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Canadian, U.S. military leaders agree on framework to retool Norad

Aug 8 2019 — Murray Brewster — Military leaders from the U.S. and Canada have come to an agreement on the nuts and bolts retooling of Norad, CBC News has learned. It is a milestone that could end up pitting the next government in Ottawa against both the Trump administration and perhaps even northern Indigenous communities at home. Now over six decades […]

Suicide of staffer in military’s ombudsman office sparks recriminations

Aug 8 2019 — Murray Brewster — A senior official in the office of Canada’s military ombudsman, who was accused of not being sympathetic and accommodating enough to a staff member who committed suicide in 2017, has won a legal victory before the Federal Court. Melaine Chapman, the director of investigations for the watchdog, was accused in an internal Department of National […]

Conservative senators drop attempt to investigate Norman case

Jun 16 2019 — Murray Brewster — Conservative senators are throwing in the towel over a planned investigation into the failed prosecution of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. The deputy chair, Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais, signalled in an email on Sunday that he intends to withdraw his motion and ask instead for a public meeting of the National Security and Defence committee to formally discuss […]

Tender to replace aging fighter jets will be out this summer: Sajjan

May 29 2019 — Murray Brewster — A federal tender to replace Canada’s fighter jet will be formally issued by mid-July, says Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan​​​​​. Sajjan told a major defence industry trade show on Wednesday that the government hopes to have bids from aerospace contractors to review by the winter of 2020. The Liberal government had been on track to present […]

‘An insult’: Families of dead soldiers offended at being left out of low-key Afghanistan memorial event

May 22 2019 — Murray Brewster — A number of families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan say they feel betrayed by a decision made by bureaucrats at the Department of National Defence to privately dedicate a memorial last week containing the Kandahar battlefield cenotaph. The marble and granite cenotaph structure, which stood outside of the Canadian task force headquarters throughout the […]