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Can Justin Trudeau tolerate real diversity?

Jan 19 2018 — Margaret Wente — Justin Trudeau is the world’s biggest cheerleader for a diverse and inclusive society. Diversity is our strength, he repeats ad nauseam. Canada is strong because people of many diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome in our tolerant, multicultural country. But Mr. Trudeau’s Canada evidently doesn’t include people such as Rosemary Redshaw.

Mr. Trudeau’s judgment, and the company he keeps

Jan 4 2018 — Margaret Wente — Among the hazards of public life are the photo ops that come back to haunt you. Our snap-happy Prime Minister is a case in point. Since the tropical vacation with his old friend, the Aga Khan, that cheery photo of the two of them on Parliament Hill has been rerun a thousand times. Whenever people […]

Here’s the gender gap that matters

Dec 5 2017 — Margaret Wente — The gender gap in engineering and math is old news by now. Despite society’s strenuous efforts to close it – including giving girls pink Lego sets to play with – nothing seems to work. The percentage of female engineering students remains around 20 per cent, give or take. Meanwhile, there’s another gender gap that everyone […]

Wilfrid Laurier graduate student delivers a wake-up call

Nov 20 2017 — Margaret Wente — If you want to understand the intellectual corruption that is eating away at our universities, listen to an audio recording made by a graduate student named Lindsay Shepherd. She is a 22-year-old teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. Every senior administrator and every governor at every campus in the country should listen to […]

What’s so scary about free speech on campus?

Nov 14 2017 — Margaret Wente — Back in the 1960s, a free-speech movement swept North American campuses and launched a new era of social and political ferment. It was a heady, liberating time – time for dissent, challenge and dangerous ideas. It was perhaps the counterculture’s finest hour. Today, university campuses are where free speech goes to die. Undesirable speakers are […]

Trouble in ‘Paradise’ for Justin Trudeau

Nov 10 2017 — Margaret Wente — The rich are not like you and me. They have numbered companies, offshore tax havens and pricey lawyers to help them hide their money – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of them are awfully close to the Prime Minister. Nothing wrong or new about that either. The coziness of plutocrats and politicians […]

Who’s afraid of Jason Kenney?

Oct 30 2017 — Margaret Wente — Folks laughed when Jason Kenney launched his unite-the right campaign in Alberta 15 months ago. He hopped out of a shiny pickup truck – painted Tory blue – and told reporters that he was going to visit every constituency in the province. “I figured my Dodge Ram would do a better job than a Prius,” […]

Universities can’t have it both ways on free speech

Oct 27 2017 — Margaret Wente — The trouble with campus speech codes is that they backfire. That’s what happened when Dalhousie University tried to discipline Masuma Khan for making rude remarks on Facebook. Ms. Khan is the black-robed student activist who got pushback after she urged people to boycott Canada Day. “F*** you all,” she responded in one post. “Be proud […]

Banning the niqab is bigoted and sexist. Or is it?

Oct 23 2017 — Margaret Wente — If you’re a liberal thinker, you probably know where you stand on Quebec’s controversial religious neutrality bill. You hate it. Banning women in face veils from receiving public services (such as, potentially, riding the bus) is cruel, intolerant, unworkable, discriminatory, sexist, divisive, and an attack on religious freedom. The bill has been denounced by Rachel […]

The toxic politics of pipelines just got even worse

Oct 10 2017 — Margaret Wente — Depending on who you listen to, the demise of Energy East – the pipeline that would have shipped western crude oil to eastern Canada – is either a triumph or a disaster. For politicians in Quebec and environmental groups across the country, it’s a triumph. “An enormous victory,” crowed Denis Coderre, the mayor of Montreal, […]

Justin Trudeau’s Thanksgiving turkeys

Oct 7 2017 — Margaret Wente — The best intentions often go awry. Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. These days, Justin Trudeau must be feeling like the bug. Someone in his government even screwed up the Holocaust memorial. For some inexplicable reason the plaque for the new memorial in Ottawa, which opened […]

Mr. Trudeau’s government declares class warfare

Sep 5 2017 — Margaret Wente — Is your family doctor a wealthy tax cheat? I don’t think mine is. She strikes me as a dedicated, overworked person who is by no means overpaid. But Bill Morneau, our federal Finance Minister, is here to set you straight. His new proposals for small-business tax reform – which will hit a wide range of […]