National Newswatch

It’s 2019, where are the women?

Oct 6 2019 — Penny Collenette — Why was Elizabeth May, the only federal female leader who holds a seat in the House of Commons, excluded from the recent French language TVA/LCN language debate? And why did the other four leaders not object to her exclusion? Three of them describe themselves as feminists or at least progressives. Should they have refused to […]

Who will speak for Canada?

Sep 29 2019 — Penny Collenette — Recent warnings about increased Western alienation, rumblings about rising Bloc Québécois numbers and concerns about a minority government, may indicate stormy times ahead. An unstable federal government will not be helpful as Americans slip into a fractious presidential impeachment investigation and Britain rages over Brexit. Meanwhile, the world is facing unimaginable challenges with the pace […]

The necessary approach to national security oversight

Apr 28 2019 — Penny Collenette — The runway to this fall’s federal election is already portended to be divisive and nasty. Certainly, the attacks by the leaders on each other are heightening the rhetoric. Yet, surprisingly, in offices away from Parliament Hill, a historic, non-partisan Parliamentary committee on national security and intelligence oversight is working collaboratively. This unusual group, which includes […]

Yours to Discover: Welcome to Ford Nation

Apr 14 2019 — Penny Collenette — The runway to Ontario’s budget resembled a birthday bash for Doug Ford. He beamed with pleasure. He could not sleep the night before the transit announcement because he was so excited. His friends were gathered around. There weren’t balloons but there were slogans and stickers. It was pure marketing hype. Taking notes from the Donald […]

Unwelcome global spotlight shines on Canada

Mar 17 2019 — Penny Collenette — Despite focus on the upcoming federal budget, a pivot from the SNC-Lavalin (SNC) controversy is not yet in sight. If anything, the scope of the debate has recently widened, courtesy of an unusual press release from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its working group on bribery has publicly issued concerns about recent […]

Diplomatic challenges in an undiplomatic world — who do you trust?

Feb 3 2019 — Penny Collenette — If the art of traditional diplomacy hadn’t already faltered under the Trump administration, it was dealt a knockout blow when the president sarcastically called the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, “Little Rocket Man.” Megaphone diplomacy, where insults are hurled, has replaced serious negotiation and quiet discussion. Trump also thinks nothing of disagreeing with his […]

Dates of destiny for Theresa May and Nancy Pelosi

Dec 2 2018 — Penny Collenette — If you love politics, historic votes on Dec. 11 and early January are guaranteed headlines. The first will take place in the U.K. Parliament and will determine the trajectory of Britain as a global power, while the second will be held in Washington’s House of Representatives and could well determine the future of Donald Trump.

Scheer vs. Bernier: Unfinished business spills into 2019 election

Nov 18 2018 — Penny Collenette — Just how much political damage can Maxime Bernier cause to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party, in the run up to the next election? More importantly, will Bernier’s well known libertarian principles impact our national discourse, possibly shifting the debate, not only for Scheer, but for all leaders? Will “Mad Max” be a lightning […]