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Foreign policy focus in new session should be on China, U.S., and human rights, say Parliamentarians

Sep 23 2020 — Neil Moss — As Parliament returns for another session, MPs and Senators say they want to see a foreign policy focus on Canada’s fraught relationship with China, the ever-important relationship with the U.S., and the declining human rights situation around the world. “It is time for Canada to assume—or reassume—its leadership role in the world,” said Liberal MP […]

‘Diplomat’ Deltell’s promotion could lead to closer co-operation in Parliament as new Tory House team spotlights Quebec, party unity, say insiders

Sep 9 2020 — Neil Moss — With new Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole having assembled his House leadership team and front bench, a former Conservative House leader says Gérard Deltell’s talents are finally being fully utilized as the new one, as the new team seeks to unite the party and look towards making gains in Quebec. A former House leader for the […]

Canada could have added leverage in trade talks with U.K. as activists push for stronger environmental protections

Sep 2 2020 — Neil Moss — With the United Kingdom pushing for a multitude of free trade deals as the Brexit transition period nears its end, Canada could be in a position of increasing leverage in trade talks with Britain, say analysts, while activists hope for increased environmental protections in a new pact. When the transition period expires in four months, […]

Don’t expect aluminum tariffs to be removed before U.S. election, say analysts

Aug 19 2020 — Neil Moss — Without the ability to impose broad-based, politically focused retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports, it is likely that tariffs on Canadian aluminum will continue at least until after the U.S. election, as the Canadian economy is being pulled into the American election cycle, according to stakeholders and experts. The American reimposition of 10 per cent national […]

Easing of restrictions to non-U.S. travellers into Canada unlikely to be met with Trump backlash, could pave way for reopening of 49th parallel, say experts

Aug 12 2020 — Neil Moss — With no progress towards reopening the Canada-U.S. border as the United States continues to be overwhelmed by COVID-19, experts say easing restrictions to allow non-U.S. foreign nationals to travel to Canada could be the first step in a phased reopening of the 49th parallel. Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s forceful defence of his handling of […]

Feds have yet to make agreed-upon changes giving Parliament greater oversight over trade deals

Jul 22 2020 — Neil Moss — Despite saying it would abide by agreed-upon provisions to give Parliamentarians more oversight on trade deals, the Liberal government has yet to amend its official policy on tabling trade bills in Parliament. Those provisions include tabling notice of the government’s intent to enter into free trade negotiations in the House of Commons 90 days before […]

Trudeau’s penchant for political appointees shows lack of appreciation for ambassadors’ work: former senior diplomat

Jul 15 2020 — Neil Moss — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau selected another political appointee for one of Canada’s most high-profile diplomatic posts, a former senior ambassador says the prime minister fails to understand the importance of career diplomats. Bob Rae’s appointment as the next Canadian ambassador to the UN is the latest in a series of political appointees taking the […]

Argentina, Chile, DRC, Hungary, and Madagascar say they backed Canada’s UN Security Council bid, but closest allies are silent

Jul 8 2020 — Neil Moss — Two La Francophonie nations, two South American countries, and an EU member state say they supported Canada’s failed bid to win a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, while some of the country’s closest allies won’t say whether they voted for Canada in the secret ballot. The Hill Times contacted the UN missions, foreign […]

Backroom, Capitol Hill lobbying key to fighting possible return of tariffs, says MP Wayne Easter

Jul 1 2020 — Neil Moss — As a report suggests that the U.S. is considering reimposing national security tariffs on Canadian aluminum exports, the Canadian co-chair of the Canada-U.S. Inter-Parliamentary Group said Ottawa should persuade American officials against taking trade action away from the public eye, and should continue its outreach efforts to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and […]

Parliamentary association chair defends Canada-China group as critics call for its suspension

Jun 3 2020 — Neil Moss — As Beijing’s behaviour grows increasingly strong-willed and the Canada-China relationship continues to flounder, some are calling for the suspension of a parliamentary association between the two countries, while one of the co-chairs says the group facilitates dialogue. The 50-member Canadian-side of the Canada-China Legislative Association, which was founded in 1998, is composed of MPs and […]

Trudeau taking charge of Canada’s UN Security Council bid with calls to world leaders, but they could have limited impact, says former UN diplomat

May 18 2020 — Neil Moss — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau works to address the coronavirus pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, he is also tackling another crusade—Canada’s push for a seat on the UN Security Council. But a former Canadian diplomat at the UN says the impact of his calls to other world leaders might be limited. While the fight […]