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Moore-Butts: The Politics of The Lie

May 15 2023 — Peter Mansbridge — Our two political heavyweights, Conservative James Moore and Liberal Gerry Butts, move their latest non-partisan discussion to the question of lies and their growing place in modern politics. Like it or not the lie is in the toolbox of politics and Donald Trump isn’t the only one using it. How did that happen and where […]

Should Passports Reflect Canadian History?

May 12 2023 — Peter Mansbridge — It’s a simple issue but one that gets people talking and today some “good talk” with Chantal and Rob Russo filling in for Bruce. Images of Canadian history or drawings of Canadiana — what do you think best reflects our passports? Plus a new challenge for Conservatives, and a controversial return of Donald Trump. All […]

Whose Budget Was It Anyways?

Mar 29 2023 — Peter Mansbridge — Of course, it was Chrystia Freeland’s budget but some could argue it was Jagmeet Singh’s budget too. Whatever the case the NDP was pretty happy and it sure seems the Liberal/NDP deal will stay intact meaning no election this year. Lots to talk about and Bruce is up for some good back and forth. Also […]

Arise, Hibernation Nation

Jul 20 2020 — Peter Mansbridge — Canadians are hibernators. We are no different, really, from many of the animals that roam our wonderful land. For five or six months a year, we put on our long johns and basically say, “Wake me in April.” For some of us, that means lying on the couch watching hockey, cuddling up with a good […]

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, but long live the Queen

May 14 2018 — Peter Mansbridge — The wedding of the year, with all its pomp and pageantry, is almost upon us. There’s much talk about what it all means as Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle — for Britain, for the monarchy and for the approaching post-Elizabethan era. After all, this will not be your normal royal wedding. She’s older than he […]

A new way to interview the prime minister

Jan 29 2016 — Peter Mansbridge — The first prime minister I interviewed was Pierre Trudeau. It was in the late 1970s during an era of very conventional formats. David Halton, the CBC’s legendary chief political correspondent then, and I sat at a highly polished Parliament Hill table alongside the prime minister, and questioned him on the issues of the day. It […]

Justin Trudeau’s 1st day as PM: Family, flag and father

Nov 5 2015 — Peter Mansbridge — In a private moment hours before becoming Canada’s 23rd prime minister, Justin Trudeau was climbing the stairs in an empty Parliament Building, holding his two eldest children by the hands, when he made an unscheduled stop in a hallway holding the portraits of former prime ministers. “Who is that?” Trudeau asked his son and daughter.

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