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Hockey Canada must act — or be no more

Jul 25 2022 — Mitch Heimpel — It has been called an “extinction-level” event for Hockey Canada. The Sun‘s own Steve Simmons suggested in a recent column that it was time to “collapse” Hockey Canada. So badly has Hockey Canada managed the current scandals before it, that it is now drawing comparisons to the Catholic Church. The recent revelation of a long-time […]

Can Singh add enough Marisas to make up for losing some Deans?

Apr 11 2022 — Mitch Heimpel — The Liberal-NDP deal is going to be received very differently by different slices of the NDP’s electoral coalition — and some might bolt. The first real numbers on the Liberal-NDP deal came out thanks to Ipsos Reid, and they painted an interesting portrait of the electorate. The deal is broadly popular with the people you […]

Want to fix Canadian military procurement? This is what it’ll take

Mar 14 2022 — Mitch Heimpel — Rearmament is all the rage for NATO countries these days. The Germans reversed 30 years of post-unification pacifism in a weekend. The Lithuanians, who’ve been an uncommonly active foreign policy actor of late, have decided to increase their defence spending to 2.5 per cent of GDP. The Poles are demanding F-16s, so they can give older […]