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Justin Trudeau’s main rival: An American with a bummer of a campaign

Oct 20 2019 — Paula Newton — The video on YouTube posted a few years ago seemed promising: Andrew Scheer, now Canada’s Conservative leader, was surrounded by his wife and five children, hamming it up for the cameras and introducing himself to voters. It was direct, fun and endearing. Fast forward to a spiritless national campaign where Scheer has seemed evasive, stiff […]

Liberal superhero Justin Trudeau is not immune to the forces of Trump

Feb 13 2017 — Paula Newton — You know him as the man who can break the Internet with a single photo. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau swept into office in 2015 with a promise of “sunny ways” and “positive politics” for a country feuding over religion, taxes and the military. But a series of scandals — and a new neighbor in […]