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Former B.C. TV weather forecaster predicts climate catastrophe and hunger for UN

Dec 9 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — As a transplanted British Columbian, Jesse Mason views the extreme and shifting weather patterns unfolding in his native province with a high level of concern. First, there was the heat dome that caused record-breaking temperatures this summer, and then the recent floods that have emptied entire communities, drowned livestock and severed the province […]

Canada committed to helping resolve Central American migration crisis: Fraser

Nov 30 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Canada's new immigration minister says the federal government is committed to finding long-term solutions to the Central American migration crisis that has forced millions from their homes. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser delivered that message to the regional meeting in Guatemala that brought him face-to-face with the migration problems plaguing Canada's Western Hemisphere neigbourhood.  […]

Trudeau calls for clearing cyberspace of hate, disinformation at peace forum

Nov 11 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Hate speech, disinformation and online extremism can't be allowed to prevent people from enjoying the freedom that cyberspace offers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday at an international discussion on the internet. "There is no doubt: the digital space has incredible power for good. But from disinformation on vaccines to online extremism, we’ve […]

Not the time to ‘freely go wherever,’ says Tam as non-essential travel advisory lifts

Oct 22 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Canadians should carefully weigh any future decisions on taking foreign trips even though the federal government has lifted a global advisory asking them to avoid non-essential travel, health officials cautioned Friday. Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, said the government would be providing more specific information about the severity of COVID-19 […]

Trudeau links global campaign on arbitrary detention declaration to China

Sep 17 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada spearheaded an international declaration denouncing state-sponsored arbitrary detentions because of China's decision to imprison Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Trudeau made the connection for the first time Friday during a federal election campaign appearance in Windsor, Ont. In February, when the federal government announced that it had […]

Canada, allies watchful of how China will fill Western void in Afghanistan

Sep 5 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — With the United States and its allies, Canada included, having left Afghanistan firmly in the hands of the Taliban, another world power is stepping into the void to exert its influence on the troubled country — China.  Analysts predict that could transform the recent political foe into an unexpected Western ally on a […]

Federal parties scrap over guns, COVID-19 response on Day 21 of federal campaign

Sep 4 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — The three main federal parties traded fire Saturday over their responses to gun violence and to the resurgence of COVID-19 on Day 21 of the federal election campaign. Liberal candidate Bill Blair, a former Toronto police chief, unloaded on Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's response to the Liberal government's ban on some 1,500 firearm models, including […]

Garneau says Americans got 500 more Canadians out of Kabul on Thursday flight

Aug 27 2021 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau says 500 more Canadians were flown out of Kabul on an American flight Thursday. Canada's military mission in Afghanistan ended that day, leaving an unknown number of Canadians and their families trapped, as well as vulnerable Afghans who fear Taliban reprisals. The Canadian withdrawal was followed by an […]