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Federal election 2021: Know your pollsters

Aug 6 2021 — Philippe J. Fournier — In his best-selling book Cracking the Quebec Code, Jean-Marc Léger wrote “Political polls make for about 1% of all my revenues, but account to 99% of my problems.” So, why do it then? For many market-research firms, political polling serves as an efficient way to promote their brand, attract customers and, when successful, show clients […]

The splintering of the right in Alberta: 338Canada

Jun 16 2021 — Philippe J. Fournier — When Mainstreet Research released its latest Alberta poll in May showing the Wildrose Independence Party in third place with 17 per cent of voting intentions province-wide, some eyebrows were understandably raised. Could it be that Jason Kenney’s right flank was splintering off his United Conservative Party, a narrative ominously similar to the one that doomed […]

Doug Ford’s PC Party takes a hit: 338Canada

May 20 2021 — Philippe J. Fournier — After a tumultuous spring marked by a deadly third wave of the pandemic in Ontario, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party has taken a substantial hit in popular support according to a new Mainstreet Research poll of Ontario voters. When Mainstreet last took the pulse of Ontario voters back in February, Doug Ford enjoyed a crushing […]

The Liberals inch closer to majority territory: 338Canada

Apr 5 2021 — Philippe J. Fournier — Even though several parts of the country are entering a third wave of the pandemic with abrupt rises in infection rates, there is reason for medium-term optimism, as most Canadians should be fully vaccinated by late summer if things go as planned. (Quebec Premier François Legault even went as far as publicly predicting that all […]

How much do Canadians dislike Donald Trump? A lot.

Oct 2 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — This November, millions of American voters will flock to the voting booths (or will already have voted by mail) to elect over 400 congressmen and congresswomen, 35 senators and, of course, the next president. The world will be watching—and holding its breath. In Canada, we know all too well that this election could have tremendous […]

338Canada: The end of the Liberals’ pandemic bump

Jul 28 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — While many Canadians are taking much needed time off from work and/or their pandemic routines, the news cycle out of Ottawa has not slowed down one bit. The WE Charity stories alleging potential conflicts of interest with the Prime minister and Bill Morneau, the minister of finance, appear to be evolving daily. One question on […]

The case for a snap election

May 25 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — Without falling into clichés, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the world as we knew it back in January 2020 will not come back for a long time—and perhaps even ever. Canada, like so many other nations on the planet, is navigating blind into this new world where, in some circles, partisan politics and public […]

338Canada: The Conservatives can’t crack Liberal support

Mar 10 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — The First Nations’ barricades have quietly come down in the past week and, despite the inflamed rhetoric used by several prominent politicians over the course of the past month, it appears the federal government may have managed to weather this particular storm—just in time to face what seems to have grown into a global pandemic, […]

338Canada: Jason Kenney still holds a commanding lead in Alberta

Feb 25 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — One year ago, Rachel Notley’s NDP government was in its last weeks in power at the Alberta Legislative Assembly. The merger of the PC and Wild Rose had successfully coalesced into the new United Conservative Party under leader Jason Kenney, and polls throughout the winter and spring 2019 were unanimous: although Notley’s party was still […]

What’s the winning recipe for the Conservatives?

Feb 18 2020 — Philippe J. Fournier — The Conservative Party of Canada leadership race is now in full swing with the main candidates tweeting anti-Trudeau comments and policy statements in hopes to both rile up support from current Conservative Party members, and sell new membership cards to build a fresh horde of supporters for the June 2020 leadership convention in Toronto.