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Why Caroline Mulroney has the most at stake in PC leadership debate

Feb 15 2018 — Mike Crawley — There is much more on the line in today’s Ontario PC leadership debate than there typically is for such an event. Caroline Mulroney, Doug Ford and Christine Elliott will go head-to-head Thursday afternoon, in the first of only two debates scheduled before Progressive Conservatives begin voting for their new leader on March 2

New information raises questions about allegations against Patrick Brown

Feb 14 2018 — Mike Crawley — Two people have revealed fresh information to CBC News about elements of the alleged incidents that forced Patrick Brown to resign as Ontario PC leader. Brown faced accusations of sexual misconduct by two women, one who originally said she was in high school at the time, the other who worked for Brown when he was […]

Support for Patrick Brown grows, but his future remains uncertain

Feb 12 2018 — Mike Crawley — The Ontario PC leadership contest is gearing up, and so is support for the man whose resignation triggered the race. There’s been an increase in public statements in defence of Patrick Brown, particularly in the wake of his first interview since resigning as leader on Jan. 25th and his weekend post on Facebook insisting he […]

Ontario PC leadership race is on: here’s how it shapes up

Feb 1 2018 — Mike Crawley — For the vast majority of people, life was “nasty, brutish, and short” in the 17th century, according to English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. His words could well apply to the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race of 2018. The new leader will be announced on March 10, barely six weeks after Patrick Brown’s emotional denial of sexual […]

How Doug Ford’s run for Ontario PC leader could shake the party to its core

Jan 30 2018 — Mike Crawley — Your mom’s basement is a rather inauspicious venue to announce your ambition to become premier of Ontario, but anybody who underestimates Doug Ford’s chances to win the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership does so at their peril. Ford declared his candidacy on Monday to lead a party in deep turmoil following the resignation of leader […]

The most popular political Facebook group in Ontario targets Kathleen Wynne

Jun 24 2017 — Mike Crawley — A new political force in Ontario is exploding on social media, with defeating Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals in the 2018 election as its key goal. It’s called Ontario Proud, and its Facebook page has amassed nearly 145,000 followers — more than the provincial Liberals, PCs and NDP combined. Created little more than a year […]

Kathleen Wynne reveals plan to cut Ontario hydro bills by 17% on average

Mar 2 2017 — Mike Crawley — Residential hydro bills in Ontario will drop by 17 per cent on average this summer under a new plan released Thursday by Premier Kathleen Wynne. The plan will lift billions of dollars in costs off customers this year, and load them onto future hydro bills and taxpayers. The dramatic move comes as Wynne’s Liberal government […]

Hydro bills will be the focus as Queen’s Park resumes

Feb 21 2017 — Mike Crawley — Three issues will dominate the agenda during the spring session of the Ontario Legislature, starting Tuesday: hydro hydro; and hydro. Sure, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government will bring in Ontario’s first balanced budget in a decade, despite fears it won’t. Yes, there will be fusses over six-figure salaries in the public sector. Indeed, the province’s […]

Jagmeet Singh ‘seriously considering’ federal NDP leadership bid

Feb 16 2017 — Mike Crawley — Jagmeet Singh’s eclectic range of accomplishments include Sikh of the Year, jiu-jitsu champion and Toronto Life magazine’s Best Dressed award. Will he soon try adding leader of the federal NDP to his list? Singh, 38, is a member of the Ontario Legislature, representing the Toronto suburb of Brampton. According to federal party activists, there’s a […]

Premier Kathleen Wynne bombarded on social media by homophobic, sexist abuse

Jan 25 2017 — Mike Crawley — The replies to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Twitter are not for the faint of heart. The tweets at Wynne predominantly express anger about her record and most stay within the bounds of fair comment, not crossing the line into personal abuse. Such calls as “Resign!” “You’re incompetent!” and “Worst premier ever!” are now simply […]

Patrick Brown aiming to shed ‘social conservative’ tag

Dec 12 2016 — Mike Crawley — By next summer, a year ahead of the 2018 election, the Progressive Conservative Party aims to have candidates nominated in every single riding in Ontario. To all those thinking of running, PC leader Patrick Brown is sending a message: social conservatives, keep out. Despite winning the party leadership with significant backing from social conservatives, Brown […]

What you should (and shouldn’t) watch for in Ontario byelections

Nov 16 2016 — Mike Crawley — The two provincial byelections happening Thursday ought to be ho-hum affairs, since neither seat has changed hands in a generation or more. But the candidates running for the Progressive Conservatives sure are making things interesting. In Niagara West-Glanbrook, a longtime PC stronghold, the party is fielding a 19-year-old pro-life university student named Sam Oosterhoff, who […]

Ontario’s climate change action plan: what it needs to succeed

Jun 8 2016 — Mike Crawley — Premier Kathleen Wynne’s showpiece action plan for tackling climate change will be unveiled today and it will have an impact on the way every single Ontarian consumes energy, whether through transportation, home heating, or manufacturing. Wynne is making the fight to reduce carbon emissions a pillar of her premiership. Her climate change action plan is […]

Ontario Liberal Party held 100 exclusive fundraising events in 2015

Jun 2 2016 — Mike Crawley — Tickets to 23 events benefiting Kathleen Wynne’s party topped $4,000 each. Exclusive fundraising events with ticket prices of up to $10,000 helped Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal Party collect the bulk of the money it raised from donors in 2015. A newly filed financial statement obtained by CBC News show the Liberals held exactly 100 fundraising […]