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PC bait and switch on climate change punishes Ontario taxpayers to pay off polluters

Dec 1 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — Within days of their June electoral triumph, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives proudly declared cap and trade dead. As per their campaign platform. Promise made, promise kept. Not to worry, the governing Tories quickly pledged: We will find a better way one day. That day was Thursday, when the PCs unveiled their long-awaited climate change proposals to […]

Doug Ford will give us the carbon tax we never had

Jun 16 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — The carbon tax is dead. Promise kept. Just one problem — Ontario has never had a carbon tax. Now, thanks to Doug Ford, we may be about to get one. When a beaming Ford boasted to reporters Friday that “the carbon tax’s days are numbered” in Ontario — counting the days to his swearing-in as […]

The referendum on Andrea Horwath’s NDP is just beginning

May 22 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — At the midpoint of the election campaign, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is in uncharted territory. Has she gone from third to second? And thence from second to first? No one knows. Never mind that pundits and pollsters don’t really know what’s on the minds of most voters. Bear in mind that many voters may not […]

Auditor general’s report could spell trouble for all three of Ontario’s political parties

Apr 26 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — History, like politics, has a way of repeating itself. Especially at election time. In opposition 15 years ago, Ontario’s Liberal Party smelled a rat. They accused the Tory government of the day of cooking the books. Playing the reformist card in the 2003 campaign, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals proposed that all future pre-election budgets be reviewed […]

After a wild PC leadership race, don’t rule out Premier Ford

Mar 10 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — In the time of Trump, Ontario’s Tories have chosen Doug Ford to lead a populist revolt in Canada’s biggest province, starting in its biggest city. After losing the last four elections, the Progressive Conservatives are heading into the next campaign convinced they can win on June 7 with a wild-card candidate — armed with the […]

As Tories flail, Kathleen Wynne plots her comeback

Feb 20 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn — With all eyes on a Tory civil war, Kathleen Wynne is largely out of sight and out of mind. Just not out of action. While the media pay her no heed, the premier is quietly making tracks, popping up at town halls and universities across the province. With a spring election looming, it’s like spring […]