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Weir debacle clearly splitting the NDP between young and old

Sep 8 2018 — Murray Mandryk — With a federal election a year away, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are champing at the bit to displace Justin Trudeau’s Liberals — a realistic possibility. And notwithstanding its bungling of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, recent polls suggest internal Conservative bickering and its stance on NAFTA may be enough for a second Liberal government term. Where, though, […]

Wall driving off with his licence plate dangling behind him

Jan 24 2018 — Murray Mandryk — In one’s dramatic drive off into the sunset, it’s preferable not to veer into the ditch. Brad Wall ‘s exit west — his Saskatchewan licence plate scraping the pavement as it dangles off his rear bumper — has not been quite the perfect, graceful departure that many expected. For this, there is no one to […]

Trudeau helps snuff out energy self-sufficiency dream

Oct 7 2017 — Murray Mandryk — What the Energy East pipeline needed was a vision that extended somewhat beyond the length of a prime minister’s selfie stick. Yes, it is true that TransCanada cancelled the project based on today’s economics. There is the ongoing decline in overall oil prices and the $9.58/barrel differential between light and heavy oil (making heavy Western […]

Hard to take Trudeau or his tour seriously

Jan 28 2017 — Murray Mandryk — Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau could not be more different in style. As scowlingly nasty, dark, angry and unreasonable as Trump appears to be, Trudeau comes across as light, warm, inviting and accommodating. So dedicated are both to their respective images that it’s difficult to believe they are anything other than what we see before […]

Wall right to be petulant on carbon price

Dec 9 2016 — Murray Mandryk — The maddening manner in which Premier Brad Wall has gone about his anti-carbon-tax campaign still bears criticism. There has been the hypocrisy of his Saskatchewan Party’s 2007 election promise to stabilize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2010 and reduce them by 32 per cent by 2020. There’s the hypocrisy of Wall’s 2010 Management and Reduction […]

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s GTH performance an embarrassment

Nov 30 2016 — Murray Mandryk — Provincial auditor Judy Ferguson publicly and unequivocally stated in the legislative public accounts committee meeting Monday morning the following: “The audit did not conclusively state that there was no evidence of fraud, conflict of interest or wrongdoing with respect to these (Global Transportation Hub) land transactions.” Yet Premier Brad Wall and Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison […]

Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party government focused on the economy, not the environment

Oct 12 2016 — Murray Mandryk — With all due respect to Scott Moe, why is he Saskatchewan’s environment minister? Or, perhaps better put, why does Premier Brad Wall’s government bother to have an environment minister at all? Right now, the Saskatchewan Party cabinet consists of 17 different versions of a finance/economic development minister whose priorities seem to be either the upcoming […]

Return to ‘have-not’ status tough to bear for Wall

Oct 5 2016 — Murray Mandryk — ometimes, pride can be a good thing in politics. It motivates and affirms, as we saw over the last decade in Saskatchewan, marked by new oil-wealth optimism that left behind the “shame” of being a have-not province. But as per the old proverb — “pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling” — […]

Lack of Wall climate-change strategy paved way for Trudeau

Oct 4 2016 — Murray Mandryk — The big problem with accepting Premier Brad Wall’s opposition to carbon pricing is his lack of an alternative. Let us accept that Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to impose a carbon price — $10 a tonne by 2018, rising to $50 a tonne by 2022 — unjustly hammers coal- and oil-producing provinces like Saskatchewan. […]

Trost’s views a pathetic embarrassment

Sep 24 2016 — Murray Mandryk — That Brad Trost’s Conservative leadership bid is quickly becoming an embarrassment to his federal party isn’t really the problem. Ironically, the convoluted Conservative May 27, 2017 leadership vote — a preferential ballot in which each of the 338 federal seats will have an equal 100 votes — neatly screens out crank leadership candidates who don’t […]

Brad Wall can’t be premier in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Feb 23 2016 — Murray Mandryk — Remember the runup to the 2007 Saskatchewan election campaign when then-opposition leader Brad Wall was running those self-deprecating political ads? In response to the”wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” ads the NDP was running at the time, Wall’s political commercial nine years ago told voters they were going to hear a lot of untrue things about him — “maybe even […]

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall says he’s here to stay, and that he’s not taking French lessons

Jan 1 2016 — Murray Mandryk — Premier Brad Wall faces challenges heading into an election year in 2016 — not the least of which are a faltering natural resources-based economy and justifying a $1.5-billion expenditure on Boundary Dam’s carbon capture project. But his biggest challenge might be convincing voters he’s staying, amidst rumours he has his sights set on the Conservative […]

Wall’s Senate shots fuel speculation about his aspirations

Dec 6 2015 — Murray Mandryk — Perhaps Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall needs to clarify a few things. Oh, it’s not that Wall is wrong — or even off base — in his criticism of the Senate reform package presented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government. What was presented by the Liberals Thursday might very well have enhanced Wall’s argument about […]