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In Canada, the concept of ‘tax fairness’ is meaningless

Oct 31 2017 — Neil Macdonald — If I had Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s money, I’d buy a first-class ticket to Paris, then find the nearest Porsche dealership, acquire a loaded Carrera, drive straight to that villa in Provence he owns through a shell company, and send a note back to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian public tendering my resignation […]

Donald Trump is operating straight from the white supremacist playbook

Aug 29 2017 — Neil Macdonald — The New York Times Daily podcast featured an interview last week with a fellow named Derek Black, who was suckled from childhood on white supremacy and even helped create a children’s page on Stormfront — his father’s website — which is variously described as “white nationalist,” “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi.” His godfather was David Duke, […]

Canada’s review of arms sales to Saudi Arabia runs into a bit of a snag

Aug 24 2017 — Neil Macdonald — It’s hard to report this with a straight face, but Global Affairs tells me that its urgent and serious review of Canadian arms sales to Saudi Arabia is running into a bit of a snag. Apparently, despite images of Saudi troops using Gurkha combat machines, manufactured by Ontario-based Terradyne Armored Vehicles, in their campaign to […]

Canada needs to come to terms with the migration crisis Trump is creating

Aug 5 2017 — Neil Macdonald — The most tempting, obvious epithet for the enthusiasm with which the Trump administration is scaring displaced Haitians out of the United States is shameful. Utterly, debasingly, shameful. But you might as well scold a dog for farting. Trump and his cohort are shameless. They’re most likely proposing toasts, grinning and backslapping; waves of (black) foreigners […]

Sooner or later, the bill will arrive for Trudeau’s spending

Jun 13 2017 — Neil Macdonald — Setting aside the strange, faith-based alchemy of money-printing, government finances are pretty simple: if the government spends more than it takes in, it either has to borrow the difference, or raise taxes. Eventually, enough spending and borrowing will force it to raise taxes. And that is where Justin Trudeau’s government is heading. His ministers, most […]

Canada mustn’t roll over on trade for America’s bully-in-chief

May 16 2017 — Neil Macdonald — This is what Canada’s representatives in Washington have to put up with: “NAFTA … was so one-sided. Both from the Canada standpoint and from the Mexico standpoint. So one-sided. Wilbur [Ross, the secretary of commerce] will tell you that, you know, like, at the court in Canada, we always lose. Well, the judges are three […]

Canada will legalize pot, after arresting a bunch of people for pot offences first

Apr 19 2017 — Neil Macdonald — “Too many Canadians,” declares the Liberal Party of Canada on its website, “end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts” of marijuana. Enforcement of cannabis law, it continues, “traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent offenses.” Well said. Courageous, even. Huzzah. So. What’s the government’s solution? Well, it intends […]

Trudeau says Assad needs to go. OK — then what?

Apr 12 2017 — Neil Macdonald — Perhaps Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was swept away by the glory of the French beach code-named “Juno,” a place where Canadian troops once courageously advanced into Nazi machine gun fire, sacrificing their very lives to remove the evil tyrant who’d slaughtered so many innocents in Europe. Standing there, suffused with liberation theology, Trudeau declared Syria’s […]

Trump should listen to his instincts and stay out of the Middle East

Apr 8 2017 — Neil Macdonald — President Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian air base (after warning the Russians to get out of the way) was inevitable, and perfectly, utterly American. Trump invoked images of suffering babies, something that always stirs a goodhearted American desire to step in and do something. He also invoked God, the Christian God Americans believe […]

Forget ‘values tests.’ One would-be Tory leader has other ideas that will horrify Liberals: Neil Macdonald

Mar 18 2017 — Neil Macdonald — Rick Peterson, the private-sector firecracker competing with 13 other candidates to lead the Conservative Party, wrote the other day, politely taking issue with my contention that the race is less exciting than televised darts and devoid of big, serious ideas. So I called him back. He wasn’t terribly keen on discussing the cruelly boring race […]

Forget populism — where are the big ideas from Canadian leadership candidates?

Mar 14 2017 — Neil Macdonald — A populist blast, we are told, is building in the intestines of the Canadian polity. It’s like attitudinal fracking; economic despair and class resentment is cracking open dormant pockets of inflammable anger-gas, and the coming blowout threatens the very order of things. My old colleague-turned-academic Michael Valpy, an earnestly sober left-leaning intellectual, wrote recently in […]