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Firing two luckless patsies just makes Scheer look hapless

Nov 26 2019 — Neil Macdonald — The most interesting sentence in the weekend’s news flow was five paragraphs into a colleague’s report about Andrew Scheer’s announcement that with great regret, he’d fired two of his most senior aides. Multiple Conservative sources, wrote the CBC’s Elise von Scheel, “said Scheer informed them personally that they were to be let go and not […]

Andrew Scheer is effectively pro-choice, why not just own it?

Oct 29 2019 — Neil Macdonald — Plaintively, Andrew Scheer is now asserting that it’s possible to be a social conservative – anti-abortion, anti-gay, suspicious of public schooling, that sort of thing – and still become prime minister. The key, he seems to think, is to claim his views on such matters are strictly personal – he is a religious man – […]

Winter is coming, and so is an uncharted economic abyss

Aug 13 2019 — Neil Macdonald — Some economists seem to think that only a credentialed economist has the right to be utterly wrong about an issue of economics. Their contempt for amateurs — columnists with broad audiences, for example — would sear the lungs if inhaled. So, because criticism just makes me feel so terrible, let me phrase a whole set […]

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is revenue neutral… for now

Apr 24 2019 — Neil Macdonald — On Thursday, the fiscal detectives at the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) will publish their assessment of a promise the Trudeau government will be repeating, almost as a matter of self-defence, in this year’s election: that the new carbon tax driving up gasoline and home heating costs will be entirely returned to taxpayers through tax cuts.

Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists?

Apr 16 2019 — Neil Macdonald — Interesting how the term “white nationalism” has somehow begun to supplant the more honest phrase “white supremacy,” both here and in the United States. Everyone seems to be using it now. It will be an election campaign topic in our general election this fall, and the American one late next year. And let’s be clear, […]