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Trudeau taking charge of Canada’s UN Security Council bid with calls to world leaders, but they could have limited impact, says former UN diplomat

May 18 2020 — Neil Moss — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau works to address the coronavirus pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, he is also tackling another crusade—Canada’s push for a seat on the UN Security Council. But a former Canadian diplomat at the UN says the impact of his calls to other world leaders might be limited. While the fight […]

‘Hard decisions are going to have to be made’: can vital defence procurements survive in a post-pandemic world?

May 13 2020 — Neil Moss — In the midst of critical procurements that will set the framework for the Canadian military for years to come, questions remain on how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the oft-delayed projects. The pandemic has already impacted the two most high-profile defence procurement projects with another delay in the replacement of Canada’s fighter fleet as well […]

Some politicos, dairy groups say the feds promised new NAFTA would start in August, while trade experts say start date was being hurried by Trump

May 6 2020 — Neil Moss — Some opposition Parliamentarians say the federal government misled them on when the new NAFTA will come into force, believing they had an assurance that the updated trade pact would start at the beginning of August and not a month before, to the detriment of Canada’s dairy sector. But trade experts say the Trump administration forced […]

Multilateralism suffering ‘collective breakdown,’ say Parliamentarians who are calling for increased global cooperation

Apr 27 2020 — Neil Moss — As countries around the world shift their attention inward, Canadian Parliamentarians say they are worried about the state of pivotal international humanitarian partnerships, and are calling for an increased focus on multilateral organizations. With criticism mounting towards the World Health Organization (WHO) and little global cooperation by G7 and G20 nations to tackle the coronavirus […]

Trump’s coronavirus pronouncements have had little impact on Canadian response as few have been realized, say analysts

Apr 20 2020 — Neil Moss — As U.S. President Donald Trump makes headline-grabbing suggestions that could have wide-reaching effects on Canada’s response to curb COVID-19, analysts say the presidential pronouncements have little consequence to the Canadian federal government as few have come to pass. As the two countries try to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been […]

China may have breached consular agreement by withholding access to detained Canadians since January

Apr 15 2020 — Neil Moss — With no consular access for two detained Canadians since January in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, China may have breached a bilateral consular agreement with little power for the Canadian government to safeguard communication links with Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Global Affairs told The Hill Times in an email that Canadian officials haven’t […]

Tory questions turning House Canada-China group into ‘committee for un-Canadian activities,’ says witness

Mar 4 2020 — Neil Moss — As the Special House Committee on Canada-China Relations tries to find an answer for Canada’s “most important” foreign policy question, some committee witnesses have criticized the nature of questioning they have received from some MPs. At the heart of the criticism is Conservative questioning of Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Barton as well as of […]

Downe wants Parliament to have power to amend new NAFTA, Liberals pledge to share objectives of future trade talks with House

Feb 24 2020 — Neil Moss — The power of American lawmakers to modify trade agreements has inspired their Canadian counterparts to look for more of their own influence over the trade negotiation process, say some parliamentarians. CSG Senator Percy Downe (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) says the work of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to alter the new NAFTA has set a […]

Big caucus backing not necessarily a sign of coronation for MacKay, say politicos

Feb 5 2020 — Neil Moss — As Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay garners a surge of endorsements from the Conservative caucus, politicos say those displays of support are not necessarily signs of a coronation for the former high-profile Harper cabinet minister. As of Feb. 4, 20 sitting MPs and two Conservative Senators have publicly pledged their support to Mr. MacKay, including […]

Iranian investigator into downed Flight 752 should be replaced due to past, says former Liberal justice minister

Jan 22 2020 — Neil Moss — The past actions of the Iranian official tapped to lead the investigation into the downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 should disqualify him from handling the inquiry, says a former Liberal justice minister. Iran has picked conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi, the country’s chief justice, to head the inquiry into the downing of Flight 752, […]