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What I learned from a decade of popular democracy

Dec 28 2019 — Mark Towhey — Populism was the political buzzword of the decade. Although different people mean different things when they say it — pretty much everyone talking about “populism” considers it a bad thing. So, let’s call the following examples “popular democracy.” Good or bad, it’s winning formula.

Trudeau has a rare chance to reduce gun crime

Nov 30 2019 — Mark Towhey — A rare opportunity exists for the government of Canada to actually make a difference on gun crime. As Justin Trudeau lays out a legislative agenda for his minority government, an obvious issue on which he will find common cause with both the NDP and Green Party is gun control. If he uses this alignment to […]

Two leaders’ debates is more than enough

Sep 7 2019 — Mark Towhey — Justin Trudeau’s political opponents have seized on the Liberal leader’s decision to skip out on any debates beyond the two organized by the “official” debate commission. Anti-democratic! What’s he hiding? Give it a rest, I say. I’m with Trudeau on this one. Election debates are at the core of Canada’s great democratic traditions.

Mayor Rob Ford can’t lose for winning

Sep 3 2013 — Mark Towhey — How much democracy is too much? Toronto City Council has an answer. Last Monday, it decided a byelection to fill a vacant council seat is more democracy than the district’s 52,000 residents deserve, or the city can afford. At least, that is how the vote will be remembered a year from now. Because, that is […]