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Scheer denies spreading ‘misinformation’ in predicting unannounced Liberal taxes

Oct 18 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer denied Friday that he was spreading misinformation when he accused his Liberal and NDP opponents of contemplating tax hikes that they have not announced. The Liberal and NDP leaders said the Conservative leader was just making things up. Scheer's claim came in Fredericton where he said — without citing specific evidence — that a potential coalition between the […]

Scheer, Trudeau, Singh haggle over potential minority government outcome

Oct 17 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Four days before Canadians go to the polls, the leaders of Canada's three largest federal parties argued Thursday over how the country will be governed if there is no clear winner on election day.    Most polls continue to suggest the Liberals and Conservatives are deadlocked, raising talk about potential minority or coalition governments as support […]

Trudeau, Singh jockey for ‘progressive’ votes while Scheer fights in Quebec

Oct 15 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — As Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and New Democrat opponent Jagmeet Singh fought Tuesday for the hearts and minds of "progressive" voters, hope sprung eternal for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer — who predicted he'd win a majority government. Scheer's optimism contrasted with several polls that suggested his party was deadlocked with the Liberals in minority-government […]

Canadian woman held in Iran after husband died now home safe: Freeland

Oct 11 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is confirming that a dual Iranian-Canadian citizen who has been denied permission to leave Iran is now safe at home in Canada. Freeland tweeted that Maryam Mombeini has been reunited with her family in Canada, and the minister lauded her for her bravery. The Iranian government denied Mombeini […]

Trudeau, Scheer navigate climate marches that dominate federal campaign

Sep 27 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer did not take part in Friday's massive climate-change marches as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau waded in deep, accepting the criticism of teenaged climate-change activist Greta Thunberg along the way. Both major-party leaders were making political calculations on a day when the federal election campaign was dwarfed by the spectacle […]

Trudeau, Scheer trade populism warnings, corruption charges on campaign

Sep 26 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer evoked the populism-fuelled political turmoil in the United States and Britain and the SNC-Lavalin scandal to vilify each other on the federal campaign trail Thursday. The Liberal leader drew a link between his Conservative opponent and the instability caused by the impeachment drama unfolding in the U.S. and the Brexit agony that […]

Heat rises as Trudeau, Scheer exchange fire in climate fight on campaign trail

Sep 24 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Long-simmering political differences over climate change boiled over into a series of personal attacks between the Liberal and Conservative leaders on the campaign trail Tuesday. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau characterized his Conservative opponent Andrew Scheer as a do-nothing denier of climate change, lumping him in with other political opponents such as Jason Kenney […]

Trudeau and Scheer attack Ford and Wynne in battle for bountiful Ontario

Sep 23 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Ontario leaders — old and current — were pinned in the crossfire of Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer's battle Monday for the vote-rich province that's the gateway to federal victory.   Their fight focused in large part on whether a Liberal or a Conservative government would be best suited to work with the provinces to protect Canada's public health-care system. Over in Atlantic Canada, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Leader […]

Singh-Trudeau meeting will be private, say Liberals, but no time set yet

Sep 21 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — The Liberal Party pledged Saturday to keep private the details of any conversation between NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau about the blackface scandal that rocked the federal election campaign this past week. Trudeau has promised to personally apologize to Singh, the first member of a visible minority to lead a federal […]

Britain wants to avoid no-deal Brexit, says British envoy to Canada

Sep 20 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — Britain's envoy to Canada says her government wants to avoid a no-deal Brexit departure from the European Union, and its presentation of documents to Brussels on Thursday was a step towards a last-ditch agreement. High Commissioner Susan le Jeune d'Allegeershecque said in an interview that a negotiated departure, not the so-called hard Brexit that […]

Ortis arrest ‘unsettling,’ top Mountie says amid damage assessment

Sep 16 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — The Mounties are assessing and trying to mitigate the damage that might have been caused in light of the arrest of one of their senior intelligence officials, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki said Monday. In a statement, Lucki said last week's arrest of 47-year-old Cameron Jay Ortis, who is charged under three sections of the Security of […]

Russian election-meddling in Canada linked to Arctic ambitions: report

Sep 8 2019 — Mike Blanchfield — OTTAWA — A new University of Calgary study is predicting Russian interference in the federal election campaign to serve what it describes as the Kremlin's long-term interest of competing against Canada in the Arctic. The study's author, Sergey Sukhankin, said in an interview that Moscow's ability to inflict serious damage is relatively low because Canadian society […]