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China’s military scientists target Canadian universities

Oct 30 2018 — Nathan VanderKlippe — Canadian academics have collaborated on dozens of projects with Chinese military researchers – some of whom appear to have obscured their defence ties – raising concerns that Canada is inadvertently helping China modernize its armed forces. The academic exchanges, jointly advancing technologies such as secure communications, satellite-image processing and drones, include the enrollment of Chinese […]

Beijing warns of ‘people’s war’ against U.S.: Chinese consumers now global superpower

Mar 23 2018 — Nathan VanderKlippe — As China plots its response to a White House determined to extract blood on trade, Beijing’s leadership knows it cannot match U.S. military or economic might. But Chinese decision makers also know they now oversee the the world’s dominant marketplace. China’s retail sales are the highest on earth, worth US$7.5-trillion last year, 14-per-cent larger than […]

Australian publisher drops book on Chinese influence; author warns Canada is also at risk

Nov 19 2017 — Nathan VanderKlippe — Alarmed by creeping Chinese influence on Australian political life, Clive Hamilton set out to investigate. Businesses and people connected to China had already become the biggest foreign financial contributors to the country’s political parties. But “it seemed to me there was much more going on” said Prof. Hamilton, a scholar at Charles Sturt University. He […]

China to Canada: Don’t follow Australia’s lead on extradition treaty

Mar 28 2017 — Nathan VanderKlippe — Stick with us so we can battle crime together, China is urging the Canadian government. On Tuesday morning, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull shelved ratification of an extradition treaty with China, after opposition parties and the government’s own backbenchers revolted against the deal. Hours later, the Chinese government appealed to Ottawa not to follow Canberra’s […]

Chinese TV host accuses Canada’s tourism body of pressuring to remove program on First Nations

Aug 29 2016 — Nathan VanderKlippe — A high-profile Chinese television personality has accused Canadian tourism promoters of censoring discussion of Canada’s indigenous issues days before the first official visit to China by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On Friday, online video site iQiyi was scheduled to post an episode of Xiaosong Qi Tan, a weekly Chinese talk show. The episode included an […]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to visit Canada in September

Jul 1 2016 — Nathan VanderKlippe — Chinese Premier Li Keqiang plans to come to Canada in mid-September, marking China’s first high-level visit since 2010 as Beijing seeks to end a chilly chapter in cross-Pacific relations. Mr. Li is expected in Canada for several days before United Nations meetings in New York that begin Sept. 19, four diplomatic sources confirmed. The Premier […]

Minister ‘surprised’ at backlash over tweets stating climate change hurts women most

May 16 2016 — Nathan VanderKlippe — As Canada’s Environment Minister pushes forward plans to dramatically cut carbon emissions, she is lashing out at “gender climate deniers” who fail to acknowledge that in a warming world, women fare worse. Such people are a “grouchy subcategory” of climate deniers, Catherine McKenna said after hearing from outraged critics on social media who mocked the […]