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Doug Ford’s new cabinet expected to be bigger, more diverse

Jun 10 2022 — Mike Crawley — Premier Doug Ford will create a larger cabinet that better reflects Ontario’s diversity and puts his own stamp on government more firmly than he did four years ago, according to Progressive Conservative insiders. Forming a cabinet will be job No. 1 for Ford in the wake of his re-election to a second term. With a […]

How Ontario’s election-night scenarios could unfold

May 31 2022 — Mike Crawley — With just two days of campaigning left until Thursday’s election in Ontario, the Liberal and New Democrat campaigns are coming to grips with the reality that only two scenarios could realistically play out on Thursday night: either Doug Ford wins another majority or he and his PC Party fall just a few seats short. All […]

Steven Del Duca vows he will win his riding, Doug Ford begs to differ

May 22 2022 — Mike Crawley — If there is one riding in the province the Ontario Liberals most desperately want to win on election night, it’s Vaughan-Woodbridge, where party leader Steven Del Duca is running. Del Duca is trying to reclaim a seat that he lost in the last election by a whopping 7,945 votes. He faces a rematch against Michael […]

Doug Ford’s path to another majority runs through these ridings

May 18 2022 — Mike Crawley — For Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives, the 2022 Ontario election is a “win big or go home” situation. To get a second term in office, Ford must win a majority. That’s because all of the opposition parties say they will not support a PC minority. With 124 seats up for grabs in Ontario on […]

What the Ontario leaders’ debate means for the rest of the election campaign

May 17 2022 — Mike Crawley — The sharpest blows in the Ontario leaders’ debate came from the candidate with the least chance of winning the provincial election. Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, who went into the debate with the least to lose, unsettled Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford in their direct exchanges with an approach that was both disarming and pointed. […]

As cost of living soars, affordability becomes top Ontario election issue

May 9 2022 — Mike Crawley — In every Ontario election poll that’s publicly available, the number one concern of voters is the rising cost of living. Affordability has rocketed past the perennial top issues of health — even after two years of a global pandemic — and jobs, with the unemployment rate at record lows. While the Ontario party leaders are […]

Ontario quietly revises its plan for hitting climate change targets

Apr 17 2022 — Mike Crawley — Premier Doug Ford’s government has quietly revised its plan to meet Ontario’s 2030 targets for cutting carbon emissions. The new forecast for the province’s greenhouse gas emissions posted to a government website shows some significant departures from the reductions earmarked in the “Made in Ontario Plan for the Environment” in 2018. The new plan does […]

Ontario reaches $10-a-day child-care deal with federal government: sources

Mar 27 2022 — Mike Crawley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government has reached a deal with Ottawa for a $10-a-day child-care program, senior officials close to the negotiations tell CBC News. The deal is to be announced formally on Monday, officials said, making Ontario the last province to sign on to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national child-care plan. The deal commits […]

Ontario Deputy Premier Christine Elliott confirms she won’t seek re-election

Mar 4 2022 — Mike Crawley — Ontario Premier Doug Ford is facing another high-profile resignation just months away from the provincial election as Christine Elliott, his deputy premier, announced on Friday that she’s leaving politics. CBC News broke the news of Elliott’s departure late Thursday. Elliott has served as health minister since Ford’s Progressive Conservatives took office in 2018, putting her […]

How anti-vaccine mandate protests pose a risk for Doug Ford

Feb 4 2022 — Mike Crawley — Ontario’s hands-on premier has taken a hands-off approach to the week-long protest that has snarled downtown Ottawa, the second-largest city in his province. How will that change if something similar happens in Toronto? Demonstrators are set to converge on the legislature on Saturday in support of the Ottawa protesters. Premier Doug Ford appears to be […]