National Newswatch

Leave no patient behind: Ottawa must deliver on rare diseases

Dec 20 2022 — Pamela Fralick — In 2019, the federal government announced a $1-billion investment over two years, with up to $500 million per year ongoing, to support Canada’s first-ever national strategy for rare diseases beginning in 2022-2023. For the one in 12 Canadians who suffer from a rare disease, the news gave them hope for better health outcomes and cutting-edge […]

How Canada’s Pharmaceutical Industry is Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

May 8 2020 — Pamela Fralick — As the world is experiencing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19, there are some glimmers of hope emerging from collaboration in the biopharmaceutical industry as companies, researchers, governments and others work together to try to find vaccines and treatments to help patients. As of April 2020, at least 70 potential novel coronavirus vaccines are being developed by research teams across […]

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