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Canada’s diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics is phony virtue signalling

Dec 13 2021 — Michael Harris — As phony virtue signalling goes, it would be hard to beat Canada’s decision to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Olympics. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that the decision not to send government officials to the 2022 Games reflects Canada’s “deep concerns” about human rights abuses in China. Deep? With a million Uyghur Muslims in Chinese “re-education” […]

Erin O’Toole: failure in neon

Nov 15 2021 — Michael Harris — Sooner or later, Erin O’Toole is going to have to admit that his stroll down the left bank of Canada’s political canal is a failure. There is the obvious failure measured by seats won in the last federal election. Poor old Andrew Scheer got the Julius Caesar treatment after his one and only election as […]

Trudeau’s no longer Sunny Ways

Nov 1 2021 — Michael Harris — In a recent speech to Dutch Parliamentarians at The Hague, Justin Trudeau took on a new persona; Cassandra. No longer the Ambassador of Sunny Ways, he warned the gathering of legislators in the Ridderzaal that “disinformation,” “extremism,” and “propaganda” threaten democracy, and the world economy. He is right. And the bad info wasn’t just coming […]

Tories must move on from O’Toole

Oct 18 2021 — Michael Harris — And so it begins. The reality check for the Conservative Party of Canada. Instead of rising, the CPC is now a political phoenix sinking into the ashes of Election 2021. The most recent Angus Reid Institute numbers show that only 54 per cent of Conservative voters want Erin O’Toole to lead the party into the […]

O’Toole offers classic suck-and-blow solution to Canada’s gun laws

Sep 13 2021 — Michael Harris — Forget the leaders’ English language debate, unless snark-fests turn your crank. If you really want to know what’s inside Erin O’Toole, the Conservative leader himself supplied the X-ray during the first French-language debate. Justin Trudeau hit O’Toole with one of the few solid shots of the campaign, declaring that the Conservative leader would end the […]

Can Trudeau Change the Channel?

Aug 21 2020 — Michael Harris — In politics, the end sometimes comes with blessed suddenness. It beats the slow death that the opposition normally inflicts on rival public figures under investigation by the ethics commissioner, the ethics and finance committees or the RCMP. Bill Morneau was dead man walking from the moment he testified in front of a parliamentary committee last […]

Trudeau Swims Free, Leaving Morneau to Thrash

Jul 30 2020 — Michael Harris — “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” Measured against the Ralph Waldo Emerson standard, the political opposition shot and missed, even though the prime minister of Canada was a sitting duck at a 90-minute appearance in front of the House of Commons finance committee.

Insiders Say Harper’s Fingerprints Are All over Leadership Race

May 16 2020 — Michael Harris — He’s backing O’Toole, sandbagging MacKay, say sources. The hapless remnants of the Harper Party never learn. Trailing the Liberals by 10 points in this week’s political tracking report from pollster Nik Nanos, the Conservative Party of Canada is once again bungling its way through its latest search for a winner at the box office.

Here’s a thought: what if Justin Trudeau never runs again?

May 11 2020 — Michael Harris — Before Justin Trudeau became PM, when Gerald Butts was still riding shotgun for the hottest political penny stock in Canada, when the Liberals had only 33 seats in the House of Commons, and it looked like it would take dynamite to dislodge Stephen Harper from power, I had a private talk with Canada’s future leader. […]

Once again, the country is tear-drenched by a single shooter

Apr 27 2020 — Michael Harris — Once again, the country is tear-drenched—22 murdered in rural Nova Scotia by a single shooter. There is a special lexicon for abominable acts. Sadly, most of us know it by heart these days. Surreal, senseless, horrifying, unthinkable, unspeakable, confounding, and cowardly. Those words have been used to describe atrocities from Columbine and Sandy Hook to […]

We’re all whistling passed the graveyard

Apr 9 2020 — Michael Harris — This is Easter weekend, COVID-19 style, in rural Nova Scotia where I live. The Red Maple Leaf at the fire station is at half mast. A little further down the highway, a snow-white church sits by the side of the road, silent as an ice-berg. A sign on the lawn has a message on both […]