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A split is forming in Russia’s military

Sep 26 2022 — Michael Harris — I suppose when you think you are the second coming of Peter the Great, you can convince yourself of anything. While world leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, were at the United Nations calling for an end to the bloody and senseless war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin thumbed his nose. The Russian president called up […]

A Spring Election Pitting Trudeau against Poilievre?

Sep 9 2022 — Michael Harris — When Thomas Hobbes wrote that without government life would be “nasty, brutish and short,” he could also have been describing the upcoming session of Parliament. When MPs return this month, get ready for rock ’em, sock ’em politics. But don’t worry. It won’t last long. By spring, the whole parliamentary Pier 9 brawl could well […]

Merrick Garland should not fold, here’s why

Aug 15 2022 — Michael Harris — “We are moving closer and closer to a fascist form of government, where we no longer believe in the rule of law.” William Cohen, former U.S. secretary of defence, is not the first person to call out the Republican Party for its fact-denying, fascist ways. But when he recently said those words on CNN, they […]

Will Trump finally be held accountable for his deeds?

Aug 1 2022 — Michael Harris — Donald Trump has always been too rich, too powerful, and too lawyered up to ever get the comeuppance he richly deserves for a lifetime of lying and cheating. The most recent example was the decision by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office not to prosecute him for alleged tax fraud, even though Trump’s former personal lawyer, […]

The planet is turning into a gigantic tinder box

Jul 25 2022 — Michael Harris — Bob Dylan once wrote that you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Although he was not talking about meteorologists back then, it turns out that the weatherman, using his most basic instrument, the thermometer, might be the only professional to save us from the twin scourges of the age: short-term […]

War in Ukraine latest victim of the West’s attention span

Jul 4 2022 — Michael Harris — Every morning, I look out into the backyard at the Ukrainian flag hanging from the clothesline. It has been there since Russia invaded the sovereign country last February. Some days when the wind is brisk, it cracks and whips like a living thing. On others, it hangs straight down, like the head of someone who […]

Do the Conservatives want to keep pretending this is America, or be relevant again in this country?

Jun 27 2022 — Michael Harris — The Conservative Party of Canada has never really been a new party that came together in a merger. It has always been a dysfunctional hybrid in which the hard right of its Western roots conducted a hostile takeover of the Progressive Conservatives. Peter MacKay’s lingering legacy. Stephen Harper’s success was more the product of dreadful […]

Poilievre should stop pissing inside the tent

Jun 20 2022 — Michael Harris — One wonders if the Conservative Party of Canada will ever hold a leadership race without turning it into a master class of mud-wrestling, hanky-panky, and mutual denunciation. They are usually so busy slagging each other, any notion of policy is at best an after-thought. Sorry guys, but squealing “freedom” at the top of your lungs […]

Poilievre gives Trudeau a reason to stick around

May 16 2022 — Michael Harris — By any normal measure, Justin Trudeau ought to be planning for a career path change. Not many people in federal politics win the PM’s job and a majority government on their first try. Even fewer win three consecutive federal elections, albeit by lesser margins, in the age of drive-by-smear politics. Few besides Trudeau have inherited—and […]

Red light flashing over the whole world, not just over Ukraine

May 2 2022 — Michael Harris — It is getting clearer by the day, that a red flashing light is flashing not only over Ukraine, but the whole world. The West decided last February that it would not use direct force to stop Vladimir Putin’s homicidal war against an innocent nation. Why? The Ukrainians didn’t have the right paper work. They weren’t […]