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Moe fails to explain issues in eagerness to bash Trudeau

Sep 24 2021 — Murray Mandryk — There is a legitimate beef here, if you can get past Moe’s politicking and incoherence messaging. For every reaction to a Trudeau there is an equal — or even more — negative reaction. You don’t exactly have to be Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein to figure out Premier Scott Moe’s theory of political relativity […]

Sask. election may mark a turn to the nasty

Jan 21 2020 — Murray Mandryk — It’s still unlikely to come anything close to the nastiness we will see south of the border this fall, or even the unpleasantry we saw last fall in our nation. The 2020 U.S. Presidential election will be something to behold, given the nasty political times and given that America is experiencing one of the most […]

Moe still needs to denounce separation, Wexit

Nov 10 2019 — Murray Mandryk — We are still waiting for an unequivocal condemnation of western separation from Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. That means more than getting Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison to say, “We are not in favour of separation. period.” It needs to come from the actual Saskatchewan premier, and — evidently — it’s going to have […]

Federal NDP squabbles may have dire consequences

Sep 7 2019 — Murray Mandryk — If the federal NDP loses party status in the House of Commons after the Oct. 21 vote — unthinkable a decade ago, but at least worthy of discussion now — fingers will be pointed at what’s gone on in Saskatchewan. Certainly, the Erin Weir saga in Regina Lewvan speaks to a dysfunctional federal party lacking […]

Federal election, Supreme Court may douse Western separatist flames

Jun 28 2019 — Murray Mandryk — It would be ironic if two of our most venerable institutions — the Canadian electoral system for our parliamentary democracy and the Supreme Court of Canada — wound up dousing the prairie fire of Western separatism. But come this fall, it could be that those in the West who have passionate-albeit-inarticulate grievances with our nation […]

Weir debacle clearly splitting the NDP between young and old

Sep 8 2018 — Murray Mandryk — With a federal election a year away, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are champing at the bit to displace Justin Trudeau’s Liberals — a realistic possibility. And notwithstanding its bungling of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, recent polls suggest internal Conservative bickering and its stance on NAFTA may be enough for a second Liberal government term. Where, though, […]

Wall driving off with his licence plate dangling behind him

Jan 24 2018 — Murray Mandryk — In one’s dramatic drive off into the sunset, it’s preferable not to veer into the ditch. Brad Wall ‘s exit west — his Saskatchewan licence plate scraping the pavement as it dangles off his rear bumper — has not been quite the perfect, graceful departure that many expected. For this, there is no one to […]

Trudeau helps snuff out energy self-sufficiency dream

Oct 7 2017 — Murray Mandryk — What the Energy East pipeline needed was a vision that extended somewhat beyond the length of a prime minister’s selfie stick. Yes, it is true that TransCanada cancelled the project based on today’s economics. There is the ongoing decline in overall oil prices and the $9.58/barrel differential between light and heavy oil (making heavy Western […]

Hard to take Trudeau or his tour seriously

Jan 28 2017 — Murray Mandryk — Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau could not be more different in style. As scowlingly nasty, dark, angry and unreasonable as Trump appears to be, Trudeau comes across as light, warm, inviting and accommodating. So dedicated are both to their respective images that it’s difficult to believe they are anything other than what we see before […]

Wall right to be petulant on carbon price

Dec 9 2016 — Murray Mandryk — The maddening manner in which Premier Brad Wall has gone about his anti-carbon-tax campaign still bears criticism. There has been the hypocrisy of his Saskatchewan Party’s 2007 election promise to stabilize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2010 and reduce them by 32 per cent by 2020. There’s the hypocrisy of Wall’s 2010 Management and Reduction […]

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s GTH performance an embarrassment

Nov 30 2016 — Murray Mandryk — Provincial auditor Judy Ferguson publicly and unequivocally stated in the legislative public accounts committee meeting Monday morning the following: “The audit did not conclusively state that there was no evidence of fraud, conflict of interest or wrongdoing with respect to these (Global Transportation Hub) land transactions.” Yet Premier Brad Wall and Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison […]

Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party government focused on the economy, not the environment

Oct 12 2016 — Murray Mandryk — With all due respect to Scott Moe, why is he Saskatchewan’s environment minister? Or, perhaps better put, why does Premier Brad Wall’s government bother to have an environment minister at all? Right now, the Saskatchewan Party cabinet consists of 17 different versions of a finance/economic development minister whose priorities seem to be either the upcoming […]

Return to ‘have-not’ status tough to bear for Wall

Oct 5 2016 — Murray Mandryk — ometimes, pride can be a good thing in politics. It motivates and affirms, as we saw over the last decade in Saskatchewan, marked by new oil-wealth optimism that left behind the “shame” of being a have-not province. But as per the old proverb — “pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling” — […]