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Justin Trudeau’s Trans Mountain crisis

Apr 9 2018 — Margaret Wente — You could have seen it coming. It was just a matter of time. Kinder Morgan is fed up. If it doesn’t get some guarantee that its Trans Mountain pipeline extension can actually be built, it will take its billions and go home. Not everyone regards this as bad news. Environmentalists are rejoicing. “A huge win […]

Time to #deletefacebook

Mar 22 2018 — Margaret Wente — The biggest social media outfit on the planet is in desperate grovelling mode. Legislators and regulators around the world are demanding answers. Facebook users are peevish and distressed. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to look contrite, but it isn’t going very well. On Wednesday, his company put out a statement that began: “Protecting people’s information is […]

The strange loyalties of Jagmeet Singh

Mar 15 2018 — Margaret Wente — When Jagmeet Singh took over as leader of the NDP, he seemed like just the tonic the party needed – young, hip, multicultural, completely Canadian but with a dashing touch. Those turbans! That beard! He was just the kind of figure to make progressive folks feel good about themselves, their party and their prospects. GQ, […]

Could The Doug win? Of course!

Mar 12 2018 — Margaret Wente — As the awful truth emerged on Saturday evening, my phone started pinging plaintively. “Now they have The Donald and we have The Doug,” pinged a friend of mine gloomily. “God help us.” “How does it feel to live in Trumpland?” pinged a friend from Florida. I asked my husband how he plans to vote now. […]

Trudeau is an insult to feminism – and to seriousness

Mar 5 2018 — Margaret Wente — The past two weeks have not been kind to Justin Trudeau’s image. He decked his family out in colourful costumes, dragged them halfway across India, and wound up with the worst press of any Canadian PM on any foreign trip that anyone can remember. Canada-India relations are now in possibly their worst shape ever. After […]

The Liberals’ new paternity leave is classic paternalism

Feb 26 2018 — Margaret Wente — A Liberal budget wouldn’t be complete without a bit of social engineering. This time the tinkering – no surprise – is another scheme aimed at advancing gender equality. The idea is to make new fathers take their fair share of parental leave – something they refuse to do now. “When we have a greater equality […]

Ontario voters deserve better than a political gong show

Feb 22 2018 — Margaret Wente — Patrick Brown reminds me of a really bad boyfriend. The more you find out about him, the worse it gets. There’s something sneaky and sharp about the way he operates. His taste for age-inappropriate women is a little creepy. Everything is always all about him. Add it up and he’s just too weird. So you […]

The Trans Mountain pipeline will never be built

Feb 20 2018 — Margaret Wente — Andrew Weaver, the most powerful Green Party politician in Canada, is a smart man. This week he tweeted out a prediction that strikes me as dead on. Despite the posturing of Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley, he said, “it is virtually certain” that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will never be built. Why won’t it […]

Can Caroline Mulroney pull it off?

Feb 12 2018 — Margaret Wente — Caroline Mulroney Lapham doesn’t use either of her last names to introduce herself to voters. She doesn’t have to. “My name’s Caroline,” she says. Her campaign logo consists of her name, CAROLINE, in capital letters, and underneath, in much smaller type, “Let’s get it done.”

The humiliation of Steve Paikin

Feb 7 2018 — Margaret Wente — When I first read that television host Steve Paikin was being investigated by his employer for sexual misconduct, my immediate reaction was incredulity. The allegations struck me as ridiculous. Mr. Paikin is as straight-arrow as they come. His accuser, former Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson, alleges that he asked her to sleep with him back […]

Can Justin Trudeau tolerate real diversity?

Jan 19 2018 — Margaret Wente — Justin Trudeau is the world’s biggest cheerleader for a diverse and inclusive society. Diversity is our strength, he repeats ad nauseam. Canada is strong because people of many diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome in our tolerant, multicultural country. But Mr. Trudeau’s Canada evidently doesn’t include people such as Rosemary Redshaw.

Mr. Trudeau’s judgment, and the company he keeps

Jan 4 2018 — Margaret Wente — Among the hazards of public life are the photo ops that come back to haunt you. Our snap-happy Prime Minister is a case in point. Since the tropical vacation with his old friend, the Aga Khan, that cheery photo of the two of them on Parliament Hill has been rerun a thousand times. Whenever people […]

Here’s the gender gap that matters

Dec 5 2017 — Margaret Wente — The gender gap in engineering and math is old news by now. Despite society’s strenuous efforts to close it – including giving girls pink Lego sets to play with – nothing seems to work. The percentage of female engineering students remains around 20 per cent, give or take. Meanwhile, there’s another gender gap that everyone […]