National Newswatch

More publishers need a fair deal

Jun 17 2022 — Paul Deegan — During the 2021 federal election campaign, several political parties made commitments to introduce news remuneration legislation. Why is such legislation needed? First, the need for strong, independent local news has never been higher – it keeps communities connected and informed on issues that are impacting them directly. Covering city hall, provincial and territorial legislatures, our […]

When the CEO is sick, honesty is the best policy

Oct 8 2020 — Paul Deegan — How the Trump White House has handled the president’s bout of coronavirus should give pause to anyone who heads an organization, including directors of Canadian publicly traded companies. Holding large events where many, if not most, attendees are not wearing masks or face shields, as the White House did in introducing Supreme Court nominee Amy […]

What WE needs to do next: split up and open up

Jul 20 2020 — Paul Deegan — The education and international-aid group WE Charity has built a strong brand and reputation over the past 25 years. Most importantly, it’s had a positive impact on countless children in Canada and abroad. Yet today WE finds itself under intense public scrutiny, putting its hard-earned brand and reputation at risk. While questions surrounding the circumstances […]

Brian Mulroney the statesman is still going strong

Jul 7 2020 — Paul Deegan — Montrealers can count one of the great statesmen from the second half of the 20th century as one of their own, but it is former prime minister Brian Mulroney’s latest thinking that should pique our imagination. Today, Mulroney may be an octogenarian, but he appears far from slowing down.