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Goodbye, Canadian news. We hardly knew ye.

Jun 28 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Government intervention seems to have killed Canadian journalism. And, the timing of the Postmedia-Nordstar merger talks stinks to high heaven. June 27, 2023 may well be remembered as the day the toilet finally finished flushing on the traditional model for Canadian news media – a fact that doesn’t bode well for our country. Despite protestations […]

Winston Churchill, AI sex-chatbot? With the rules unclear, it could easily be you.

May 28 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Last week, Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie unleashed a digital doppelganger of herself on the world. Caryn’s Artificial Intelligence driven persona, built by a company called Forever Voices AI, now charges $1 per minute to interact with it, including for engaging in explicit sexual conversation. In its first week since launch, it’s raked in nearly $72,000. […]

Trains shouldn’t be this dangerous

Apr 17 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Canada needs more rail service. It also needs existing capacity to be safer. I’m writing this on a VIA rail train en route from Toronto to Ottawa. We’ve been stalled on the track outside Kingston for over two hours due to what is being diplomatically called a “trespasser fatality.” The incident is taking a toll […]

Should opinion polls be banned during elections?

Apr 3 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — In a recently released most-mortem report on the 2022 Ontario provincial election, the province’s Chief Electoral Officer suggested that the historically low turnout of the last election could be partly blamed on election polls that showed Premier Ford’s Progressive Conservative government cruising to another majority government. He then went on to recommend that there should […]

An expensive, stale nothing-burger.

Mar 28 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Canada’s governing Liberal Party needed a political channel changer as they dropped today’s federal budget. They’re not going to get it from what they just served up. Budget 2023 reads like something hastily pulled out of the back of the fridge for visitors the Liberals weren’t expecting, as opposed to a culinary masterpiece designed to […]

Where did Canada’s middle class go?

Mar 27 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — This morning, Canada’s governing Liberals announced they would grant a one-time, minimal subsidy to what a government source described as “lower income” Canadians. While the efficacy of the measure will be debated in the coming days, buried in the article that discussed the measure was something alarming. The measure, again – reportedly aimed at “lower-income” […]

Will these political channel changers actually work?

Mar 19 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — If there’s one thing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inner circle want more than anything right now, it’s to change the political channel. That’s because the foreign election interference scandal has dominated the headlines for weeks, and Trudeau has yet to find a way to turn the heat down on questions about his […]

What the heck is David Johnston thinking?

Mar 16 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — By taking on Trudeau’s latest political hot potato, Canada’s former GG is doing more harm than good. Here’s why. As a crisis about foreign interference in Canada’s elections threatens to deal a death blow to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s polling numbers, yesterday, he announced that he had selected former Governor General David Johnston to […]

Is it time to hit the pause button on AI?

Feb 26 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Earlier this month, Microsoft released their revamped Bing search engine—complete with a powerful AI-driven chatbot—to an initially enthusiastic reception. Kevin Roose in The New York Times was so impressed that he reported being in “awe.” But Microsoft’s new product also turns out to have a dark side. A week after release, the chatbot – known […]

The CBC is defunding itself.

Feb 22 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently trial ballooned plans to end its traditional television and radio broadcasts with plans to shift to entirely digitally streamed content. Unfortunately for the CBC, it was Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland who inadvertently gave the best argument against this as a winning strategy for the broadcaster’s long-term viability. Last […]

Jacinda Ardern, I see you.

Jan 19 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner — Yesterday, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made international waves when she announced that she would not lead her party into her country’s next federal election. At home, her decision may not have came as a surprise. Her ruling Labour party has experienced a steep decline in the polls. Her personal popularity among the voters […]

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