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Poilievre gives Trudeau a reason to stick around

May 16 2022 — Michael Harris — By any normal measure, Justin Trudeau ought to be planning for a career path change. Not many people in federal politics win the PM’s job and a majority government on their first try. Even fewer win three consecutive federal elections, albeit by lesser margins, in the age of drive-by-smear politics. Few besides Trudeau have inherited—and […]

Red light flashing over the whole world, not just over Ukraine

May 2 2022 — Michael Harris — It is getting clearer by the day, that a red flashing light is flashing not only over Ukraine, but the whole world. The West decided last February that it would not use direct force to stop Vladimir Putin’s homicidal war against an innocent nation. Why? The Ukrainians didn’t have the right paper work. They weren’t […]

It’s still the Harper Party, a fact Poilievre is banking on

Apr 18 2022 — Michael Harris — Despite fawning praise from the usual suspects, the only thing Pierre Poilievre has going for him is the political death wish of the hard Right. And that may very well be why he becomes the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Winning the political mud-wrestling contest of the party leadership is a universe […]

Biden faces perfect political storm

Apr 4 2022 — Michael Harris — Joe Biden is facing his 80th birthday this year, and the perfect political storm. It takes what used to be a mortgage payment to fill the gas tank in the land of the sort of free and the sort of brave. The average price of a house state-side has risen 25 per cent in just […]

If the West won’t war with Russia now, then when?

Mar 21 2022 — Michael Harris — Don’t poke the bear. In a nutshell, that has been the West’s ostensible approach to Russia’s sad and sickening invasion of Ukraine, now entering its fourth week. That is how countries like the United States, Canada, and many of their European allies justify not stopping Russian forces from targeting and killing women and children, blowing […]

The United States is not coming to Ukraine’s rescue

Feb 28 2022 — Michael Harris — Former Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko has described Vladimir Putin in a nutshell. “He’s just simply mad. He’s just simply crazy. He’s just simply evil to come here to kill Ukrainians.” If Poroshenko has it right, the world has awakened to its worst nightmare. How do you deal with a madman with 4,500 nuclear weapons, who […]

Big difference between a protest and issuing an ultimatum

Feb 7 2022 — Michael Harris — Just two words for the mob holding Ottawa hostage: truck off. Everyone in this country believes in the right to protest. A protest allows free people to display their dissent over public issues. The right to protest is invaluable. It has worked miracles in changing the course of history. The civil rights marches and protests […]

It’s the tyranny of the minority

Jan 31 2022 — Michael Harris — So the tyranny of the minority is behind the wheel and taking dead aim at Canadian democracy. As they say about the internet, it doesn’t matter about the content of your message, it’s all about the size of the splash. As I write this on Friday, truckers who have taken it upon themselves to gum […]

A bad week for misbehaving political elites

Jan 24 2022 — Michael Harris — It was a bad week for misbehaving political elites. Take Jason Kenney, temporarily Alberta’s premier until next year’s election. He was already on a bullet-train to oblivion for a host of tawdry scandals and poor decisions, including botching the response to the pandemic. Remember, this is the guy who told Albertans that the summer of […]

Canada’s diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics is phony virtue signalling

Dec 13 2021 — Michael Harris — As phony virtue signalling goes, it would be hard to beat Canada’s decision to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Olympics. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that the decision not to send government officials to the 2022 Games reflects Canada’s “deep concerns” about human rights abuses in China. Deep? With a million Uyghur Muslims in Chinese “re-education” […]

Erin O’Toole: failure in neon

Nov 15 2021 — Michael Harris — Sooner or later, Erin O’Toole is going to have to admit that his stroll down the left bank of Canada’s political canal is a failure. There is the obvious failure measured by seats won in the last federal election. Poor old Andrew Scheer got the Julius Caesar treatment after his one and only election as […]