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Late Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s name could grace west Toronto street

Aug 20 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — A Toronto street could wind up bearing the name of one of its most notorious politicians, a possibility that's reignited the division so prevalent during Rob Ford's career. A major construction project in the city's west end is creating three new streets, and the late Toronto mayor's name is one of 10 being considered to […]

Toronto police roll out 11-week program to curb gun violence, chief says

Aug 14 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — A recent influx of cash from all three levels of government will be used to fund an intelligence-led, 11-week policing project aimed at curbing gang activity in Toronto, the force's chief said Wednesday. Mark Saunders said Project Community Space, which will begin rolling out this week, will bring additional resources to neighbourhoods that have […]

Competition watchdog writes province to support loosening Ontario liquor rules

Aug 13 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — Ontario's moves to liberalize rules around the sale of alcohol have received an endorsement from Canada's national competition watchdog. Competition Commissioner Matthew Boswell heaped praise on the provincial plans in an open letter Tuesday to provincial Finance Minister Rod Phillips. The letter, which looked at recommendations from a special adviser on alcohol hired by the province, said proposed measures […]

Three levels of government pledge $4.5M to help Toronto police fight gun crime

Aug 12 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — Three levels of government are jointly offering millions of dollars to help combat gun violence in Toronto, the city's mayor announced Monday. John Tory said the federal, provincial and municipal governments will be teaming up to provide $4.5 million in immediate funding to Toronto police, who have been grappling with a rising numbers of shootings over […]

Third CAMH patient to go missing this month has history of sex offences

Jul 31 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — A man who has become at least the third detained patient to disappear from a Toronto mental health treatment centre in the past month has a long history of sexual offences against strangers and is considered a risk to the public, documents on his case show. Anthony Murdock, who walked away from the Centre for Addiction […]

Second CAMH patient found NCR of violent crimes briefly goes missing, police say

Jul 23 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — Another man convicted of violent criminal offences and deemed to pose a significant risk to the public managed to briefly escape from a Toronto mental health treatment facility where he was being detained, police said Tuesday, confirming it was the second such incident this month. Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said 27-year-old Ahmed Sualim, who was found "not […]

Petition calls for fines for people who complain to 911 about Amber Alerts

Jul 22 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — TORONTO — A Toronto woman is calling on the Ontario government to levee fines against people who call emergency dispatchers to complain about broadcasts of Amber Alerts. Dalia Monacelli says she's been appalled to read about repeated calls to 911 in the wake of the federally mandated emergency broadcasts, which go out to wireless devices across […]

Ontario man calls out Eric Trump for tweet that used son’s image

Jul 17 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — An Ontario man is calling out a member of the Trump family for using an image of his young son as part of a political attack on those opposing the American president. Jeremy Rupke says Donald Trump's son Eric showed "disrespect" and lack of forethought when he included an image of four-year-old Mason Rupke in a recent […]

Federal government passes Canada’s first national accessibility legislation

May 30 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — Disabled Canadians declared a partial victory Thursday hours after the government voted to enact Canada's first national accessibility law, calling it a major step forward while cautioning that more work was still needed to ensure it achieves its goal. The Accessible Canada Act, which aims to improve life for those with disabilities, received unanimous support in the House of Commons on […]

Hotline to help human trafficking victims, educate public launches across Canada

May 29 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — A national hotline to help victims and survivors of human trafficking is now taking calls, with the organization behind the service saying it hoped the new resource would also fill crucial gaps in public knowledge about the issue. The multilingual, accessible hotline, an initiative of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking, launched at 7 a.m. ET on […]

‘What the hell have you done with the tomorrows we gave you?’

May 28 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — Six days before D-Day, Max Meisels and his fellow Jewish soldiers got an order from their commanding officer. "If the Germans catch you, you're dead," the officer told them. "You have 10 minutes. Go to the telephone book and get a new name." Meisels emerged from that meeting as Martin Maxwell, the name he carried throughout his time […]

Canada’s first accessibility bill could become law next month: minister

May 23 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — The federal government will heed the calls of Canada's disabled community and amend the country's first piece of national accessibility legislation to include some of the changes they sought, the minister spearheading the effort said Thursday. Accessibility Minister Carla Qualtrough said the government will be adopting all the amendments the Senate introduced to Bill C-81, […]

Judge awards businessman $2.5 million for suffering ‘hate speech at its worst’

May 13 2019 — Michelle McQuigge — A self-styled online media personality whose websites frequently air anti-Muslim content has been ordered to pay the owner of a prominent Middle Eastern restaurant chain millions of dollars after publicly accusing him of funding terrorism. Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson ordered Kevin J. Johnston to pay a total of $2.5 million in damages for defamation to Mohamad Fakih, […]