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Russian family jailed in Guatemala seeks Ottawa’s help

May 3 2018 — Michelle Zilio — A Russian family jailed in Guatemala on what they say are trumped-up, Kremlin-influenced charges is begging Canada to grant them asylum so they can avoid possible deportation to Russia when they are released from prison. The Bitkov family is expected to be released in the coming days, and have enlisted anti-Putin campaigner Bill Browder to […]

G7 ministers pressing tech giants to remove extremist content faster, Goodale says

Apr 24 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Group of Seven security ministers are putting pressure on technology giants, including Facebook and Twitter, to remove extremist and terrorist content from their platforms faster, threatening “other action” if they fail to do so soon. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he and his G7 counterparts made the appeal to members of the Global Internet […]

Iranians accuse Ottawa of discrimination as permanent-residency applications face delays

Apr 10 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Hundreds of frustrated Iranians living in Canada and abroad are urging the federal government to explain why their permanent-residency applications have faced what they describe as unreasonable delays. Affected Iranians took to Twitter in recent days, using the hashtag #DelayedIranianApplications, to describe the alleged discrimination by the Canadian government against their permanent-residency applications. They are […]

Tories demand proof that India was behind Jaspal Atwal’s presence during Trudeau’s trip

Feb 26 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau skipped Question Period on Monday as the opposition demanded proof that India was behind the presence of a convicted would-be assassin during his trip to the country last week. The Conservatives wanted to know whether the Prime Minister believes the “conspiracy theory” suggested by his national-security adviser that India’s intelligence service […]

Canada will not pull Oxfam funding after scandal hits charity’s British affiliate

Feb 14 2018 — Michelle Zilio — The Canadian government will not pull any funding from Oxfam Canada and Oxfam Quebec after a sexual misconduct scandal shook the international charity’s British affiliate. International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau spoke with both of Oxfam’s Canadian affiliates Monday, days after reports that several former aid workers from Oxfam Great Britain paid for sex while on […]

Two Canadians secure exit from Syria, official says

Feb 6 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Canadian officials worked with their Turkish counterparts to secure the safe passage of two Canadian citizens across the Syrian border after a botched attempt to reverse an alleged child abduction. A senior Canadian government official, who spoke to The Globe and Mail on the condition of anonymity, said Jolly Bimbachi and Sean Allen Moore met […]

Canada to provide $12-million to humanitarian groups in Yemen

Jan 19 2018 — Michelle Zilio — Canada will provide $12-million to aid groups on the front lines of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where war has crippled the economy, left millions on the brink of famine and caused one of the most deadly cholera epidemics in modern history. The announcement, to be made by International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau […]