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Jody Wilson-Raybould ‘overwhelmed, grateful’ — and seeking re-election

Mar 3 2019 — Michael Smyth — Jody Wilson-Raybould says she is “overwhelmed and grateful” about an outpouring of public support since her scorching testimony in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. And despite a nasty internal backlash after her explosive appearance before the federal justice committee, she has no intention of quitting the Liberal caucus in Ottawa. “It really has been quite remarkable,” Wilson-Raybould […]

B.C. byelection bedlam! Two crucial contests get crazy

Jan 17 2019 — Michael Smyth — Two crucial byelections. Two days of turmoil on the campaign trails. Where is it all heading? It was B.C. byelection bedlam Wednesday as two crucial contests — one federal, one provincial — both took wild-and-crazy turns. In the federal faceoff, Liberal candidate Karen Wang dropped out of the race in Burnaby South, where she was […]

It’s all on the line in Nanaimo byelection

Jan 3 2019 — Michael Smyth — John Horgan’s government could come tumbling down if the NDP loses crucial Nanaimo byelection. It’s a byelection where the stakes could hardly be higher and the campaigning begun well before the official start date. Jan. 30 is the day Nanaimo voters will go to the polls to elect a new MLA to replace Leonard Krog, […]

In biggest B.C. byelection ever, Horgan charges out

Oct 25 2018 — Michael Smyth — Premiers are notorious for dragging their feet on byelections, especially since the governing party has a historically lousy record of winning them. Not this time. On Wednesday, Premier John Horgan introduced the NDP’s presumptive candidate for the crucial and looming byelection in Nanaimo. I say “presumptive” because Sheila Malcolmson still has to win the party’s […]

NDP starts small, but dreams big, on legal marijuana

Oct 14 2018 — Michael Smyth — British Columbia is poised for a flowering of small-scale marijuana cultivation. Call it craft cannabis. B.C. is already famous for producing some of the world’s finest cannabis. But when marijuana is finally legalized later this week, the proud home of B.C. Bud won’t exactly be charging out of the starting gates. After many months of […]

The NDP’s conversion to LNG on the road to China

Oct 7 2018 — Michael Smyth — Can B.C.’s LNG help save the world from global warming? The NDP once called the idea “ridiculous.” Now they embrace it. The NDP’s new love affair with liquefied natural gas is quite the change of heart from their earlier contempt for the Liberals’ hot pursuit of the industry. Back then, John Horgan ridiculed then-premier Christy […]

It’s a make-or-break byelection for NDP’s Jagmeet Singh

Aug 9 2018 — Michael Smyth — Jagmeet Singh should win the Burnaby South byelection. Emphasis on “should”. If he doesn’t, he’s in deep trouble. When it comes to parachute candidates in politics, Tom Cruise has got nothing on Jagmeet Singh. This guy is about to execute a Mission: Impossible-style high-altitude HALO jump. Singh, the federal NDP leader, lives in suburban Toronto, […]

For NDP, lots can go wrong when Krog vacates Nanaimo seat

Jun 17 2018 — Michael Smyth — What could possibly go wrong? That’s the question New Democrats and Green party members around B.C. are asking themselves after NDP MLA Leonard Krog confirmed the news revealed in this space last Sunday: He’s running to be the mayor of Nanaimo. Why is this such a big deal? Because Krog’s move sets up a crucial […]

Can the Liberals’ brainy new boss win big?

Feb 4 2018 — Michael Smyth — The biggest knocks on Andrew Wilkinson have been that he’s too straitlaced, too downtown, too tight-collared and maybe a little (or a lot) too smug about his own prodigious I.Q. But they said the same thing about a guy named Gordon Campbell, and he won three elections in a row in this province and drove […]

Shocking massive losses revealed at ICBC, huge rate hikes feared

Jan 28 2018 — Michael Smyth — British Columbia’s public auto insurer has driven over a financial cliff and the damage is far worse than anyone had feared or predicted. On Monday, ICBC will announce a staggering projected operating loss of $1.3 billion for the current fiscal year. That’s more than $1 billion higher than projected just three months ago. The financial […]

Trudeau’s Liberals look to steal Surrey seat away from Tories

Nov 19 2017 — Michael Smyth — Gordon Hogg has seen a lot of pretty intense politics as a city councillor, mayor, an MLA and a provincial cabinet minister — but there’s really nothing quite like campaigning with Justin Trudeau. “He’s a rock star,” marvelled Hogg, who retired from provincial politics in the spring, only to be lured to run for Trudeau’s […]

Dianne Watts: Revved up to fight and win again

Sep 24 2017 — Michael Smyth — Columnist Mike Smyth interviews former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts ahead of her expected B.C. Liberal Party leadership bid announcement on Sunday. Dianne Watts is ready to come home and she wants to be premier. Watts has scheduled a news conference for Sunday afternoon at Surrey’s Guildford Hotel, where she will announce her candidacy for leadership […]