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Trudeau talks tough on women’s rights but fails to deliver

Jan 9 2019 — Naomi Lakritz — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brand of feminism is wearing rather thin and hypocrisy is showing beneath it. Last year, the federal government announced that any small business or organization wanting funding under the Canada Summer Jobs program had to be pro-choice. This ridiculous stipulation meant that a pro-life group couldn’t get any money to hire […]

History tells a much more balanced tale of Macdonald

Aug 13 2018 — Naomi Lakritz — Sir John A. Macdonald continues to vanish from the Canadian landscape. The latest to jump on the politically correct bandwagon is Victoria, which has removed a statue of Macdonald from in front of its city hall. It is kind of ironic, actually, considering that Victoria is named for the Queen who ruled during the Macdonald […]

Trudeau and #MeToo double standard

Jul 4 2018 — Naomi Lakritz — Quiz time. A little over six months ago, who said: “Sexual harassment is a systemic problem and when women speak up, we have a responsibility to listen to them and to believe them.” And who also said: “Obviously my thoughts turn immediately to the women who came forward knowing how difficult it is, it can […]

Gaudy socks aren’t the worst of Trudeau’s sins

Apr 3 2018 — Naomi Lakritz — Monday on this page, Chris Nelson mused about what the reasons might be for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falling out of favour in the polls with Canadian women. Well, Chris, unlike Trudeau, I can’t speak for all women. But if we were to compare it to a divorce, then I’d have to say it’s because […]

Being male means you’re guilty as harassment hysteria grows

Feb 7 2018 — Naomi Lakritz — If you’ve ever wondered how the kind of hysteria could happen that swept Salem back in 1692, just look around you at its modern-day equivalent — the sexual assault and harassment allegations that are destroying men’s careers and lives. In Salem, at least they held trials before the executions. Today, the execution comes first. Prime […]

Trudeau’s pot plan is all smoke and mirrors

Jan 24 2018 — Naomi Lakritz — Last Sunday, I was driving on John Laurie Blvd. when I caught up to a motorist in the passing lane who was doing 40 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. As I pulled out to pass him on the right, I could smell the stench of marijuana coming from his car. Wait until marijuana is […]

The state has no business in Muslim women’s closets

Nov 1 2017 — Naomi Lakritz — Sixty-four per cent of Albertans surveyed last week told an Ipsos Public Affairs poll that they’d favour having a law in this province like Quebec’s Bill 62. The latest incarnation of Quebec’s xenophobia, Bill 62 prohibits Quebecers from wearing face-coverings while providing or receiving a public service. It’s not like anyone other than Muslims is […]

Gender equality starts with girls respecting one another

Mar 8 2017 — Naomi Lakritz — Today is International Women’s Day. Too bad. The fact that we still have to celebrate it is clear proof that we women aren’t there yet. Far from it. But it’s not just because men are oppressing us. Some members of the younger generation of women are oppressing each other and thinking it’s all a joke. […]

This is about Rachel Notley, not Bob Rae

May 7 2015 — Naomi Lakritz — OMG, run for the hills! The evils of socialism have arrived in Alberta! Bob Rae, Bob Rae, Bob Rae! The sky is falling! This is the silliness I’ve been hearing since Rachel Notley’s magnificent win Tuesday night. Interesting, eh? Why doesn’t anyone run around yelling Howard Pawley or Gary Doer? The last time I was […]

Look to the left to make Alberta politics right

Apr 8 2015 — Naomi Lakritz — Back in 2012, after the Tories dunked the Wildrose into the political lake of fire, it sure looked like the very next election after that was going to see Danielle Smith become premier of Alberta. Thankfully, with her ignominious self-immolation on the altar of betrayal, and subsequent departure from politics, that is never going to […]

Anti-women apparel a western tradition, too

Mar 13 2015 — Naomi Lakritz — It’s been amusing to listen to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau argue about women’s clothing. Have they nothing more pressing to talk about? Isn’t there a country to run? The focus of their comments has been whether wearing the face-covering niqab is offensive. Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has also called […]

Rachel Notley, grab the brass ring

Dec 17 2014 — Naomi Lakritz — Guess who emerges from all this PC/Wildrose merger/betrayal mess as looking better than ever? NDP Leader Rachel Notley. The provincial NDP, with the highly principled Notley as leader, has an incredible opportunity now to shine; they should take advantage of it to build momentum and strengthen their cachet for the 2016 election. And with the […]

Young mothers can’t be judges anyway

Jun 22 2014 — Naomi Lakritz — Why is everyone so mad at Justice Minister Peter MacKay? Look closely at the comment he made to the Ontario Bar Association. It makes no sense at all. Asked about the scarcity of women and minorities who are appointed to federal court benches, MacKay replied that women don’t seek to be judges because they’re afraid […]

Double standard takes wing for Redford and Klein

Mar 14 2014 — Naomi Lakritz — Why the double standard? A lot of people clamoured for Premier Alison Redford to repay the $45,000 she spent to fly to Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December, and Wednesday she agreed to do it. Yet, when former premier Ralph Klein wasted more than $250,000 on the misuse of government planes in 2003 and 2004, nobody […]