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Danielle Smith a political mayfly, not long for the job

Dec 5 2022 — Michael Harris — Let’s start with the good news. As premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith is a political mayfly; not long for the job. By May 29, the woman who was made premier by one per cent of Albertans will be a gaudy footnote, in the dismal decline of a conservatism firmly captured by anger. This group continues […]

Now that Trump’s been roasted, who will be the Next One?

Nov 21 2022 — Michael Harris — Now that Donald Trump, like most weenies, has been roasted, the burning question south of the border is who will be the Next One. Why roasted? Simple. Trump has proven himself to be a Losing Legend. First the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms, then the White House after one term, and finally the […]

So Ontario premier Doug Ford doesn’t want to talk about it?

Oct 31 2022 — Michael Harris — Under his watch, a major city in Ontario was under siege for three weeks. The downtown core of the national capital was paralyzed by “protesters” who wanted to bring down the federal government, without the bother of an election; and Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s federal Conservative cousins were busy sipping coffee and taking selfies with […]

Is the West falling apart?

Oct 24 2022 — Michael Harris — Prime Minister Liz Truss held office for just 45 days, the shortest tenure of any PM in British history. The country that once prided itself on having the fifth largest economy in the world is now in post-Brexit chaos. Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the country’s debt, and savage cuts in public spending appear inevitable. […]

Poilievre may not have the chops to take down Trudeau

Oct 17 2022 — Michael Harris — “I don’t see any signs of traction for Pierre Poilievre.” These words were spoken on background by a senior Liberal who is less than enamoured with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With a long history in the party running back to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, he is critical of the way in which the current prime minister […]

Poilievre sounds like he wants to drain the swamp, too

Oct 10 2022 — Michael Harris — It is just a fish story, but it has a moral. Two participants in a fishing derby in Ohio recently stuffed their catch with lead weights to increase its weight. Some $29,000 in prize money was at stake. The cheaters got caught, and the real winners, whose fish wouldn’t trigger a metal detector, got the […]

A split is forming in Russia’s military

Sep 26 2022 — Michael Harris — I suppose when you think you are the second coming of Peter the Great, you can convince yourself of anything. While world leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were at the United Nations calling for an end to the bloody and senseless war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin thumbed his nose. The Russian president called up […]