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Downe wants Parliament to have power to amend new NAFTA, Liberals pledge to share objectives of future trade talks with House

Feb 24 2020 — Neil Moss — The power of American lawmakers to modify trade agreements has inspired their Canadian counterparts to look for more of their own influence over the trade negotiation process, say some parliamentarians. CSG Senator Percy Downe (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) says the work of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to alter the new NAFTA has set a […]

Big caucus backing not necessarily a sign of coronation for MacKay, say politicos

Feb 5 2020 — Neil Moss — As Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay garners a surge of endorsements from the Conservative caucus, politicos say those displays of support are not necessarily signs of a coronation for the former high-profile Harper cabinet minister. As of Feb. 4, 20 sitting MPs and two Conservative Senators have publicly pledged their support to Mr. MacKay, including […]

Iranian investigator into downed Flight 752 should be replaced due to past, says former Liberal justice minister

Jan 22 2020 — Neil Moss — The past actions of the Iranian official tapped to lead the investigation into the downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 should disqualify him from handling the inquiry, says a former Liberal justice minister. Iran has picked conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi, the country’s chief justice, to head the inquiry into the downing of Flight 752, […]

‘No such thing as too many cooks’: Freeland and Champagne to balance crucial Canada-U.S. relationship

Dec 2 2019 — Neil Moss — As the new NAFTA crawls towards implementation, it is natural for new Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to keep her responsibility over the Canada-U.S. file, say former diplomats, but it is unclear how incoming Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne fits into the fold. Ms. Freeland (University-Rosedale, Ont.) and Mr. Champagne (Saint-Maurice-Champlain, Que.) will both have […]

Mending global relationships, defending economic interests Champagne’s top tasks, say foreign policy analysts

Nov 22 2019 — Neil Moss — Repairing Canada’s global relationships and defending its economic interests will dominate the work of Canada’s new top diplomat, which will likely include less unilateral condemnation of human rights records around the world, say foreign policy analysts. Repairing Canada’s trading relationship with China will be front and centre for new Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne (Saint-Maurice-Champlain, […]

Trudeau’s re-election should bolster his international stature, says former diplomat

Nov 6 2019 — Neil Moss — Despite losing his majority government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s re-election will give his foreign policy posturing added legitimacy, with further opportunity for Canada to be more “ambitious” in representing liberal democracies around the world that are committed to bridge-building, say former diplomats and foreign policy experts. Mr. Trudeau, whose Liberals were re-elected to a minority […]