National Newswatch

NDP has returned to its traditional status as a protest party with no hope of winning

Apr 11 2016 — Matt Gurney — The New Democratic Party’s poor showing in October’s federal election surprised many political observers. Even mid-campaign, the party appeared to have a real chance of gaining power. A few weeks later, it was relegated to third place, its 2011 beachhead in Quebec dramatically reduced, its tentative move toward the centre of the political spectrum repudiated. […]

Ontario Liberals are not going to defeat themselves

Mar 8 2016 — Matt Gurney — Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives gathered in Ottawa this past weekend for a convention, the first under the tenure of their new leader, Patrick Brown. Brown was right to note that Ontario is desperately in need of a change after 13 bleak years of Liberal governance. It remains to be seen whether he and his party will […]

If deportation is appropriate for war criminals, why not for terrorists?

Feb 27 2016 — Matt Gurney — “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” So said Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum this week. He was announcing that the Liberals would reverse changes made to Canada’s citizenship laws by the former Conservative government, which made it possible for dual nationals to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship if they were […]

Two nannies? I’m sorry, Prime Minister, but no

Dec 1 2015 — Matt Gurney — Canadians have a miserly, cheap streak in them. It often manifests itself as grumbling loudly at the first sign of our elected officials, if travelling abroad on government business, enjoying anything tastier than a breakfast of instant oats in their Motel 6 unit. It’s unbecoming of us, and partisans of every type engage in it. […]

Will Trudeau’s victory be Wynne’s undoing?

Nov 30 2015 — Matt Gurney — The Ontario Liberals were at it again last week. Canada’s most fiscally hapless government — for now, at any rate — happily announced that the deficit for this year is coming in a billion dollars lower than expected. Charles Sousa, finance minister, immediately hit the TV news and talk-radio circuit to tout the accomplishment. Ontario’s […]

Peter MacKay completes his slow fade from view

May 29 2015 — Matt Gurney — Justice Minister Peter MacKay is leaving federal politics. The story broke early Friday morning. Not all that long ago, this would have been big news. Now, it’s sort of interesting. But barely even that. Oh, it will be played up as big news. After all, it broke on a summer Friday, when almost anything is […]

An easy way to make Parliament Hill safer

Oct 24 2014 — Matt Gurney — On Wednesday, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed Parliament Hill after gunning down Canadian Army Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, things went well. As I wrote in Thursday’s National Post, the sudden attack was quickly and efficiently stopped, the Prime Minister was secured, the downtown area quickly locked down and wounded evacuated for treatment. […]

Throw the Liberals out

Jun 11 2014 — Matt Gurney — Tomorrow, June 12, is election day in Ontario. The polls are, to say the least, unclear. No one has any idea what is going to happen. As one person, who does “stakeholder relations” work for clients in Ontario, recently told me, the smart money is planning on six possible outcomes: A Tory minority or majority, […]

Tim Hudak’s weird Ford addiction

Jan 9 2014 — Matt Gurney — One would think that a political party seeking to make the move from opposition to government would know better than to cozy up to figures known for bombastic hyperbole, reckless political promises, an almost total inability to play nicely with others … and, oh, yeah, confessed criminal behaviour. But this apparently would come as news […]

Let our veterans wear their uniforms with pride

Jun 21 2013 — Matt Gurney — It is illegal, and rightfully so, for a civilian to impersonate a police officer. It is far too easy to imagine the ways where an unscrupulous individual could seek to exploit the trust society has for our police…