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Canadians continue to support immigration, despite concerns it would be election issue, new poll says

Nov 5 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Canadians as a whole continue to support the number of immigrants arriving in the country and the benefits newcomers bring to the economy, despite attempts from some political parties to make immigration and refugees a wedge issue during the election campaign, according to a new survey. The Environics Institute poll, provided to The Globe and […]

RCMP official charged with breaching official secrets law oversaw Russian money-laundering probe

Sep 14 2019 — Michelle Zilio — The senior RCMP intelligence official charged with breaching Canada’s official secrets law oversaw a money-laundering probe into allegations that millions in defrauded Russian tax dollars, exposed by Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, were funneled through Canada, The Globe and Mail has learned.Cameron Jay Ortis, charged by the RCMP this week with illegally storing and communicating […]

The Alberta economy needs to be a ballot question for you: Conservative MP Michelle Rempel’s message to Canada

Aug 31 2019 — Michelle Zilio — In her Calgary Nose Hill riding, a key Conservative MP is mobilizing for the election against the Trudeau government. At the age of 33, Michelle Rempel made history as the youngest-ever Canadian female cabinet minister. Now, the 39-year-old Conservative MP is one of the most prominent members of the Conservative power base heading into the […]

Canadian, Chinese officials in contact after Beijing accuses Canada, U.S. of ‘singing a duet’ on detainees dispute

Aug 30 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canadian and Chinese officials are in contact even after China accused Canada of collaborating with the United States to mislead the world about the arrest of a Huawei executive in Vancouver and the subsequent detentions of two Canadians in China. Ms. Freeland told reports on Friday in Toronto that […]

Canada urged to condemn Egyptian minister’s remarks saying critics will be ‘sliced up’

Jul 26 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Canadian-Egyptian groups are urging the federal government to condemn what they interpreted as a threat to outspoken expatriates made by an Egyptian cabinet minister in Toronto last weekend. Egypt’s Emigration and Expatriate Affairs Minister Nabila Makram made headlines after she told a community gathering in Toronto that anyone who criticized Egypt would be “sliced up,” […]

Scheer says a Conservative government would continue campaign for UN Security Council seat

Jul 9 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he would continue Canada’s campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council if he becomes Prime Minister following this fall’s federal election. However, Mr. Scheer said he would not “sell out” Canadian principles, including democracy, the rule of law and fundamental human rights, in an effort to secure […]

Major federal parties charter planes for fall federal election

Jul 2 2019 — Michelle Zilio — The three main federal political parties have chartered planes for this fall’s election, cementing their logistical plans to crisscross Canada during the campaign. The Liberals, Conservatives and NDP confirmed to The Globe and Mail that they have booked planes to jet their leaders and campaign teams across the country to pitch their platforms to Canadians. […]

Parliamentary delegation returns from China after pushing for release of detained Canadians

May 30 2019 — Michelle Zilio — A delegation of Canadian parliamentarians has returned from China where they urged Chinese lawmakers to engage in high-level talks about the detention of two Canadians as a part of an effort to improve relations between the two countries. Joe Peschisolido, a Liberal MP who was on the delegation’s trip last week, said Chinese officials “noted” […]

Trump’s Middle East envoy welcomes Andrew Scheer’s plan to move Canadian embassy to Jerusalem

May 15 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy says he welcomes Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s commitment to move Canada’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognize the city as the Israeli capital if elected later this year. Jason Greenblatt, an assistant to President Trump and special representative for international negotiations at the White House, said that while Canada […]

Trudeau government’s tougher line on asylum seekers a ‘dramatic shift’ in policy, says Amnesty International

Apr 29 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Amnesty International is sounding the alarm over the Trudeau government’s tougher line on asylum seekers, saying Canada risks its global reputation as a welcoming place for refugees and would become another country to close its border to the world’s most vulnerable if it changed its asylum policy. Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty International’s Americas director, is in […]

Canadian views on immigrants, refugees hold steady, despite increasing political rhetoric: poll

Apr 29 2019 — Michelle Zilio — Canadians’ views on immigrants and refugees have held steady over the past six months despite increasing political rhetoric about asylum seekers, a new survey shows. A poll by the Environics Institute for Survey Research, provided exclusively to The Globe and Mail, shows the question of whether immigration levels are too high continues to produce a […]