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Female oncologist loses licence for affair with cancer patient

Jan 24 2019 — Michele Mandel — Men have no monopoly on being predatory sexual abusers with no conscience. Within days of telling her patient the “life-altering” news that he had cancer, Dr. Theepa Sundaralingam was flirting, sexting and eventually having sex with him, in his home, her clinic and even his hospital bed. And then at his most vulnerable, the oncologist […]

Stronach family legal feud turns even nastier

Jan 23 2019 — Michele Mandel — It just got uglier. Belinda Stronach and her CEO at The Stronach Group (TSG) have struck back against her billionaire father’s $520-million lawsuit against them, painting Frank Stronach as a meddling old man in a “declining mental state” who has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on vanity projects and is now lashing out because […]

The price we won’t pay

May 1 2016 — Michele Mandel — Kidnapped Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout had just been threatened with a knife to her throat. And then her Somali captors dialed her mother in Alberta and gave her the phone. “Mom, listen to me, OK?” Lindhout wept during the call taped by the RCMP in December, 2008. “If you guys don’t pay $1 million dollars […]

Evan Solomon latest in line of journalists under fire

Jun 11 2015 — Michele Mandel — The mind boggles at the blind audacity of it all. Former CBC host Evan Solomon has become the latest in a long list of journalists who think they don’t have to behave by the rules of mere mortals. Incredibly deluded by their own egos, they actually believe no one will ever call them to account. […]

Why are we so quick to blame the victim?

Oct 31 2014 — Michele Mandel — Shame on me. No charges laid, no documented complaints, so naturally these women must be lying, I thought at first. Because of course, it would have been so easy to report such humiliating and upsetting encounters, especially when their alleged attacker is someone powerful and well-respected. Coming forward would not impact their career or family […]

Blair stands up to bully Doug Ford

Aug 13 2014 — Michele Mandel — You have to stand up to bullies. It’s one of those life lessons you impart to your kids: Stand your ground or those loud-mouthed meanies will think they have carte blanche to spew invectives, assassinate the character of their opponents and generally feel they have free rein to do what they will. It’s a lesson […]

Duffy got caught up in sense of entitlement

Jul 18 2014 — Michele Mandel — Now facing 31 criminal charges for his conduct as a senator, the truly shocking part is that the wily “old Duff” didn’t know any better. How did the former newsman let himself become the news? On his website, the ever-modest Mike Duffy bills himself as the once “most authoritative broadcaster commenting on the political life […]

Mayor Rob Ford’s pals the scariest of the scary, docs show

May 10 2014 — Michele Mandel — Judge the mayor by the terrifying company that he kept. Not just riff raff from the wrong side of the tracks. The Dixon City Bloods, Rob Ford’s alleged go-to guys for drugs, are the scariest of the scary, suspected of ordering murders, running $2,500 pistols and machine-guns and trafficking in large amounts of cocaine. It’s […]

Ford’s last-ditch bid to salvage career

May 2 2014 — Michele Mandel — Beyond proof of his obvious addictions, Rob Ford’s latest ramblings offer a window into his soul. And it ain’t a pretty sight. What it shows is too clear and too ugly for even his most loyal acolytes to ignore: Ford may indeed be “just human” — as his supporters are always so quick to insist […]

A race for the infamous crack video

Jan 25 2014 — Michele Mandel — For some, like the media and the alleged gangsters hoping to cash in, it was the pot of gold and Eldorado all rolled into one. For Mayor Rob Ford, the elusive crack video was a ticking time bomb. An hour after Gawker’s explosive story appeared online May 16, Ford’s good friend Alexander Lisi was on […]

Mayor Rob Ford is the conductor on his own train wreck

Nov 16 2013 — Michele Mandel — Overnight, someone must have kidnapped the bombastic mayor. Rob Ford went an entire day without having to say he was sorry. Nothing particularly gross or repulsive spewed from his potty mouth. No new alarming admission of wrongdoing sent reporters rushing to Twitter. For those of us now addicted to the crack of Ford’s daily implosions, […]

Still more to come in the Rob Ford saga?

Nov 15 2013 — Michele Mandel — Punch drunk from revelation after revelation, there is one over arching question that seems to be ricocheting around the city. With all the damning information that has emerged, why have no charges been laid against Mayor Rob Ford? In these last tumultuous days alone, the imploding mayor has made some startling confessions: he’s smoked crack […]

Stubborn Rob Ford should have grabbed chance to come clean

Nov 1 2013 — Michele Mandel — What a defining moment this could have been for the embattled mayor. On All Hallow’s Eve, with the nightmare of his actions coming back to haunt him, this was Rob Ford’s chance to finally come clean; likely his last good opportunity to throw himself on the mercy of this city, admit he has a problem […]