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Former Canadian military chief to head Ukraine defence advisory council

Jun 24 2022 — Bryan Passifiume — A former Canadian top soldier will chair a new strategic council advising Ukraine’s territorial defence forces. On Friday, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) — a non-profit consortium of organizations affiliated to the world’s Ukrainian diaspora — announced that retired CAF General and former Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hillier will head the new group, alongside […]

Toronto shocker: Poll shows Conservatives in the lead

Jun 1 2022 — Bryan Passifiume — With just a day to go in the Ontario election campaign, the most unlikeliest of cities is locked in a near-statistical three-way tie over who should form the province’s next government. A Postmedia/Leger Ontario provincial election poll puts the Ontario PCs at a comfortable 40 per cent share of decided votes, while the Ontario Liberals […]

Ontario PCs see lead shrink as election campaign kicks off: poll

May 5 2022 — Bryan Passifiume — As the campaign for June’s provincial election begins, new numbers show support for the incumbent Ontario PCs might be waning. Results of a new Leger/Postmedia poll show the 14-point lead previously enjoyed by the Tories cut in half, with the Ontario Liberals breaking away from a seemingly perpetual two-way tie for second place with the […]

Joly’s ‘what we’re good at is convening’ comments sell Canadian military short, generals say

Mar 17 2022 — Bryan Passifiume — Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is selling Canada’s military short, according to former generals who expressed surprise at comments she made this week. On Tuesday, Joly said Canada will continue working with international partners in helping protect Ukraine through aid and diplomacy, but suggested that was the limit of our capabilities.

Organizers of a Saturday-morning Calgary-area rally want Notley NDP to do more to save Alberta’s struggling oil and gas industry

Sep 19 2015 — Bryan Passifiume — They’re taking their frustration to the streets. Fed up by what they claim is a lack of support for the oil and gas industry by Alberta’s NDP government, workers idled by the current downturn plan on making their voices heard Saturday. “We’re seeing unemployment, home losses, bankruptcies and uncertainty,” organizer Lorne Murfitt told the Sun. […]

Calgary-Foothills NDP candidate Bob Hawkesworth launches by-election with help from Rachel Notley

Aug 17 2015 — Bryan Passifiume — Voter apathy may be the biggest opponent facing candidates in Calgary-Foothills. Helping to create momentum in yet another election for ballot-weary voters in the northwest Calgary riding, Premier Rachel Notley was on hand Sunday to kick off provincial NDP candidate Bob Hawkesworth’s campaign. “This riding, in many ways, is symbolic of the 44-year PC government,” […]

Calgary-Centre Liberal candidate Kent Hehr dismisses remarks by Conservative Jason Kenney as “absurd”

Aug 9 2015 — Bryan Passifiume — Grit policy on Alberta won’t be a case of father knows best, assures one Calgary candidate. Responding to Jason Kenney’s comments accusing Liberal leader Justin Trudeau of harbouring an “arrogant anti-Alberta attitude,” Calgary Centre Liberal candidate Kent Hehr dismissed the cabinet minister’s words as “absurd.” “They were made to deflect from the real record of […]

Trudeau talks about Canada’s energy woes in Calgary

Feb 7 2015 — Bryan Passifiume — Communication and co-operation are key to securing the country’s energy and environmental policy, Canada’s Liberal leader said Friday. Speaking at the Calgary’s Petroleum Club, Grit boss Justin Trudeau said a lack of public trust and credibility were to blame for Canada’s energy woes. “You don’t have to be Prime Minister for nine years to know […]