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Second CAMH patient found NCR of violent crimes briefly goes missing, police say

Jul 23 2019 — Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — Another man convicted of violent criminal offences and deemed to pose a significant risk to the public managed to briefly escape from a Toronto mental health treatment facility where he was being detained, police said Tuesday, confirming it was the second such incident this month. Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said 27-year-old Ahmed Sualim, who was found "not […]

Study highlights need for broader definition of sexual assault in medical setting

Jul 18 2019 — Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press — Researchers in Ontario say sexual assault needs to be more broadly defined in medical settings to accurately capture the scope of the problem. A study published Thursday in the American Journal of Public Health examined sexual assaults documented in Ontario hospitals and doctors' offices between 2002 and 2016. Researchers with ICES — formerly known as the Institute for […]

Ontario concussion rates higher than previously reported, study suggests

Jul 3 2019 — Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — Increasing awareness and understanding of concussions are allowing researchers to better track the prevalence of the condition, a new study suggests, noting that rates of such injuries in Ontario are about twice as previously reported. A team of researchers with Toronto's University Health Network combed through patient data collected throughout the province between 2008 […]

Cartoonist behind anti-Trump image thinks online presence played role in contract ending

Jul 3 2019 — Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press — A recent editorial cartoon taking aim at Donald Trump may have brought an Atlantic Canadian artist to international attention, but the man behind the image does not believe the sketch itself is what resulted in the loss of a working relationship he had for nearly two decades. Michael de Adder said his online presence — replete with anti-Trump messages — is what he believes ultimately […]

What’s in a name? How Canada’s national birthday as we know it came to be

Jun 30 2019 — Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press — Many hail July 1 as Canada Day, others may hearken back to when the nation's birthday was labelled Dominion Day, and some may wish to ignore it altogether, just like those who refused to celebrate the country's founding for the first dozen years of its existence. No matter the approach, the official celebrations of Canada's creation are arguably more controversial than […]