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The world is watching, Justin Trudeau

Mar 11 2019 — Matt Gurney — There was a brief window this weekend—maybe a few hours, a day, tops—when I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Liberals were going to be able to put the SNC-Lavalin affair behind them. Nothing really new had developed in a few days—a long time in this unfolding controversy. The Prime Minister had made his statement […]

Patrick Brown’s accidental gift to Doug Ford

Nov 15 2018 — Matt Gurney — He didn’t mean to, but Patrick Brown just did Ontario Premier Doug Ford a big favour. If nothing else, he’s bought him a few days of relative peace and quiet. Brown is the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, the party Ford now leads and which forms Ontario’s majority government. Brown has a book […]

Canada turns against immigration? That’s your border ‘crisis’

Aug 22 2018 — Matt Gurney — Canada seems set for a debate — let’s hope a polite one — about immigration. Oh, super. This was probably inevitable. The generally favourable liberal-democratic view of immigration is under pressure all across the Western world. It’s not a mystery why. Europe has experienced a huge surge in migrants and refugees arriving from Africa and […]

Politicians love to talk about liberalization from the sidelines, but lose enthusiasm once in power

Jun 1 2016 — Matt Gurney — Fresh off a generally well-received convention in Vancouver, some federal Conservative members of Parliament are feeling their oats. Quebec’s Maxime Bernier, for instance, who is officially in the race to succeed Stephen Harper as full-time Conservative leader, has released an open letter that is sharply, and deservedly, critical of Canada’s system of agricultural supply management, […]

Harper won’t miss the job. In time, Canadians may miss him.

May 27 2016 — Matt Gurney — On Thursday, Stephen Harper took the stage for what will probably be the last major address of his public life. The last time Canadians saw him speak, it was Oct. 19, and the Conservative majority government he led had just been defeated by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Harper’s remarks that night were emotional, by his standard, […]

What began with a fist-pump ends in tears

May 2 2016 — Matt Gurney — What began with an awkward fist-pump has ended, two years later, with choked-back tears. This was probably not the political career Pierre Karl Peladeau was hoping for. Peladeau resigned on Monday, not just as leader of the Parti Quebecois, but as a member of Quebec’s legislature. It was a sudden and total reversal of his […]

NDP has returned to its traditional status as a protest party with no hope of winning

Apr 11 2016 — Matt Gurney — The New Democratic Party’s poor showing in October’s federal election surprised many political observers. Even mid-campaign, the party appeared to have a real chance of gaining power. A few weeks later, it was relegated to third place, its 2011 beachhead in Quebec dramatically reduced, its tentative move toward the centre of the political spectrum repudiated. […]

Ontario Liberals are not going to defeat themselves

Mar 8 2016 — Matt Gurney — Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives gathered in Ottawa this past weekend for a convention, the first under the tenure of their new leader, Patrick Brown. Brown was right to note that Ontario is desperately in need of a change after 13 bleak years of Liberal governance. It remains to be seen whether he and his party will […]

If deportation is appropriate for war criminals, why not for terrorists?

Feb 27 2016 — Matt Gurney — “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” So said Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum this week. He was announcing that the Liberals would reverse changes made to Canada’s citizenship laws by the former Conservative government, which made it possible for dual nationals to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship if they were […]