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Open Letter to Minister Morneau – Getting our economic and climate house in order

Mar 2 2020 — Perrin Beatty — RE: Addressing Climate Change and Economic Growth in the Federal Budget Dear Minister: Recent events demonstrate that Canada must urgently find common ground on how to balance climate policy with a commitment to support economic growth. Canadian businessesunderstand the serious need to address climate change and weurge you to use the upcoming federal budget as […]

Open letter to PM from Perrin Beatty, Canadian Chamber of Commerce: Time to get to work on economic issues

Dec 2 2019 — Perrin Beatty — Dear Prime Minister: On behalf of 450 local chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing 200,000 Canadian businesses from every sector and every region in Canada, please accept our congratulations on winning the plurality of seats in the 43rd Parliament. As you know, our members employ millions of hard-working Canadians from all walks of […]

Open Letter to Premiers

Jul 9 2019 — Perrin Beatty — On behalf of the two hundred thousand businesses represented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce network, I urge you to take significant and meaningful action on advancing the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). As you are no doubt aware, the Council of the Federation was created in 2003 “to work collaboratively to strengthen the Canadian […]

Open Letter to Party Leaders from 200,000 businesses

May 13 2019 — Perrin Beatty — Dear Party Leaders: Without a thriving business sector, Canada’s economic growth suffers, our prosperity declines, and our governments can afford fewer roads, hospitals, schools, and social services. For Canada to succeed, our businesses must also be successful. Today, Canadian businesses face obstacles our competitors don’t. We call them the seven burdens of business: over-regulation, a complex and […]

The Clock is Ticking, but CUSMA’s Still Incomplete

Apr 2 2019 — Perrin Beatty — The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) was, and remains, a necessary deal for our businesses. It’s not perfect, but it provides a crucial element of certainty for anyone doing cross-border trade. The negotiations are now done, but the process is not yet complete. It will only be final when each of the three countries passes enabling […]

Budget initiatives on infrastructure, skills and remote communities will boost Canada’s competitiveness

Feb 11 2014 — Perrin Beatty — Today’s budget presents the continuity of a plan for economic growth that builds on Canada’s economic and fiscal advantages. The measures announced by the Government will help Canadian businesses prosper and compete. We have urged the government to focus on where Canada needs to be five or 10 years from now, even if it means […]

Word of wireless advice, Mr. Moore: Go slow

Aug 2 2013 — Perrin Beatty — Every year Ottawa creates thousands of regulations and passes dozens of laws — some good, some very wrong. But the law I always worry about the most is the law of unintended consequences. No matter how well-intentioned cabinet ministers…