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Google axing someone for mouthing off in a memo was not a smart move

Aug 10 2017 — Marni Soupcoff — The first thing that needs to be said about Google’s decision to fire an employee who wrote an internal memo criticizing the company’s diversity initiatives is: fair enough. Management choosing to let go a worker whose attitude conflicts with the workplace it is trying to establish is a reasonable enough move. And a legal one. […]

The Consultation Process is the logical choice for Policy-Maker of the Year

Dec 14 2016 — Marni Soupcoff — Every year, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute recognizes a Policy-Maker of the Year. Past recipients have included former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, former minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, and even the entire Supreme Court of Canada in 2014. One might say that these winners were singled out for the significant policy changes they made […]

Another bad idea for how to sell legal weed

Sep 16 2016 — Marni Soupcoff — People who want the legalization of marijuana to succeed in Canada should welcome the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s recent suggestion to Premier Kathleen Wynne that private retailers be permitted to sell the drug. Wynne has mused about selling marijuana exclusively through Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) outlets, which currently hold a virtual monopoly on […]

Pot laws still mean trouble at the border

Sep 8 2016 — Marni Soupcoff — Canadian Matthew Harvey was banned for life from the United States in 2014 after he gave U.S. border guards an honest answer when asked if he’d ever smoked marijuana. Harvey, who is now a licensed medical marijuana user, told the border agents the truth: He’d smoked pot as an adult even before he got his […]

Justices should be picked on merit, but convention gets in the way

Aug 5 2016 — Marni Soupcoff — If the new appointments process for Supreme Court justices announced by the Trudeau government goes ahead as planned, Canada will very likely abandon the longstanding custom of appointing a geographically diverse bench made up of three justices from Ontario, two justices from Western Canada, one justice from Atlantic Canada and two justices from Quebec. That […]

Wavering on ransoms would be a betrayal of Canadians killed by kidnappers

Jun 16 2016 — Marni Soupcoff — The beheading of Canadian hostage Robert Hall by Islamist terrorists in the Philippines has provoked serious thought on the consequences of government no-ransom policies. If the Canadian government had met the terrorists’ demands for $16-million, would the terrorists really have spared Hall’s life as promised? What arrangements would or could have been put in place […]

Fight youth unemployment by cutting red tape

Jun 26 2014 — Marni Soupcoff — This week, the Broadbent Institute came out with a new proposal for a “Youth Job Guarantee.” The idea is that government and business will poney up $670-million each (they really aren’t using it anyway) so that every single person under 25 can be promised a 12-week co-op position, apprenticeship or full-time job within 4 months […]

An excessively punitive ruling that should make all Canadians nervous

Jun 4 2014 — Marni Soupcoff — The Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision to force Bruce and Donna Montague to forfeit their $100,000 firearms collection to the federal government should make all Canadians nervous. Bruce is a talented gunsmith. He violated the law by purposely letting his firearms business license and firearms acquisition certificates expire as an act of protest against the […]

One man’s ‘hate’ is another man’s faith

May 7 2014 — Marni Soupcoff — A new study, summarized in Monday’s edition of The New York Times, shows that U.S. Supreme Court justices protect freedom of speech more often in cases where they share the ideological leanings of the speaker. One might be forgiven for responding with a resounding, “no kidding.” Judges are human, and no matter how neutral they […]

Harper Brought On the Wallin Scandal Himself

Aug 13 2013 — Marni Soupcoff — When you’re in the midst of a mess, it’s easy to look back at past decisions and assume they were bad ones. You feel like you must have done something very wrong to land yourself in your current predicament. And often times this hindsight judgment is unduly harsh…