s bought him a few days of relative peace and quiet. Brown is the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, the party Ford now leads and which forms Ontario’s majority government. Brown has a book […]

Canada turns against immigration? That’s your border ‘crisis’

Aug 22 2018 — Matt Gurney — Canada seems set for a debate — let’s hope a polite one — about immigration. Oh, super. This was probably inevitable. The generally favourable liberal-democratic view of immigration is under pressure all across the Western world. It’s not a mystery why. Europe has experienced a huge surge in migrants and refugees arriving from Africa and […]