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Boeing renews its public pitch to replace Canada’s CF-18 fleet

Jun 25 2020 — Murray Brewster — One of the companies bidding to sell Canada a new fleet of fighter jets made a public pitch today highlighting its long-standing, cross-country economic relationships and history of delivering high-paying aerospace jobs. The presentation by Boeing executives and an independent research firm arrives against a background of a pandemic-ravaged economy and a looming federal deadline […]

Bird strike on Snowbird engine likely caused fatal crash: report

Jun 1 2020 — Murray Brewster — Canadian air force crash investigators are looking at a bird strike as the probable cause of the crash of a Snowbird demonstration jet in Kamloops, British Columbia earlier this month. The accident killed Capt. Jenn Casey, the public affairs officer for the aerobatics team. In a preliminary report issued Monday, investigators say video footage from […]

Canadian-led NATO battlegroup in Latvia targeted by pandemic disinformation campaign

May 24 2020 — Murray Brewster — The Canadian-led NATO battle group in Latvia was the target of a pandemic-related disinformation campaign that alliance commanders say they believe originated in Russia. Reports circulated recently in some Baltic and Eastern European media outlets that suggested the contingent at Camp Adazi in Kadaga, outside the capital of Riga, had “a high number” of cases […]

Veterans advocates lament sudden departure of ombudsman Craig Dalton

May 15 2020 — Murray Brewster — With all due respect to the people of Lethbridge, a lot of people in the veterans community were gobsmacked when the federal veterans ombudsman — the person tasked with looking out for their welfare — decided halfway through his term to become a city manager in the southern Alberta municipality. Craig Dalton, a former colonel […]

The pandemic could end up changing everything — including the military

Apr 26 2020 — Murray Brewster — It’s safe to say that the Canadian military plans for just about everything. It’s also safe to say that nowhere in the dusty stacks of military strategies for various hair-raising scenarios shelved in the Department of National Defence (DND) is a plan for sending soldiers to long-term care homes to backstop failing provincial systems. Hospitals, […]