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A global health crisis is not the time to limit access to life-saving vaccines and medicines

Nov 24 2020 — Pamela C. Fralick — In response to COVID-19, Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical companies are collaborating as never before to find medicines to treat those infected with the virus, and vaccines to stop its spread. Thanks in part to this unprecedented level of activity, we have been greeted in recent days by news of potentially effective vaccines on the horizon. This […]

A new deal for Canada’s Life Sciences

Jan 14 2018 — Pamela C. Fralick — In the late 80’s and early 90’s Canadian Governments undertook a grand bargain with Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical sector that had a profound and positive impact on Canadian society. Bills C-22 (1987) and Bill C-91 (1993) saw innovative patent drug manufactures receive world class patent protections and business certainty in exchange for investing in Canada. This […]

Act now to fix glaring gaps in palliative care

Jan 20 2016 — Pamela C. Fralick — When the country’s health ministers arrived for their meeting this week in Vancouver they should have had at least two dog-eared documents in their carry-on luggage. The first is last summer’s report by the parliamentary budget officer calling attention to the fragile state of provincial healthcare systems due in large part to Canada’s growing demographic […]