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Appeal court rules some changes to jury selection process were misapplied

Jan 23 2020 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Scores of criminal cases heard in Ontario in recent months could require new trials after the province's highest court ruled Thursday that recent changes to the jury selection process had been improperly applied. The Court of Appeal for Ontario unanimously upheld the constitutionality of sweeping legal reforms brought in through Bill C-75, which took effect […]

Court challenge to federal ban on needles for drug-using prisoners postponed

Dec 9 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A court hearing to challenge the federal government's ban on needles for drug-using prisoners has been postponed until next week in the latest delay for a case that began seven years ago. Monday's hearing before the Ontario Superior Court was pushed back to Dec. 17 due to a medical emergency in the applicants' legal team. The […]

Ontario court to hear challenge to prison needle ban this week

Dec 8 2019 — Paola Loriggio — A constitutional challenge to the federal government's refusal to provide clean needles in prisons is set to be heard by an Ontario court this week. The challenge, filed by former inmate Steven Simons, is backed by a several HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations, who say current rules are arbitrary and disproportionate.  The organizations are expected to argue in court Monday that the lack […]

Group that includes 5 moms challenging Ontario’s vaccination child law

Oct 28 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A group that includes five Ontario mothers is challenging the province's child vaccination law, alleging it violates a number of constitutional rights. The parents and the non-profit organization Vaccine Choice Canada allege the Immunization of School Pupils Act breaches the rights to freedom of conscience and religion and to liberty and security of the […]

Rejected pot shop applicants seek to appeal after their challenge was dismissed

Oct 28 2019 — Paola Loriggio — Lawyers representing 11 people who were disqualified from applying to open a cannabis retail store in Ontario are seeking to appeal after a court dismissed their challenge of the rejection last month. The group has filed a notice that it is seeking leave to appeal the divisional court decision, saying the three-judge panel erred in finding the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario […]

Three charged in connection with protest outside PPC event in Hamilton

Oct 23 2019 — Paola Loriggio — Three people have been charged in connection with a protest outside an event featuring People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton last month, including a man whose family temporarily shut down their business amid backlash over his participation. The Al Soufi family was forced to close its Toronto restaurant earlier this month after they said they received hundreds […]

Mock federal election for students also ends in Liberal minority

Oct 23 2019 — Paola Loriggio — If Canada's elementary and high school students were the ones responsible for electing the country's government, this week's vote would still have ended in a Liberal minority. A project that saw more than 1.1 million students across the country cast a ballot in a mock federal election resulted in 110 seats for the Liberals, compared with the 157 they won in the […]

Court dismisses legal challenge to Ontario’s pot shop lottery

Sep 27 2019 — Paola Loriggio — An Ontario court has dismissed a legal challenge filed by 11 people who were disqualified from applying to open a cannabis retail store in the province. The divisional court also on Friday lifted a stay on the licensing process for the latest round of pot shops, which it had imposed while the case was being […]

Lawyers for disqualified pot shop applicants say process was unfair

Sep 25 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A legal battle over Ontario's licensing system for retail cannabis stores focused Wednesday on the steps taken by the province to contact a number of applicants who were later disqualified for failing to file documents by a certain date. The group of 11 applicants is challenging the rejection and disputing the fairness of […]

Appeal court rules 3-2 in favour of law that slashed Toronto city council

Sep 19 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Ontario's top court has upheld a provincial law that slashed the size of Toronto's city council nearly in half last year, saying the unexpected move did not interfere with candidates' or voters' ability to express themselves freely. In a split decision, the Ontario court of appeal sided Thursday with Premier Doug Ford in his dispute […]

Ontario judge grants pot shop licensing stay, rejected applicants seek review

Sep 12 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — An Ontario judge has paused the licensing process for the province's latest round of cannabis retail stores. Superior Court Justice David Corbett granted a two-week stay, which was requested by a group of 11 people who won the government's licence lottery but were later disqualified. The 11 applicants are requesting a judicial review of […]

Ex-Ontario health minister David Caplan remembered as dedicated public servant

Jul 25 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Politicians of all stripes expressed shock and sadness Thursday at the death of former provincial health minister David Caplan, a recent colleague they described as a dedicated and hard-working public servant. Premier Doug Ford offered his condolences via Twitter to the Liberal politician's family and friends, thanking Caplan for his service to the province. […]

Letting Ontario proceed with tobacco lawsuit would be unfair to others: judge

May 2 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — A judge says he refused to let the Ontario government push forward with a lawsuit against three major tobacco companies because it would give the province an unfair advantage over other governments seeking to do the same. Ontario last week asked a Toronto court to lift a stay on legal proceedings against the companies so that its […]

Funding for colleges, universities, increasingly tied to performance outcomes

Apr 11 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — The Ontario government is putting more conditions on post-secondary funding, saying money for the province's public colleges and universities will increasingly be tied to performance outcomes. In its first budget, the Progressive Conservative government said it will negotiate new agreements with 45 post-secondary institutions by the end of next March to make the […]

Highlights from the Ontario budget unveiled Thursday

Apr 11 2019 — Paola Loriggio — TORONTO — Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli presented the Progressive Conservatives' first fiscal blueprint Thursday. Here are the highlights: ___ PATH TO BALANCE The Progressive Conservatives are promising to balance the province's books in five years, which means they don't plan to eliminate the deficit within their term. The Tories say they've managed to cut […]