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Political views change, but respect the voters

Sep 23 2018 — Penny Collenette — Voters have a right to feel betrayed by floor crossers. It is time to reform. When Parliament reopened last Monday, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were jolted by the unaccustomed sting of political betrayal. Leona Alleslev, the Liberal MP for Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill, elected in 2015, crossed the floor to the Conservative party, switching parties without any […]

With Donald Trump, silence is not an option

Jun 24 2018 — Penny Collenette — How do you fight a giant? The famous biblical battle between David and Goliath, brought to contemporary light in a brilliant book by Malcolm Gladwell, describes Goliath as a 6-foot-nine giant covered in armour. He carried three weapons — a javelin, a spear and a sword. His only physical weakness was an exposed forehead.

Ford fascinating years await Ontario

Jun 10 2018 — Penny Collenette — Here’s the thing about democracy. The principle that power resides in the people, must be respected at all times — not only when one side wins. While many had broken political hearts Thursday night as election results were revealed, it was apparent the people were speaking. And they spoke quite clearly.

Anger gives way to scrutiny as Ontario prepares to vote

May 27 2018 — Penny Collenette — Something shifted in the Ontario election this week. Voters have realized that change, for the sake of change, needs intense scrutiny. Anger toward Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party is not enough to ensure a smart electoral outcome. Many American voters felt anger in 2016 leading them to elect a spoiled, petulant bully of a […]

Why we should care what Stephen Harper says

May 20 2018 — Penny Collenette — It was a surprise to see Stephen Harper’s name streak through the news recently. Why would anyone write about him? His party was defeated in 2015 and he subsequently retired. So why were Conservative pundits defensive about his recent activities? And why did the Liberal Party pounce on the situation with a cheeky fundraising email […]

Why can’t prime ministers just stay home?

Apr 15 2018 — Penny Collenette — The PM is in Ottawa today. No surprise, right? Wrong. Still recovering from the infamous trip to India, reporters and opposition politicians appeared startled when the PM’s official itinerary revealed that he was travelling to Peru for the Summit of the Americas this past week, before departing for Paris and London. However, when the B.C./Alberta […]

Two key figures are missing in action in Ottawa

Apr 1 2018 — Penny Collenette — Political Ottawa is on a two week Easter break. MPs have scattered to their home ridings. However, even with the “empty nest” syndrome in Ottawa, two people are glaringly missing in action and their absence is worrying from the perspective of national security. A federal election is scheduled for next year, yet as Chantal Hebert […]

Premier Doug Ford? Not quite so fast.

Mar 18 2018 — Penny Collenette — If you believe recent polls, the June 7 provincial Ontario election may already be decided. Eric Grenier, the CBC’s polling analyst, currently projects that the Conservatives could win 78 to 98 seats, placing them in majority government territory. The NDP are second with 15 to 28 seats and the Liberals in third place with up […]

The politics of guns — a cross border issue

Mar 4 2018 — Penny Collenette — Gun violence, like the politics surrounding the issue, is deep and ugly. When the Harper government decided to gut the gun registry implemented by a Liberal government, emotions ran high within parties and across party lines, exposing a divide between rural and urban Canada. Records on more than five million owners of rifles and shotguns […]

Achieving Indigenous justice involves risk and vision

Feb 18 2018 — Penny Collenette — Surprisingly, it was a tweet from Justin Trudeau, and not Donald Trump, that recently generated legal and political debate. Trudeau’s tweets are normally quite formal in substance, however, occasionally, they contain sharp, determined policy bites — in spite of any risk. After Trump had imposed a four-month pause on refugees and temporarily banned travellers from […]

The best and worst of political leadership on shocking display

Feb 4 2018 — Penny Collenette — A turning point in society is often born of a distressing past, which must be resolved before moving on to an enlightened future. But much depends on deft leadership. How our politicians handle the growing number of sexual and workplace harassment allegations, which have recently shocked both Parliament and legislatures, will be crucial.

Do we appreciate our Supreme Court justices enough?

Dec 3 2017 — Penny Collenette — The Supreme Court, an opaque fortress of law, gives the impression of great strength, not easily amenable to change. But after 17 years of extraordinary and steady leadership by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, transition and transparency are high on the court’s agenda as they bid farewell to one justice, welcome another, and anticipate the name […]

Political conflicts of interest will only get trickier

Nov 18 2017 — Penny Collenette — She’s an Order of Canada recipient and the independent Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, an appointment made in consultation with all federal Leaders. Her office belongs to Parliament itself. He is the Minister of Finance for Canada, answerable to the Prime Minister and to the electors of Toronto Centre. She does not wish a […]